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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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2 February 2014
Ukraine rival politicians face off at summit ~ link ~ The globalists are risking a land war breaking out in Europe, and becoming World War III, over their insane drive for total world domination...the current Ukrainian crisis is simply more of the same crap that we saw in the "color revolutions" and the "Arab Spring".   Stirling    
US ready if needed for Russian Olympics says USAF General Breedlove ~ link ~ What a crock of shit!  How would Americans react if the Russians sent a couple of warships off New York State and announced that this was to "help" if the Superbowl is attacked!  This is an attempt to spoil this year's Russian based Winter Olympics and worse yet, may be a primer for a western False Flag Attack.  The crazy globalists/Zionists are totally out-of-control in their mad drive to have it all and to establish their global slave-state New World Order!  Stirling    
Russia threatens to quit START Treaty over US cheating by deploying advanced anti-missile Aegis destroyers to Europe ~ link ~ The Aegis destroyer is a massive high-tech sea-mobile anti-missile base and it violates what START was signed to prevent.  This is one more key step towards a future World War.   Stirling    
The USS Donald Cook will become the first of four ballistic missile defense (BMD)-capable ships based in Europe. It will be joined by the destroyer Ross in a few months, while Carney and Porter will reach European waters in 2015. 
West's interpretation of freedom for Ukraine "strange" says Russian FM Lavrov - with video ~ linkWestern politicians who advocate freedom of choice for Ukraine, but say this must be a pro-European choice, have a strange interpretation of freedom, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a security conference in Munich.
Israeli official admits to Israel's inability to stop international boycotts - with video ~ link ~ The public is growing increasingly tired of the fascist expansionist racist actions of the tiny Israeli state.  They have brought the boycotts on themselves by their own hateful actions!  Stirling     
Attack on mass transit seen as top Super Bowl security risk ~ link ~ Americans who still have a brain know that the mass shootings and bombings are False Flag events and worry about the evil nuts in our government doing something else!  Stirling    
Peso panic and rocketing prices shake Argentina ~ link ~ The Peronist Party of the Kirchners has been preventing the globalists from taking over resource rich Argentina and now the globalists are attacking the economy as part of an economic war against the people of Argentina.  Stirling     


Anonymous said...

In Germany, the leader of women's lib, Mrs Alice Schwarzer, was convicted by the tax authority to pay back 200,000 Euros withhold taxes for an account in Switzerland.

Mrs Schwarzer is the publisher of a magzine, called "Emma". In it she also supports the gender theory and, of course, gay or lesbian marrige. Her decadent mind was strongly influenced by the "Frankfurter Schule" (Frankfort School, Herbert Marcuse, Adorno) Jean-Paul Satre and Simone de Beauvoir.
People like her try to convince us that they are better and that their future society will be full of honey, bread and wine.
They are as bad and decadent as the power that be.
In France the people is uprising against these false prophets.

The French people is fed up with the indoctrination by the globalists' willing whores.

I do hope, that this uprising is the beginning of the gender theory's end.

Check: if you want to read more about it.

Anonymous said...

A Rash of wall street Deaths and now - -a Missing Reporter !!– With Ties to Wall Street Investigations....

whos next????