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19 February 2014 ~ Second Update

Truce declared in bloodied Ukraine - Will it last through talks? - with video ~ link ~ Unless the players, and those pulling the strings on this Proxy War between the 'Globalists/Zionists' and 'Russia and allies', agree to either continue the fight but at a less than all-out civil war level, then this "crisis" will expand into a major military nightmare in Europe as Russia and NATO/EU become engaged.  In short: Since neither side seems willing to surrender to the other side, we are apt to see the Third World War begin in the Ukraine SOON!!!  Stirling    
Just before midnight Wednesday, Ukraine's president declared a truce in his nation, as well as the start of negotiations aimed at not only preventing further bloodshed but forging a lasting peace.

The statement -- agreed upon with leaders of Ukraine's three top opposition parties -- seemingly offered a welcome respite from the violence and acrimony that's been emanating from the tumultuous Eastern European nation. Still, there have been talks before. There was a breakthrough as recently as four days ago, when protesters agreed to move out of Kiev's City Hall and unblock downtown streets. Then it collapsed in a bloody mess Tuesday on the streets of Kiev. 

President Yanukovych and Ukrainian Opposition Leaders Agree 'Truce' and Talks ~ linkUkrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders have agreed to "a truce" and the start of direct negotiations on ending the country's crisis.

Yanukovych made the announcement on his official website following talks in Kyiv with the three main opposition leaders late on February 19 -- one day after 26 people were reported killed in violent clashes between security forces and antigovernment protesters.
Ukrainian President announces 'truce' ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ linkUkrainian President Viktor Yanukovych announced a "truce" and the start of direct talks with the opposition after holding private talks with three anti-government leaders.
"Based on the results of the meeting, the sides announced a truce and the start of a negotiations process aimed at ending the bloodshed (and) stabilising the situation in the country for the benefit of civil peace," a statement on the president's website said.

Ukrainian President declares truce after a lurch towards Martial Law ~ link ~ Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych declared a temporary truce with opposition leaders after a bloody spiral of violence forced him to grant sweeping powers to the army and police.

The government and the opposition will continue talks to stop the bloodshed, Yanukovych said on his website yesterday. The agreement means that a planned assault on the protest camp in central Kiev was called off by authorities, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the head of jailed ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko’s party, said on Channel 5. 

Ukraine President agrees to truce with opposition as 'West' prepares sanctions ~ link ~ On the eve of a visit by the foreign ministers of Germany, Poland and France, Mr Yanukovych confirmed the agreement of a truce and further talks in a statement on the presidential website, announcing “the start to negotiations with the aim of ending bloodshed, and stabilising the situation in the state in the interests of social peace”. 

Ukraine President announces truce with protesters - with video ~ link ~ The announcement, which gave no details of how a truce would be implemented, followed a flare-up of violence that left 26 people dead in the capital, Kiev, on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, Yanukovych fired the head of the armed forces, Col. Gen. Volodymyr Zamana, after the state security service announced it was launching a nationwide "anti-terrorist" campaign to deal with the ongoing violence in the country.

Oleksandr Yakymenko, Ukraine’s security service chief, announced the nationwide anti-terrorist operation after "extremist groups" seized government buildings and arms depots.

Ukraine President dismisses the Chief of the Armed Forces - with video ~ link ~ We are NOT being told the WHY of this highly important move.  You can count on the fact that this is a major strategic event!  Stirling   

The Ukrainian president has fired the head of the armed forces after the state security service announced it was launching a nationwide "anti-terrorist" campaign to deal with the ongoing violence in the country.

On Wednesday, Viktor Yanukovych issued a decree, replacing Col. Gen. Volodymyr Zamana with Adm. Yuriy Ilyin, previously the head of the Ukrainian Navy.
Earlier in the day, Oleksandr Yakymenko, Ukraine’s security service chief, announced the nationwide anti-terrorist operation after "extremist groups" seized government buildings and arms depots. He also said about 1,500 firearms and a hundred of bullets have ended up in the hands of radical and extremist groups in recent days. 

Embattled Ukraine: RT's on-going updates ~ link

Obama condemns Ukraine violence and threatens 'consequences' if clashes escalates ~ link ~ Obama is just the 'Front Man' for the Global Banking Cartel and Zionists.  The United States, UK, France, Germany, and Israel have funded the protesters and are acting illegally to overthrow the democratically president and government.  They are causing the violence but Obama the Mouthpiece blames the victim, which is the norm in these engineered "revolutions" of late.  However, one needs to keep in mind that the 'Arab Spring' did not touch on a vital strategic interest of Russia, as this attempted coup in the Ukraine does.  That makes this "crisis" VERY DANGEROUS TO THE ENTIRE PLANET!!!  Stirling

Pressure mounts for EU sanctions on the Ukraine ~ link ~ The bought-and-paid-for globalist/Zionist political whores are all lining up to do their master's bidding!!!  Stirling
A consensus is emerging among member states to impose targeted sanctions on Ukraine following violent clashes in Kiev, which left over two dozen people dead.

“Member states are moving towards the decision that we should take these steps,” an EU official close to the issue told this website on Wednesday (19 February).

Germany: EU to consider sanctions on Ukraine ~ link ~ Making the victim pay and pay!!!   Stirling    


Rioters seize over 1,500 guns in Ukraine mayhem ~ link ~ Ukraine’s security service has announced it is launching a counter-terror operation. Radicals have seized over 1,500 firing arms and 100,000 bullets in the last 24 hours, the service said.

15 Terrifying images which show that Kiev is a real War Zone - with photos ~ link 

Woman shot as crowds storm Ukrainian regional Security Service office - video ~ linkA woman has been taken to hospital with multiple wounds to the head, after being shot by an unseen gunman during an attempted storming of a security building in the central Ukrainian city of Khmelnitskiy. Three other protesters have also been wounded.

On Wednesday afternoon, several thousand opposition demonstrators occupied the center of the city in western Ukraine, which has been marked by a series of violent clashes throughout the political crisis, and surrounded the security building. The crowd then began to throw stones and break windows. 

Smoke and fire on Kiev's Independence Square ~ link 

Carnage on the streets and blood in the Cathedral - with extensive photos ~ link  

USA and EU are 'neck deep' in plan to see pro-Western regime change in Ukraine ~ link ~ Americans would say "in it up to their eyeballs" but the point is the same.  This is a illegal (under International Law) effort to overthrow the elected regime and to institute a pro-globalists regime by mob rule and Illuminati money!!!  The Rothschilds have been at this game since the French Revolution!!!  Stirling    

Ukraine Army may participate in anti-terrorist operations ~ link ~ The Ukrainian Armed Forces may be involved in action related to an antiterrorist operation within the country. The possibility is mentioned in a report posted on the Ukrainian Defense Ministry website on Wednesday evening.

American and Israeli Zionists behind civil unrest in the Ukraine ~ link ~ For the past several months we have seen all sorts of political turmoil hit the Ukraine including violent protests which have left many people injured or dead.  A former member of the Soviet Union and a Russian border country, the Ukraine has become a primary target of Zionist aggression.  They have been targeted primarily due to their historical ties with Russia which under Vladimir Putin have successfully blocked a number of Zionist agendas including a potential American military strike on Syria this past year.  By destabilizing the Ukraine they hope to bring in a puppet government that will move the country away from Russian influence.  The on-going protests against the current Ukrainian government are largely being financed and controlled by the United States and Israel.  This is not part of a true popular uprising as the corporate media propagandists will have you believe.

The United States government has actually invested $5 billion dollars into this on-going operation to overthrow the Ukrainian government.  This is more commonly known by those in the propaganda machine as spreading freedom and democracy.  Victoria Nuland the fanatical war mongering Zionist Jew and current assistant U.S. Secretary of State confirmed all of this in a December 13th 2013 speech that is available for all to see.  She may have used more friendly and politically correct terminology to describe the agenda, but considering what is happening now it becomes easy to read between the lines.This is especially true considering Nuland was recently caught on a wiretap discussing how they were going to place specific people in power once their paid protesters had overthrown the government.  She even had a few choice words for the European Union who she perceived as not being helpful to their agenda.  

Ukraine opposition crossed limits: President ~ link ~
"The leaders of the opposition have disregarded the principle of democracy according to which we obtain power through elections and not on the street ... they have crossed the limits by calling for people to take up arms," Yanukovych said in an address to the nation on Wednesday morning.

He also stressed that those responsible for the recent bloody violence will face the law.


Russia urges Ukrainian opposition to stop bloodshed ~ link ~ Russia on Wednesday demanded that Ukrainian opposition leaders "stop the bloodshed" in Kiev and said Moscow would use all its influence to bring peace to its "friendly brother state".
"The Russian side demands that leaders of the (opposition) stop the bloodshed in their country, immediately resume dialogue with the lawful authorities without threats or ultimatums," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

US stroked violence rocks Ukraine ~ link ~ Washington bears full responsibility for three months of street protest violence. At issue is toppling Ukraine's democratically elected government. More on this below. 

The Truth About The Ukraine Crisis - video ~ link 

EU calls Ukraine meeting, as paratroopers deployed to Kiev ~ link ~ EU foreign affairs chief Ashton has called a snap meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels Thursday, to discuss "all possible options ... including restrictive measures" on Ukraine. She also asked Polish FM Sikorski to go to Kiev as her envoy on Wednesday, as Ukraine ordered 500 paratroopers to Kiev.

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