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10 February 2014
EU Ministers look to salvage Georgia and Moldova pacts ~ link ~ One really has to ask WHY the EU and America and NATO seem determined to make Russia and China enemies!  Remember that all wars are banker wars...that it is the global banksters who profit from wars!!!   Stirling   
The EU is considering hiring lobbyists to counter Russian “disinformation” and giving more money to Georgia and Moldova in reaction to the Ukraine crisis. 
 The ideas are put forward in two internal papers - seen by EUobserver - to be discussed by EU foreign ministers at a lunch in Brussels on Monday (10 February). 

Zionist run media aggressively push absurdly ridiculous anti-Russian propaganda ~ link ~ These people are the agents of the anti-Christ and of Lucifer.  They want and work for war, death, destruction, political repression, police state horrors, economic destruction and chaos, moral decay, and assorted demonic nightmares!!!  Stirling  

Cold War Politics In Sochi ~ link ~ Good One, do take the time to read this on at the link.  Stirling    

US response to hacked call confirms US/EU regime change plot on the Ukraine ~ link ~ Washington’s response has confirmed the authenticity of a YouTube clip of a leaked telephone conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt that emerged Thursday.

In the call, posted by an anonymous Russian source, Nuland and Pyatt discuss installing a new, pro-US government that will incorporate the fascistic opposition which has been leading street protests against Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Even though Washington’s campaign for regime-change has been coordinated with the European Union (EU), and particularly with Berlin, in the phone conversation with Pyatt, Nuland attacks the EU for being insufficiently aggressive, saying at one point, “Fu@# the EU.” Ukraine - Some questions ~ link ~ Good One, do take a minute to read all of this one at the link.  Stirling 

After Iraq, after Libya, after Syria, we see the same modus operandi in Ukraine, namely western media outlets demonizing the Government, busloads of thugs being ferried around the country, we see the US Secretary of State speaking to the "Opposition", namely armed criminals and agents provocateurs, hooligans and an ex-boxer. What is going on?

Shall we believe the western media outlets which speak about a fight for freedom, or shall we speak to Ukrainians - real, balanced Ukrainians, patriots, not wannabe politicians at the butt-end of their boxing careers or corrupted officials with an eye on a Green Card to enter the USA, not common criminals, murderers, torturers, thieves - and Islamist fundamentalist elements?

How Zionists control Ukraine's opposition ~ link 

Ukraine - Latest victim of US anti-democracy coup ~ linkCurrently Washington is working overtime to overthrow the governments of Syria, Iran again, and Ukraine. Washington has also targeted Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Brazil, and in its wildest dreams the governments of Russia and China.

On January 26 Syrian government advisor Bouthaina Shaaban asked Wolf Blitzer, a propagandist for Washington and the Israel Lobby, on US TV why the US government, speaking through Secretary of State John Kerry, has the right to decide who is to be the government of Syria instead of the Syrian people. [Polls show that Syrian president Assad’s approval ratings exceed those of every Western leader.] Even the slimy Blitzer wasn’t slimy enough to answer, “Because we are the exceptional, indispensable people.” But that’s what Washington thinks.

The Global Elite Is Insane ~ link ~ As anyone who pays even the slightest realistic attention to the global elite already knows, the elite's efforts to maximise its political and economic clout, and hence its wealth, at the expense of everyone else and the Earth itself, are carefully crafted. And this is not going to change on our recommendation or because we talk to them, or even because we listen to them. Moreover, the reason is simple.

The global elite is insane. And it is incredibly violent...

Insanity is widely understood to refer to a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behaviour or social interaction; it describes someone who is considered to be seriously mentally ill.

USA disputes China's territorial claims in South China Sea ~ link ~ Daniel Russel, US assistant secretary of state for Asia, testifying before the House subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific on February 5, stated that the United States opposed the “incremental effort by China to assert control over the area contained in the so-called ‘nine-dash line,’ [i.e., China’s territorial claim to the South China Sea].” Russel further asserted that the scope of China’s claim lacked any “apparent basis under international law.”

This statement, repeated at several points during his testimony, as well as during a State Department press meeting on February 4, constitutes a shift in US foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region and an escalation of Washington’s war drive against China.


3 Chinese SSBNs submarines - with photos ~ link ~ These are capable of launching SLBMs with thermonuclear warheads at American cities...something to keep in mind as the evil insane globalists and Zionists keep pushing us towards World War III.   Stirling    

India military parade - photos ~ link  

USS Harry Truman and Charles DeGaulle carrier battle groups in the Gulf of Oman during just completed war games - photos ~ link

Children of War - photos ~ link ~ "War" is a three-letter word that is opposite of another three-letter word, "God"!!!   Stirling    

UK Conservatives face crisis over referendum on European Union ~ link ~ Some believe that this may trigger a replacement for Cameron as Prime Minister in a few months...and that might help keep Scotland in the UK.  The first thing might happen but unless the economy is much better the chances of the United Kingdom breaking apart next year are high.   Stirling     

British Prime Minister David Cameron is threatening to invoke the Parliament Act, to force a bill on the UK holding a referendum on European Union (EU) membership (UK) onto the statute books.

The move came after the House of Lords last month scuppered a private members bill, moved by Conservative James Wharton, on the issue. It had to take the form of a private members bill as opposed to a government bill because the Liberal Democrats, who are in the coalition with the Conservatives, oppose the terms of a referendum as set out by Cameron. The combined votes of the Liberal Democrats and Labour to stop debating The European Union (Referendum) bill by 180 votes to 130 ensured it ran out of time. 

Europe stunned as Switzerland votes to curb immigration ~ link ~ The type of 'Wild West' immigration that Europe has, as does North America, is actually a Rothschild/Illuminati/globalist/Zionist plot to weaken the West.  Enough Swiss citizens no longer buy into the Politically Correct bullshit and said NO.  Good for them!  Stirling   

Christian freedom in Russia is not enjoyed in the West - with video ~ link ~ Do take a minute to read this one at the link.   Stirling   

The legalization of abortion in the west and their acceptance of homosexuality as normal are a few things that have caused the western empire to fall as the Roman Empire did. The invasions of Germanic tribes have been replaced by immigrants who refuse to assimilate. Those cultures have broken the back of national identity, direction and unity and have promoted division and violence in their new land.[See article directly above...Stirling]

Who is the victor? Those who despise Christ and had him removed under the law. They are the victors in the west collecting the spoils of war. They had him "legally" removed from public view and discouraged worshippers in every way that a spider can spin a web. They will all share that guilt on judgment day for they did it knowingly and maliciously disregarding murders of the innocent.

Remember to be Grateful ~ link ~ "Whatever you appreciate and give thanks for will increase in your life" (Sanaya Roman).
UK floods: Government 'made a mistake by not dredging' - with video ~ link ~ No Kidding!  I have had dealings, often at the Cabinet level, with various British Governments for about 30 years now.  It is often hard to tell if: (1) The ministers are involved in some conspiracy or underhanded effort for doing or not doing something; or (2) They are just stupid!  If you fail to dredge your rivers, they cannot hold near as much water during periods of high rainfall, nor move near as much water.  That is not 'rocket science' but it appears that some government ministers failed to understand this simple fact.   Stirling      
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles says the government "made a mistake" and should have dredged the flood-hit Somerset Levels.  
Record snowfall in Italy traps people in their homes ~ link 
Record snow in the Alps - with videos ~ link ~ You have got to watch these two short videos!  Stirling    

Europe suffers from anomalous winter weather - photos ~ link
Severe snowfall buries homes in Austria - with video ~ link  
Bushfires spark emergency alerts in south-east Australia - with video ~ link 
Rare snowfall in Tokyo leaves 11 dead ~ linkThe heaviest snow in decades in Tokyo and other areas of Japan has left at least 11 dead and more than 1,200 injured across the country, reports said Sunday.
As much as 27 cm (10.6 inches) of snow was recorded in Tokyo by late Saturday, the heaviest fall in the capital for 45 years, according to meteorologists.The northeastern city of Sendai saw 35 cm (13.8 inches) of snow, the heaviest in 78 years.

China on blizzard alert - Snowstorms kill livestock and disrupt lives ~ link ~ Continuous snowstorms in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region have killed more than 300 livestock and disrupted the lives of 13,000 people, the local government said Saturday.

So far, 900 people have been relocated after heavy snowstorms and snowslides toppled 150 houses and damaged another 4,630 in seven counties or cities, according to a statement issued by the prefecture government.

Obama hails dismal job report and signs bill to slash food stamps ~ link ~ The Democrats and the Republicans have both shown themselves to be worthless political whores who give tiny corrupt racist Israel billions and billions every year, give the global banksters trillions, yet cut food stamps for the millions out of work due to the created global economic depression, engineered by the globalists.  Way beyond shameful!!!   Stirling   

USA is going bankrupt one city at a time ~ link  

X22 Report: Word Is Out - More bankers to be knocked off - with video ~ link ~ In the latest X22Report, Dave speaks about the reports he is hearing that more bankers are going to be committing “suicide,” meaning they will “actually be knocked off,” to prevent them from testifying about wrong doings or report on what they know.

This confirms what has been reports by “V” The Guerrilla Economist, via a Steve Quayle alert that the recent slew of banker deaths, and now one executive, were assassinations and that there are 43 more on the “hit list.”

Andrew Jackson, the Federal Reserve, and the Looting of America ~ link ~ Andrew Jackson was probably one of the most intrepid men of his era to vigorously oppose a privately-owned central bank because he foresaw that eventually usurers would end up cheating the common people.  

EU urges Turkey to change Internet law ~ linkTurkey's crackdown on the internet raises "serious concerns" and "needs to be revised in line with European standards," the European Commission has said.
You Are The Enemy ~ link ~ Good take the time to read this one at the link.   Stirling   
And anyone who wants to restore the American Republic will also be defined as a “Domestic Terrorist”. DHS is a terrorist group, hand assembled by American/Israeli dual citizen Traitors and is designed to tyrannize, capture and eventually to be deployed against Americans to serially mass murder them.  This is why they have been called the New American Gestapo of the Neo-Bolshevik Red Cheka Terror Machine.
If you were a Ron Paul supporter or a Libertarian, you are likely on the Main Core list. If NSA routine scans of any and all of your digital emissions have picked up enough key trigger words then you have perhaps already been placed on the List. After all, Marcus Wolfe the former head of the East German Stasi, a vicious torturer and murder of innocent Germans was hired as a USG consultant to set up DHS two years before he died.(3) 
Drug Hub: UN report on Israel's star role in the international narcotics trade - video ~ link ~ What a wonderful country tiny Israel is ... NOT!   Stirling    
The French fed up with Hollande's absurd gay 'reforms' ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ This promoting gay values to children and everyone is very much a part of the End Times!!!  It is what happens when a society and culture is on its last!  This article is just over a week old but still relevant.  Stirling   
Children now attend gender lessons at schools, where teachers explain to them that there is no difference between a man and a woman, that they can wear the same clothes and makeup, as they like. 

Mayor: Nationwide Gun Confiscation is the goal of 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' ~ link ~ A current New York mayor has publicly announced his decision to leave Mayors Against Illegal Guns because the gun control group demands an all-out “confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens.”
In an announcement published by his city’s newspaper, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Mayor John C. Tkazyik said he quit the group after realizing it was simply a vehicle for Michael Bloomberg to “promote his personal gun-control agenda.” 
High dose Vitamin C benefits cancer patients ~ link ~ Even better than intravenous Vitamin C is Liposomal Vitamin C.  It is taken by mouth and does not require a prescription and is available over the Internet (do a search).  This is something that we all should be taking every day.   Stirling    
Poisoned, vomiting and hospitalized West Virgina children close schools - Mainstream news media still censors "Poison" word ~ linkMultiple West Virginia schools closed after sending hundreds of poisoned students home, some vomiting and dizzy, and at least child to the hospital this week, but officials lifted the pregnant women water warning. After nearly a month of at least 300,000 West Virginians’ daily exposure to dangerous chemicals, media continues reporting a ”smell” is making people, instead of the reality that a poison is injuring and sickening people.

A mystery coal industry poison, a toxic brew including but not limited to MCHM and PHh, that smells like licorice, poisoned so many children and youth ill in Kanawha County, five schools cosed this week.

The Flying Fortress B-17 in the air ~ link ~ My brother got to fly one of these flying antiques for a few minutes a few years ago.  My parents-in-law helped build these during World War II.   Stirling   

Radio controlled flying Superman - photos ~ link  


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