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War Warning for Europe


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31 January 2014 & 1 February 2014
Is Europe back at September of 1939?  WAR WARNING FOR EUROPE 

The Ukrainian Crisis has the potential of quickly becoming a World Class crisis of the highest order of magnitude.  The Ukrainian Army has called for order to be restored as similarly equipped rioters and police continue to fight in the streets.  The President has fired the Prime Minister and replaced him with the Deputy Prime Minister.  The President now claims to be ill and on 'medical leave'.  Globalist and Zionist controlled western states continue to interfere with and inflame internal Ukrainian political difficulties, as  all of the Russian senators give a grave waring to the West NOT to continue their provocations.  
The Ukraine is one of the two greatest grain growing regions on Earth.  It has the reputation of political corruptness on all sides of the political spectrum.  However, it is the aggressive western expansionism into former Warsaw Pack nations and especially into former Russian Empire territory and USSR republics that is the key factor behind the increasingly dangerous (including from a global perspective)tinderbox that the Ukraine has become in early 2014.
We could be involved in a major European land war within days in the Ukraine.  A land war that would involve Russia and various allies, possibly including China, on one side and the EU and NATO nations on the other hand. That which was so dreaded during the long Cold War may now be upon us.
The strategic national interests of Russia are involved, as well as the global strategic interests of China, and various states in Europe and Asia. A major 21st Century land war in Europe, due to treaty terms and the overall geo-strategic conditions in the World today, would quickly fold over into a European War Theater of the Third World War.
As the world concerns itself with global weather abnormalities and the coming Super Bowl and Sochi Winter Olympics, a genuine trigger for WWIII has stuck into play, big-time, and no one knows how this will play itself out.   
Tim Earl of Stirling    
Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE 
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