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Special Report: Sochi Olympics & Nostradamus


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21 January 2014
Exclusive Special Report:
Sochi Olympics False Flag Attack Could Trigger Armageddon
Did Nostradamus, almost 500 years ago, see World War III starting at the time of the Sochi Olympics?
Nostradamus X.74 [from 'THE FURTHER PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS by Erika Cheetham]: "The year of the great seventh number accomplished it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." 
I am not sure what "the year of the great seventh number accomplished" means, but the "games of slaughter" could well refer to a large False Flag Attack on the Russian hosted Sochi Olympics.  "Not far from the age of the great millennium" could well mean the present year, which is not far from the turn of the millennium (2000). "When the dead will come out of their graves" sounds like Christian beliefs regarding post-Armageddon.  Quantum physics recognizes that, at least in some models of how the Universe works (such as the Super Holographic Universe Model), that time is NOT really linear.  That Model refers to time as "All that was, is; All that is, is; All that will be, is".  Which is very close to a Christian definition of Eternity.  Could Nostradamus have seen a disaster with global war implications at the coming Sochi Olympics Games???  Neither science nor religion preclude this.  Something to consider in these times!  Tim Earl of Stirling      
USA studying plans to "rescue Americans" if "terrorists" strike Sochi Olympics ~ link ~ This may just be the usual "terrorist are going to get us" bullcrap from the globalists...or it could be a set-up for a really bad False Flag Attack on Russia and the international Olympics!!!  If you think that the latter is "impossible" you learned nothing from multiple False Flag attacks organized by Western and Israeli intelligence agencies such as the attack on the USS Liberty, 9/11, 7/7, and multiple school shootings and bombings over the last decades!!!  Stirling       
American military says readying plans for Olympic security assistance ~ link ~ Russia will NOT allow American troops into Russia in the event of a so-called "terrorist" attack on the Olympics...So, why all this talk about it???  It sounds like a set-up!  Putin will NOT sit back and allow his enemies to attack the Olympics and Russia and blame it on some bogus Muslim group.  He will respond big time against the party or parties responsible!   Stirling    

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Anonymous said...

The meaning of the great number 7 accomplished is the current year 2014 as Nostradamus was very much into numerology, and 2014 adds up to 7 witch is classed as the great number