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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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9 January 2014
A Century of War ~ link ~ Only 7 months after the Global Banking Cartel managed to bribe enough Congressmen to pass the Federal Reserve System, the First World War began.  Wars, especially really big nasty evil killing wars are great profit generators for the globalist banksters.  That is why we have so many...oh yes, and because they are TOTALLY EVIL and Satan desires the blood and hate orgies that war really are. You will not stop war, including the coming Third World War/Armageddon, until and unless you end the power of the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  Lucifer will use them to destroy us all and to try to end all life on God's Earth!!!  Stirling   
Military interventions are ordered by Corporates not politicians/governments ~ link ~ It is time the world realized that the West’s politicians are mere political stooges placed as nominees for elections by a handful of global corporates and a transnational ruling class who use them to invisibly rule the world.
US General Dunford: America has NO PLANS TO LEAVE AFGHANISTAN - with video ~ link ~ We would still be in Vietnam if my generation had not forced the issue!!!  Stirling 
Putin: Iran MUST BE invited to Syria talks ~ link ~ Globalist and Nutty Netanyahu Zionist forces are determined to torpedo the talks so that they can get their General Middle East War to begin World War III.   Stirling 
Some US Senators hesitate sending more arms to Iraq fearing wider sectarian conflict ~ link ~ Gee...I bet the Iraqis end up getting the additional high tech arms!  Stirling    
As top US lawmakers consider whether to provide Iraq with helicopters and other arms to help battle Al-Qaeda, a number of congressmen have said they are reluctant to authorize such a move over concerns that PM Maliki may use them against his rivals.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Iraqi military are known to be preparing a military assault with the goal of re-taking the city of Fallujah from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a faction of Al Qaeda, and other members of the insurgency. 

Fallen Angels vs Belt of Orion: Startling new pyramid discovery warns of Armageddon - with video and pictures ~ link ~ Also see: Extensive system of caves discovered UNDER the Pyramids ~ link 

Stalin DID ORDER the execution of 3.500 Polish soldiers in WWII  ~ link ~ Stalin was the globalist front man in the USSR.  Stirling   

Janet Yellen: The nation's new Chief Slumlord ~ link ~ I object: This gives a bad name to slumlords!!!  Stirling   

Please welcome the nation's new chief slumlord, Janet Yellen. The previous top slumlord, Ben Bernanke, has retired from the position of Chief Slumlord (i.e. chair of the Federal Reserve) to the accolades of those who benefited from his extraordinary transfer of wealth from the many to the few.

Why is the chairperson of the Fed the nation's top slumlord? Allow me to explain.We only need to understand two facts to understand the Fed's role as Slumlord.

500 Years of history shows that Mass Spying is Always Aimed at Crushing Dissent ~ link ~ But...but...that's not what President Obama says...he wouldn't lie would he...hahhahaha!!!  Stirling  

It’s Never to Protect Us From Bad Guys


Fukushima: The Pacific Ocean Is Broken ~ link ~ This is one that you really want to take the time to read in full at the link!  Stirling   


Fatal H5N1 Encephalitis Cluster Raises Concerns ~ link ~ Dr. Bill Deagle makes an important point...that the radiation reaching North America from Fukushima is medically weakening us, a weakening that will see many of us die of other diseases besides cancer.  Stirling    


Swine Flu is back in California and it's starting to kill again ~ link  


11 State Attorney Generals: White House ObamaCare changes are uncontitutional ~ link  

King Soloman's treasures revealed ~ link 


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An alarming development in the UK -

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An alarming development in the UK -