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30 January 2014
Second Update
Lord Stirling (Tim Alexander) and Dr. Bill Deagle on today's NutriMedical Report Show ~ link ~ Click on the third hour.
Ukraine President Yanukovych defiant amid turmoil - with video ~ link ~ This 'crisis' like the 'color revolutions' and the 'Arab Spring' before it,  is mostly the creation of western intelligence agencies (including the Mossad) and the globalists (and their agent Soros).  Don't for a second think that the Russians don't know this is an attack against them.  In reality this is a probing action designed to prepare the way for World War III, a WWIII that will include a European Theater of War, as well as Asian and other war theaters.   Stirling    
Yanukovych slams opposition for inflaming tensions - with video ~ link ~ He further added that the government has fulfilled all its obligations to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, but the opposition is whipping it up. Yanukovych was speaking from the location where he is spending a sick leave. The president’s office on Thursday announced the leader had fallen ill with an "acute respiratory infection."

In the Ukraine, fascists, oligarchs and western expansion are at the heart of the crisis ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one at the link.  It is a good balanced view of what is happening.  Stirling   

We've been here before. For the past couple of months street protests in Ukraine have been played out through the western media according to a well-rehearsed script. Pro-democracy campaigners are battling an authoritarian government. The demonstrators are demanding the right to be part of the European Union. But Russia's president Vladimir Putin has vetoed their chance of freedom and prosperity.

It's a story we've heard in one form or another again and again – not least in Ukraine's western-backed Orange revolution a decade ago. But it bears only the sketchiest relationship to reality. EU membership has never been – and very likely never will be – on offer to Ukraine. As in Egypt last year, the president that the protesters want to force out was elected in a poll judged fair by international observers. And many of those on the streets aren't very keen on democracy at all.

Analyst: Netanyahu a serial liar on Iran nuclear energy program - with video ~ link ~ Bibi 666 Netanyahu wants a General Middle East War so that he can nuke and otherwise destroy his 'enemies' throughout the Mideast.  The globalists support this, by and large, because they see a General Middle East War as being the trigger for the Third World War, which they want to usher in their global high-tech slave state, the New World Order, with most humans killed off in WWIII.  All of which is totally crazy from a human perspective, however, they are not operating from human perspectives but demonic ones.  Stirling    

In an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, Stephen Lendman, an author and radio host, described the Israeli premier as a “serial liar” and said the Israelis are well aware that Iran’s nuclear energy program does not have a military aspect.
“Literally, everything that comes out of his mouth has no credibility…. Iran has no nuclear weapons program,” he said, adding that everyone knows Israel is the only possessor of nuclear weapons in Middle East and has chemical and biological weapons as well.
On January 28, Netanyahu made more empty allegations about Iran’s nuclear energy program, claiming that the nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers - Russia, China, France, Britain, the US and Germany - “set Iran back six weeks…according to our assessments, in relation to…denying Iran the ability to manufacture nuclear weapons.”

AIPAC's short-term defeat in Congress on anti-Iran bill ~ link ~ This bill should be called the "Cause World War III Act", because that is actually what it would do!!!  Stirling   

On almost the eve of the Superbowl, the US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says US intel fears attack on American soil ~ link ~ Also see: What are the odds ~ link ~ One more time: Almost all major "terrorist" attacks are either False Flag Attacks by one or more intelligence agencies or the attack is known about before hand and not stopped.   I hope that there will NOT be an attack on either the Superbowl and/or the Winter Olympics, but the bastards are crazy enough to do something really big and really crazy!!!  Stirling    

Intelligence reports say there is a threat of a terrorist attack on US soil by an Al-Qaida-linked group based in Syria...
“What’s going on there may be in some respects a new FATA force ... and the attraction of these foreign fighters is very, very worrisome,” Clapper said, adding that more than 7,000 militants fighting in Syria now come from around 50 different countries. The figure was not freely circulated until the Wednesday meeting, being previously kept in top-secret intelligence reports, Clapper said. 

How the US Army planned to use nuclear backpacks to halt Soviet invasion of Western Europe in the Cold War Era ~ link ~ Keep in mind that nuclear technology has made much progress in the decades since and we now have 3rd/4th/5th generation micro-nukes that are much smaller.  It would be very easy for Israel and/or "our" own people to use one or more nukes in the United States or Europe, at the Superbowl or at the Winter Olympics, to create a true nightmare and to drive the world into WWIII.  Stirling   Also see: What are the odds? ~ link   

The MyRA propaganda begins: "A start to a secure retirement" promises Treasury Secretary ~ link ~ What a load of much so that this earns the Secretary of the Treasury the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.   Stirling    

You didn't think the US could at first slowly, and then all of a sudden, expropriate retirement accounts and invest them in the "no risk, guaranteed return" MyRA Ponzi scheme introduced by Obama during the State of the Union address without lots of behavior-modifying indoctrination in the "friendly press" first now did you? Sure enough, here is the first major propaganda salvo, coming from none other than the US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, which will be published tomorrow across the McClatchy media empire.

Enough Is Enough: Fraud-ridden banks are NOT L.A.'s only option ~ link ~ This article is by Ellen Brown, who, as usual, really nails the banksters.  Stirling  
“Epic in scale, unprecedented in world history. That is how William K. Black, professor of law and economics and former bank fraud investigator, describes the frauds in which JPMorgan Chase (JPM) has now been implicated. They involve more than a dozen felonies, including bid-rigging on municipal bond debt; colluding to rig interest rates on hundreds of trillions of dollars in mortgages, derivatives and other contracts; exposing investors to excessive risk; failing to disclose known risks, including those in the Bernie Madoff scandal; and engaging in multiple forms of mortgage fraud.

So why, asks Chicago Alderwoman Leslie Hairston, are we still doing business with them? She plans to introduce a city council ordinance deleting JPM from the city’s list of designated municipal depositories. As quoted in the January 14th Chicago Sun-Times:

 NAFTA expanding into all of Latin America? ~ link ~ All this "Free Trade" has done for Americans is to destroy the American economy and appears that Kerry and the Obama Administration plan on a major expansion of this economic destruction of America!!!  Stirling  

In December 2013, the Miami Herald reported that the Obama administration, “is exploring a regional trade plan for the Americas that would be the most ambitious hemispheric initiative in years.” It went on to say that Secretary of State John Kerry, “would like to first seek an agreement to deepen the existing North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada, and to expand it afterward to the rest of Latin America.” According to some of Kerry’s top aides, “the plan to relaunch NAFTA could come as early as February, when President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts at a North American Leaders’ Summit in Mexico.” The recent article, U.S. lays out goals for NAFTA cautioned that, “the shared goal of a NAFTA 2.0 that wins fresh, sustainable gains for Canada, Mexico and the U.S., the Americans warn, is unlikely to come in a single, dramatic and easily digestible sound byte.” It further noted that, “Instead, the Americans are urging a more realistic approach aimed at reviving trilateral momentum, with a dogged diplomatic effort that aggressively fine-tunes, streamlines and expands the trade pact.”

US House of Representatives passes bill cutting $8 billion from Food Stamps for needy families ~ link ~ You know even worthless political whores should have some limits, but it appears that those in Congress have none!  In a time when so many tens of millions of working age Americans have no jobs, and so many tens of millions have very low paid jobs (often part time), the millionaire corrupt-to-the-bone US Congress is pissing on those just barely getting by, but continues funding in the billions for the unconstitutional NSA spying on all Americans, the massive giveaways to Israel, the ever growing number of military actions that we are involved in throughout the world, etc., etc.  Shameful and disgusting to the max!!!   Stirling  

33 Statistics that Obama neglected to mention during his State of the Union address ~ link  

World risks deflationary shock as BRICS puncture credit bubbles ~ link

2014: Bank Runs, Depression, Austerity and Food Riots ~ link  

Attorney General Holder can't explain Constitutional basis for Obama's Executive Orders ~ link ~ There are no Constitutional basis for these illegal and unconstitutional acts.  Stirling  

Bolivia declares State of National Emergency over floods ~ link

Animation of Earth shows how the Jet Stream has gone so far south and the Polar Vortex has penetrated deep into North America ~ link 

Elderly Canadian couple trapped in their home for four days after massive snow drifts block doors and windows - with pictures ~ link 

China rolls out electric vehicle scheme rentals to combat smog - with photos ~ link ~ Interesting idea!  Stirling  


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French Protesters Chant “Jews Out of France” [VIDEO]

re-run of the start of the 1935?
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Up to 40 kids at Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City picked up their lunches Tuesday, then watched as the meals were taken and thrown away because of outstanding balances on their accounts

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Underwater Pyramid Discovered in Azores Islands....also at end of first vid archaeological sites have found roman/carthagain items and deep caves have rock art with megalithic items....but the azores was found in 1472 by portugal with no life...

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third Banker, Former Fed Member, "Found Dead" Inside A Week....

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