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7 January 2014
I am sorry I am so late in publishing today.  I have taken in lost animals for years and have a number of cats at present.  The last week or so I have lost seven cats due to a illness that the vets are unsure of.  Currently one cat is recovering on antibiotics and another two are doing better (they were not fully sick but are being treated as a precaution).  This, and the terrible cold weather, has taken a lot of my time lately.  For the last month and a half, I have not had the time to devote to this site as I would like due to my mother's illness and death/etc.  I will try to do better in the future.  God Bless.  
Tim Earl of Stirling    
Syria chemical weapons: First consignment leaves Latakia ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  The first consignment of Syrian chemical weapons materials has left the country on a Danish ship. The vessel left the northern Syrian port of Latakia on Tuesday, escorted by Russian and Chinese warships.

Removing the most dangerous chemicals is the first step of a UN-backed deal to eliminate Syria's chemical arsenal.

Turkish corruption probe row deepens ~ link ~ Don't for a minute think that this 'corruption probe' is unconnected to wider Mideast geo-stragetic issues.  Stirling   

Life becomes even harder for people in besieged Gaza - with video ~ link ~ It is hard to understand how a nation of people, Israel, can always play the "poor abused Jews" card and yet act so horrible to the poor Palestinians.  A lot of it goes back to the extremist religious views of some Israelis that unless you are born of a Jewish mother you are but a soulless two-legged animal.  That is what I call hyper-racism and it has no place in the modern world!   Stirling     

African migrants in Israel extend protest strike - with video ~ link ~ Another story that the Zionist/globalist owned/controlled news media will NOT cover.  Stirling  

US Congressman Louie Gohmert: 'Let's blow up all Iran nuclear sites' - with video ~ link ~ More and more Americans are waking up to the Israel-first positions that many in Congress take, either because they are Jewish and have dual Israeli-American citizenship and/or because they are bought-and-paid-for (or blackmailed) by Zionist organizations to commit treason and support a foreign power instead of America.  This stupid jerk would have us start World War III and get most of the world killed for Israel!!!   Stirling    

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert says the United States should be prepared to take military action against Iran despite an interim nuclear agreement.

"[Iran has] to open [nuclear facilities] up to the IAEA and to US inspectors and we've got to make sure you've gotten rid of everything. Otherwise, let's blow them all up, all the sites up, until we're satisfied we've eliminated them as a threat," Gohmert said in an interview with Fox News on Monday. "I don't think we would have to do it, but they sure need to know we would do it if we needed to," he added.

The congressman also called on the Obama administration to increase military support to Israel in case Tel Aviv decides to launch a military strike against Iran.

"We need to get them the F-35s they need," Gohmert said. "We ought to give them our best bunker-busters because I think [Israeli Prime Minister] Bibi [Benjamin] Netanyahu has the will and the credibility to be a threat."

The threat is not the first one by American lawmakers. Last year, Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rep. Duncan Hunter issued similar warnings to Tehran.

During a speech at a Zionist Organization of America gala in November, Bachmann said Iran’s nuclear facilities “must be bombed.”

In December, Rep. Hunter urged the United States government to use “tactical nuclear weapons” to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities if military action becomes necessary.
The ongoing threats from hawkish US officials come although Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council -- the US, Britain, Russia, France and China -- plus Germany struck the six-month accord in Geneva on November 24, 2013.

Last month, Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL) introduced a sanctions bill against Iran.
About 48 senators have supported the bill, but the chairs of 10 Senate committees wrote to Senate Majority Harry Reid, criticizing the bill and asking him not to move forward with it.
The White House, however, has said President Barack Obama will veto the bill if it passes. It is still unclear whether backers can put together the two-thirds majority in the 100-member Senate needed to override a veto by Obama.
On Tuesday, Iran said the nuclear deal will collapse in case of fresh US sanctions.

More Israeli disclosures in Snowden's trove of 'significant stories' ~ link ~ Many have commented on how few stories from Snowden actually involve Israel and the reason for this.  Perhaps he is keeping 'the best for last'?   Stirling    

Spanish princess faces charges of tax fraud ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ I am not sure if this issue is real or a made up one designed to help destroy the Spanish state.  Stirling   

Antarctic break: Russian and Chinese stranded ships navigate out of ice trap ~ linkIt is like God was sending a message to us about these "global warming" activists over Christmas time.   Stirling    

From Bethlehem to Russia: Millions get together to celebrate Orthodox Christmas - with video and photos ~ link ~ Not all Orthodox follow the Julian calendar, many like my parish, celebrate Christmas on December 25.  A number of years ago, the Abbot of St. Paul's sent me photos of the Holy Gifts of the Wise Men.  These are what is left of the gifts given to the Christ Child and Mary and Joseph 2,000+ years ago.  They have been keep on Mt. Athos for many centuries.  Do take the time to watch the video.  Stirling    

Millions of Orthodox Christians across the globe are celebrating Christmas on Tuesday with one of the most revered Christian relics: the Gifts of the Wise Men, brought to Moscow after leaving Greece for the first time in more than 500 years.

January 7 is Christmas Day for Russian Christians, the Jerusalem Orthodox Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Georgian Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, as well as for some Protestants who use the Julian calendar. According to the Julian calendar, the holidays come thirteen days after the Christmas festivities in the Catholic Church. 

One of the most important Christian relics, the Gifts of the Wise Men to the newborn Jesus, were delivered from Thessaloniki to Moscow on the eve of the Orthodox Christmas. The holy Gifts have left the Agiou Pavlou (St. Paul's) monastery on Mount Athos for the first time since the 15th Century. The sacred relics brought from Greece are to be displayed in the Russian capital until January 13. At present they are drawing queues of 5 hours.

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