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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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14 January 2014
Second Update
Israeli Defense Minister calls Kerry messianic ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ Kerry, who is of Jewish descent, is part of a very pro-Zionist White House Administration.  What we are seeing is the split among Zionists on the strategic direction that Israel and it's "supporters" (USA, UK, France, etc.) should take.  The nutty Netanyahu group wants war and AIPAC is working overtime to overturn the Iran peace agreement.  Many in Israel, including several former Mossad chiefs and former chiefs of the IDF and Military Intelligence, are strongly opposed to the Netanyahu strategy.  They know that it will get the 6 million Jews in Israel killed in World War III.  The struggle over the strategic direction that the Middle East will take will determine if we face World War III and Armageddon in the near future.   Stirling   
Israel's defence minister has accused US Secretary of State, John Kerry, of an "incomprehensible obsession" with his push for Middle East peace, but later apologised for his remarks via a statement released by his ministry.

The US State Department on Tuesday described Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon's comments as "offensive," in a mark of the degree of outrage in Washington at the latest public spat between the two allies, which follows a major row over Iran policy.

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Discovery Channel: Stop Worrying About Fukushima.

got to see this being played all over discovery europe channel as a info commercial in between programes..caught it a few times today...Obvious disinformation is obvious????