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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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6 January 2014
Kerry ends trip to Middle East without framework accord ~ link ~ The Israelis intend to steal MUCH MORE LAND from the Arabs and they don't care who opposes this or what horrors it brings to the Mideast or the entire world.  Stirling   
Saudi Arabia and Israel forge colonial alliance ~ link ~ An alliance made in Hell that will continue to lead us all to Armageddon.   Stirling   
The Saudi and Israeli regimes have forged a colonialist alliance under the false flag of al-Qaeda to prevent Middle Eastern countries from achieving independence, a political analyst tells Press TV.

“The Saudis and the Israelis have joined together in this really bizarre sort of colonialist alliance against the changes that are taking place in the Middle East today,” said Kevin Barrett, with the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance, in a Monday interview.
He pointed to the role of Saudi Arabia and Israel behind the terrorist operations under the name of al-Qaeda, saying, “Al-Qaeda has always been a false flag operation and it is designed to sow discord and violence and keep the Middle East in chaos so it can never win its independence.”
The analyst argued that the Israeli and Saudi regimes would not exist if it weren’t for the massive support from the West.

In a recent article published in The Jerusalem Post, Israeli intelligence expert Yoshi Milman noted that Saudi Arabia is closing ranks with Israel following a meeting between Saudi Ambassador to Washington Adel al-Jubeir and the heads of Jewish organizations in the United Sates.

In mid-November, Prince Bandar reportedly participated at a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and French President Francois Hollande in Israel to discuss Middle East developments, including possible improvement of relations between Iran and the United States.

Former Mossad Chief: We don't need Jordan Valley ~ link ~ There are some smart and tough people in Israel that don't buy into the Netanyahu nuttyness, too bad they don't have control!   Stirling    

As 2014 Begins: Geo-political tensions raise spectre of 1914 Great War ~ link

Is Kim Jong-Un's aunt dead as well? ~ link ~ I still suspect that this is all a puppet show...that elements of the armed forces command have taken over power and are simply using Kim as a Front Man.   Stirling    

France-UAE satellite deal shaky after US spy tech discovered onboard ~ link The sale of two intelligence satellites to the UAE by France for nearly a billion dollars could go south after they were found to contain American technology designed to intercept data transmitted to the ground station.

The equipment, costing 3.4 billion dirhams ($930 million), constitutes two high-resolution Pleiades-type Falcon Eye military intelligence satellites, which a top UAE defense source has said contain specific US-made components designed to intercept the satellites’ communications with their accompanying ground station, said in a report.

India blasts into elite club with successful launch of cryogenic rocket ~ link India has successfully delivered its first domestically-designed cryogenic rocket, joining only a handful of countries that possess the leading technology. The breakthrough caps more than two decades of attempts to master supercool fuel.
The 415-tonne GSLV-D5 took off at 4.18 pm on Sunday from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on Sriharikota Island off the south-eastern coast of the country. Twelve minutes later it placed the 1,982kg GSAT-14 communication satellite into orbit 36,000 kilometers from Earth to loud cheers from scientists and engineers at the control center. 
White House pleads for 'emergency' unemployment benefit extension just 17 DAYS after Obama boasted the 'lowest jobless rate in 5 years' ~ link ~ Yep...we have a low jobless rate...only 102 MILLION PEOPLE of working age in America without any job at all and many tens of millions more working only low wage part time jobs.  Even though it gives bullshit a bad name, this one earns Obama the dreaded Five BS Flag Award.  Stirling

In India, a Spectre for us all, and a resistance coming ~ link ~ India is defined by Hinduism, as are most nations defined by the majority religion and culture.  The poor are blamed for "past life" sins/mistakes and it is believed that is why they are suffering; whereas the rich are believed to have been good in past lives.  They have a sick system/society/religion.   Stirling     
It is Children’s Day in India. On page nine of the Times of India, a study reports that every second child is malnourished. Nearly two million children under the age of five die every year from preventable illness as common as diarrhoea. Of those who survive, half are stunted due to a lack of nutrients. The national school dropout rate is 40 per cent. Statistics like these flow like a river permanently in flood. No other country comes close. The small thin legs dangling in a banyan tree are poignant evidence.

The leviathan once known as Bombay is the centre for most of India’s foreign trade, global financial dealing and personal wealth. Yet at low tide on the Mithi River, in ditches, at the roadside, people are forced to defecate. Half the city’s population is without sanitation and lives in slums without basic services. This has doubled since the 1990s when “Shining India” was invented by an American advertising firm as part of the Hindu nationalist BJP party’s propaganda that it was “liberating” India’s economy and “way of life”.
Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Silent assassination of European Democracy ~ link ~ link ~  As is gradually dawning on more and more people across the old continent, the European Union is riddled with fatal flaws and defects. Chief among them is the single currency which, rather than serving as the Union’s springboard to global dominance, could well be its ultimate undoing. 

Another huge problem with the EU is its acute lack of transparency. Staggering as it may seem, in the last 20 years the Union has not passed a single audit. Indeed, so opaque is the state of its finances that in 2002 Marta Andreasen, the first ever professional accountant to serve as the Commission’s Chief Accountant, refused to sign off the organization’s 2001 accounts, citing concerns that the EU’s accounting system was “open to fraud.” After taking her concerns public, Andreasen was suspended and then later sacked by the Commission.

Mexican residents fed up with drug gang violence and bought off police are taking matters into their own hands - with photos ~ link ~ Good for them!   Stirling   

Have Americans Lost ALL of Our Constitutional
~ link 

Historic Freeze in North America ~ link ~ The Jet Stream is the 'cause' of this mess, and my long time readers know that the Jet Stream has been acting crazy for almost three years due to the death of the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico (part of the Thermohaline Circulation System in the Atlantic Ocean) from the BP Oil Disaster...itself another globalist Population Reduction Program!!!   Stirling    

Are Sandy Hook "Victims" Alive? - with video ~ link ~ I do not know all the details, but I am sure that the official story line is bogus!   Stirling    

Nuclear Journal on 'Fukushima Plutonium Effect': Melting MOX fuel may lead to neutron 'flux blow up' ~ link ~ ‘Surprisingly’ there’s absolutely no reference data in any scientific literature.

Apex Predators in Hawaii are Out-of-Control - Shark attacks up 500% as Fukushima radiation rolls in ~ link 

Why will everyone in North America get cancer? ~ link  

China rejecting US GM corn ~ link ~ They know that this GM corn is very dangerous and is part of a broad Population Reduction Program agenda.   Stirling    

You are what you eat: Industrial Food Poison ~ link ~ Part of the wonderful new world order brought to you by those kind folks at the Global Banking Cartel!!!   Stirling    
Whether you’re munching on spongy chicken Mcnuggets, woofing down a Whopper, or pounding down a hot dog, if you don’t want to lose your lunch, don’t investigate behind the scenes into what actually goes into the foods that you line up in your gasoline powered cars and spend your hard earned Federal Reserve Notes to chow on. I know you have heard it before, but we are saying it again. Fast food is gross! Don’t eat it!
Let’s start with that 20 piece chicken Mcnuggets you were chewing on. I mean, you do realize that chicken meat is not supposed to be that texture, right!? It’s that way because it’s hardly even chicken anymore. It’s ground up sick chickens that were eating their own poop. These chickens were kept up in concentration-camp-like environments.

Like Gandhi said, “you can judge the character of a people by how they treat their animals.” I’m paraphrasing here, but it gets better–the slop that you call a chicken is also mixed with silicon and other harmful plastics additives and preservatives to give it hat unique spongy texture.


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