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Holy Shroud of Turin

Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 




31 January 2014 & 1 February 2014
Earl of Stirling interviewed by Epoch Times by Monica Davis - with photo ~ link ~ Thousands crowded into the Center in Evansville, Indiana to experience the spiritual event that is ShenYun. It isn’t Chinese acrobatics, dance, opera, or theater. It is all of them, blended into a seamless work of art that includes dance, movement, phenomenal costuming, dynamic special effects, opera and theatrics.
No progress as Syrian talks wrap up ~ link ~ What a surprise...NOT.   Stirling    
New scandals rock US  nuclear command ~ link ~ I wonder if these latest 'scandals' are really designed to "validate" the earlier high-level officer removals...which many feel were motivated by fears of a military coup or the misuse of atomic weapons by neocon elements.  Stirling     
The Pentagon has been forced to pull nearly one out of every five of the US Air Force’s nuclear launch officers from their posts, as a result of spiraling drugs and cheating scandals.
The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the number of officers implicated had more than doubled since the scandal first became known earlier this month, with 92 airmen—all of them assigned to Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana—now facing charges of being either directly or indirectly involved in cheating on proficiency tests.

Two dozen generals and admirals investigate for Sexual Misconduct ~ link ~ Why now???  Why all this under the Obama Administration???  If this story, and the one just above, does not raise some serious questions in your mind, then you are not thinking critically enough!!!  Stirling   

The Washington Post reports numerous generals and admirals have been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior ranging from assaults to having extramarital affairs.
“The embarrassing episodes are described in previously undisclosed files of military investigations into personal misconduct by U.S. generals and admirals,” the newspaper’s Craig Whitlock wrote. “Along with about two dozen other cases obtained by The Washington Post under the Freedom of Information Act, the investigations add to a litany of revelations about misbehaving brass that have dogged the Pentagon over the past 15 months and tarnished the reputation of U.S. military leadership.”

He added that of the 30 “partially redacted reports” received from the military, “a large majority concerned generals in the Army and Air Force.”

Nearly 1,900 killed in Syria since Geneva talks began ~ link ~ As an analyst, one of the things that I try to do when analyzing events, is to step way back and "look at the forest not just the trees".  When you see the pattern of what the globalists and Zionists have been doing with the Eastern European "color revolutions" and the "Arab Spring" revolutions, it is clear that these events are organized, funded, and controlled by people like Soros (a top Rothschild agent) and by key intelligence agencies (US/British/French/German/Israeli).  They are NOT being done for reasons of democracy or freedom or really anything to do with the interests of the masses in the various nations involved.  This is a major power grab and expansionism, it is aggression by the "western powers" who are fronting for the globalists and Zionists.  If history is any guide, periods of regional/global expansionism end in massive wars, death, destruction and the like, with the victors reshaping not only the geo-political landscape but the cultural/economic/moral underpinnings of society.   Stirling    

Syrian crisis: Geneva peace talks end in recriminations - with video ~ link ~ So, what comes next???  Stirling   

Gap between Syrian sides remains wide says UN-Arab League Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi ~ link  

IDF 2014 budget enlarged towards War with Syria ~ link ~ Yep! 

Indian security forces clash with protesters in Kashmir ~ link ~ Kashmir, the key to opening up a India-Pakistan-China War Theater to the coming Third World War!   Stirling    

Clashes have erupted in the Indian-administered Kashmir as thousands held a fresh mass protest rally to condemn the brutalities of New Delhi forces across the Himalayan valley.

Rise of the Insect Drones ~ link ~ Scary!

What does Google want with DeepMind? ~ link  

Germany signals new self-confidence on military operations ~ link ~  Germany remains very much in the globalist/Zionist camp, military self-confidence or not!  Stirling   

UK and France to jointly develop war drones - video ~ link 

The Meaning of Dieudonne ~ link   

World Faces Catastrophic Danger - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~ Today a former US Treasury official warned King World News that the world now faces a catastrophic danger.  This is an incredibly important interview, where the former US Treasury official lays out exactly what this catastrophic danger is, as well as what major decisions will have to be made by Western central planners.  Below is what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts had to say in this powerful interview.

Eric King:  “Dr. Roberts, what is the biggest danger facing the world today?” Dr. Roberts:  “The biggest danger is the drive in Washington for world hegemony because that brings up nuclear war....

Obama: "I believe Socih Olympics are safe" ~ link ~ Oh shit!!!   Stirling   

False wars, False 'money', ... False Flag Super Bowl? ~ link ~ But is there a US 1% oligarchy that would orchestrate a False Flag Super Bowl attack? Isn’t that beyond reason??? Not if similar acts are their history. Let’s consider these histories:
  • US wars began by “Big Lies,” 
  • Debt we’re told is “money” and bankster looting, 
  • US assassinations of President Kennedy and Dr. King, 
  • Allowing a million children to die every month from preventable poverty,
  • “Coverage” of corporate media to hide these crimes.

The Powers-That-Be are secretly terrified of the People's Power...and only Pretend they're firmly in Control ~ link ~

Our Actions Are More Powerful Than We Realize

$1.5 billion Goldman Sachs deal demolishes Danish ruling coalition ~ link ~ As well it should!  Stirling  

Denmark’s minority government lost its coalition member in pushing through the parliament an approval for highly unpopular deal, which will sell a share in state-owned energy giant DONG to fifth-largest US bank, Goldman Sachs.

There is public resistance to the deal in Denmark, with an online petition against it approaching a record 200,000 signatures.

Hollande and Cameron differ over reforms to EU ~ link ~
French President Francois Hollande has said the European Union cannot be expected to "follow the example" of one country after talks with David Cameron.
He described Mr Cameron's demands for EU treaty changes by 2017, as a prelude to a referendum on the UK's membership, as "not a priority for the time being"
House of Lords votes down UK referendum bill ~ link ~ Plans to put an UK referendum on EU membership into law have been dashed after the House of Lords voted to block the bill by 180 votes to 130. Prime Minister David Cameron said his pledge for a referendum in 2017 would still stand if his Conservative party wins re-election. 
Germany calls for rethink of Eastern Partnership ~ link ~ As the specter of a Ukrainian Civil War and a likely Russian and perhaps EU/NATO intervention (and possible World War III) grows, there are those in the German coalition who are raising alarm bells, as well they should be!   Stirling    
The EU was wrong not to have analysed possible conflicts with Russia before offering the so-called Eastern Partnership to countries like Ukraine, Gernot Erler, Germany's new chief of relations with Russia and the eastern neighbourhood told journalists in Berlin on Thursday (30 January).
Barely a day in his new job, he said that being labelled as "someone who understands Russia" does not offend him.

His appointment was a concession made by Chancellor Angela Merkel to her Social-Democratic coalition partners, who claimed the foreign ministry in the coalition government.
Merkel backs Ukrainian opposition as Ukrainian Army warns of Civil War as Polish PM Tusk visits Berlin on Ukrainian Crisis ~ link ~But Tusk admitted that as a neighbouring state, Poland is drafting contingency plans in case civil war breaks out in Ukraine. "The countries bordering Ukraine, particularly the countries of the Visegrad group [Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic] are of course preparing for various scenarios," Tusk said. 
What is happening in the Ukraine? ~ link 
Western powers and opposition step up pressure on the Ukrainian regime ~ linkIt appears that Civil War is near in the Ukraine and that is a really bad thing for Europe and the entire world!!!  Stirling  

In a further step to force Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych out of office, the right wing opposition parties—the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reforms (UDAR), Homeland, and the neo-fascist Svoboda—turned down the president’s offer of a political amnesty for anti-government demonstrators arrested during the past two months of protests in Kiev’s Independence Square.

Yanukovych had reportedly bullied deputies of his Party of the Regions Wednesday evening to vote in favour of the amnesty. The opposition immediately rejected the amnesty on the grounds that the government had made the law conditional on demonstrators quitting the government buildings they have occupied and dismantling the barricades set up in the middle of the city. On Thursday, Yanukovych was promptly declared sick and freed from public duties for an unspecified period.

Russian senators condemn Ukrainian protests and warn of dire consequences ~ link ~ Europe could again be thrown into war.  A war that could quickly draw in Russia and various allied nations and the EU and NATO!!!  This could happen SOON!!!   Stirling   

The Russian Federation Council has hit out at the riots in Kiev, saying they have nothing to do with peaceful protest, and that the attacks were approved by Ukrainian opposition leaders.

The statement passed by Russia’s Upper House on Wednesday also says the civil unrest in the Ukrainian capital was an organized campaign aimed at displacing lawfully elected officials. The Russian senators say the current Ukrainian crisis “will have grave consequences for the country’s people, statehood and territorial integrity.”
The Upper House MPs also expressed concern about the behavior of a number of foreign politicians who had allowed themselves to interfere with the affairs of the sovereign nation of Ukraine. They called such interference a premeditated provocation that further destabilized the situation.
Media Scoundrels Target Ukraine ~ link 
Over 500 deep-sea lanternfish, squid found dead or dying - Hawaii ~ link  
Why Hollywood Jews push homosexual depravity ~ link ~ One of the signs that a society is on its last is the 'coming out' of homosexuals.  This happened before the French and Russian revolutions and is happening now throughout the West!!!   Stirling     
American State of the Union speech: A festival of lies ~ link ~ Obama is a lie...who is his real father...who is his real mother...where was he he really qualified under the US Constitution to be President...why were all his childhood and teenage photos Photoshopped...why does no one remember him from his undergraduate years...etc...etc.  Stirling    
“Believe it,” said the current Prevaricator-in-Chief, in the conclusion to his annual litany of lies. President Obama’s specialty, honed to theatrical near-perfection over five disastrous years, is in crafting the sympathetic lie, designed to suspend disbelief among those targeted for oblivion, through displays of empathy for the victims. In contrast to the aggressive insults and bluster employed by Republican political actors, whose goal is to incite racist passions against the other, the sympathetic Democratic liar disarms those who are about to be sacrificed by pretending to feel their pain.

Barack Obama, who has presided over the sharpest increases in economic inequality in US history, adopts the persona of public advocate, reciting wrongs inflicted by unseen and unknown forces that have “deepened” the gap between the rich and the rest of us and “stalled” upward mobility. Having spent half a decade stuffing tens of trillions of dollars into the accounts of an ever shrinking gaggle of financial capitalists, Obama declares this to be “a year of action” in the opposite direction. “Believe it.” And if you do believe it, then crown him the Most Effective Liar of the young century.

Obama's failed State-of-the-Union speech ~ link Obama’s promises are just dribble to whet the appetite of our job-starved populace. “New markets” for “Made in the USA” is meaningless slobber when the only things made in America are pizzas and burritos.

And Obama’s vow to “work on trade to protect workers and the environment” is simply gobbledygook in the face of his fast track to enact TPP along with an expanded EPA…both perils to a vigorous domestic economy.

State of the Union Speech: A bankrupt ruling class talking to itself ~ link 

Proposed New York State bill would in effect outlaw boycotting Israel ~ link ~ One more example of how Zionists trash our constitutional rights!  Stirling  

US Attorney-General seeks death penalty for Boston Marathon "bombing" suspect ~ link ~ They are doing all they can to prevent any open court testimony...This was a False Flag event that they need to sweep the truth of under the rug!  Stirling  
The probability of such an outcome was pointed to by the New York Times, which noted, “In nearly half of federal death penalty cases, prosecutors withdraw the threat of execution before trial, typically because of a plea deal, according to the Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel.”

In this case, such an outcome would preclude the possibility of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev revealing in open court any inconvenient information exposing the role of government agencies in the events leading up to and surrounding the April 15 Boston events.

A not so subtle hint that Argentina may be un-fixed ~ link ~ The globalists hate the leaders of Argentina for not allowing the IMF to ruin their nation.  They have arranged some 'punishment' for them.   Stirling   

With the IMF frantically scrambling to cover its forecast errors and model-breakdowns amid an emerging market turmoil that no one could have seen coming, the contagion is beginning to spread. With all eyes fixed on Turkey (unfixed again) or Ukraine (never fixed), Argentina's troubles are exploding. The last few days have seen yields on their 2017 bonds scream higher from 11% to 19%... and 2015 Boden prices collapse.
This is the worst in emerging market bonds and the price/yield is back at the lows/highs since October 2012. With the peso's dramatic 15% devaluation last week stabilized in the official rate around 8/USD, the blue-dollar rate is back at its worst around 12.80 implying more pain to come.

We are in a Global Depression - video ~ link ~ I have been saying this for years!  Stirling   

Theft is Deflationary: Especially the Crony-Capitalist kind ~ link ~ Monopoly power in all its forms--in our system, crony capitalism and its partner, the neofeudal state--enables theft on a systemic scale. When crony capitalism and the state are essentially one system, the propaganda organs of the state and mainstream corporate media combine to persuade the stripmined populace that their theft is not theft, it's "capitalism and democracy at work." This is known as The Big Lie. What we have is systemic theft, predation and exploitation. 

Obama's MyRA Proposal: Hold the Cheers ~ link ~ No kidding!  Stirling   

Americans don’t need another phony retirement scheme. They need employer-provider defined benefits they once enjoyed.

They need guaranteed pensions. They need safe and secure ones. They need Social Security protected. They need it strengthened. It’s not an entitlement. It’s not welfare. It’s a contractual federal obligation. It’s for eligible recipients who qualify.

Third Banker, Former FED Member, 'Found Dead' Inside a Week ~ link ~ Add to that a couple of other 'suicides' like the Tata auto chief and there is some strange pattern emerging.  Stirling   

So, with stocks a mere 4% off their highs, are so many high ranking and well respected bankers committing suicide? 

Gerald Celente: Disastrous Global Collapse and Riots Will Engulf World ~ link ~ I have been on Dr. Deagle's show with Gerald and know him to be very intelligent and insightful.   Stirling    

Eric King:  “Gerald, so far this has proceeded exactly as you predicted, with the first taper in December and the second taper here in January.  How bad will this get for the emerging markets?”

Celente:  “This selloff in the emerging markets, with their currencies going down and their interest rates going up, it’s going to be disastrous and there are going to be riots everywhere....

Greece is Back ~ linkThere was a time - roughly between May 2010 and the spring fall of 2011 - when all the world had to worry about was Greece. Then the realization finally dawned that since a Grexit from the Eurozone would kill the EUR and the European integration dream with so much "political capital" invested, crush Deutsche Bank, and bring back the much dreaded (by German exporters) Deutsche Mark, it became clear that there is no fear that Greece, which is now a decrepit shell of a country with a collapsed economy and society in shambles, has now become a slave state to European bureaucrats, business and banks (in Nigel Farage's words), will never be formally kicked out of Europe and only an internal coup would allow it to finally break free from the clutches of unelected European tyrants. And then the world moved on to more important things: like Japan, China Emerging Markets and how they are all enjoying the Fed's taper. Sadly, we have to report, that Greece is once again baaaaack

According to the WSJ, "top officials peeled away from colleagues after a euro-zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels Monday evening for a secret meeting to discuss mounting concerns over Greece's bailout. 

Nearly half of America lives paycheck to paycheck ~ link ~ That is true of those lucky enough to HAVE a paycheck!!!  The dumb-ass American public have allowed the worst crooks in the world to rule over them and to rob them blind.  The next step, for the bankers and Zionists, is to kill off most of the "worthless eaters" ... that is most human beings ... in the world in World War III.  We had better wake up FAST and stop these evil jerks!!!   Stirling   

Parts of England see wettest January since records began ~ link 

UK facing 3 days of torrential downpours, savage 150 mph gales ~ link 
Gifts from Space:Sochi Olympics winners will receive extra meteorite-studded metals - with photos ~ link 
Alien life on Mars? NASA hit with lawsuit seeking more information on strange Mars rock ~ link ~Yet Joseph says this may be a hasty assessment. He believes the object looks like a “mushroom-like fungus, a composite organism consisting of colonies of lichen and cyanobacteria, and which on Earth is known as Apothecium,” he wrote in the filed petition.
He also says the rock was present in the “before” photo NASA released. Joseph posted a magnified version of the earlier photo on, showing, he maintains, that the object is partially visible. He explains in his petition:“[S]pores were exposed to moisture due to changing weathering conditions on Mars. Over the next 12 days these spores grew and developed into the structure depicted... The evidence is consistent with biological activity and suggests that life on Mars may have been discovered.

The Sumerian King List still puzzles historians after more than a century of research ~ link  ~ The Sumerian King List provides a list of eight kings (some versions have 10) who reigned for long periods of time before the flood, ranging from 18,600 to 43,200 years.  This is similar to Genesis 5, where the generations from Creation to the Flood are recorded. Interestingly, between Adam and Noah there are eight generations, just as there are eight kings between the beginning of kingship and the flood in the Sumerian King List.

After the flood, the King List records kings who ruled for much shorter periods of time. Thus, the Sumerian King List not only documents a great flood early in man’s history, but it also reflects the same pattern of decreasing longevity as found in the Bible – men had extremely long life spans before the flood and much shorter life spans following the flood (Wood, 2003).

Oceans worth of water could be trapped beneath the Earth's Mantle ~ link ~ The only time I have read anything like this was someone trying to explain the global nature of the Great Flood of the Bible!  Strange!   Stirling   

The Hope Diamond was once a symbol for King Louis XIV - The Sun King ~ link 

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