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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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29 January 2014
Nothing substantive from Syria talks ~ link ~ Not a surprise.   Stirling    
Pentagon alarmed by China's new hypersonic glide vehicle for ICBM warheads ~ link ~ A 21st Century World War III is NOT survivable or winnable!   Stirling     
The Pentagon is increasingly concerned by China’s recent test of a new ultra-high speed strike vehicle which poses a serious challenge to the US military’s technological edge, a senior Pentagon official says.
Turkish military forces attack ISIL (foreign radical opposition) positions in Syria ~ link ~ Interesting, the nuts in ISIL are too far out for Turkey to allow!  Stirling    
Turkish troops have reportedly attacked the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) positions in northern Syria after a mortar shell fired from Syria landed in Turkish territory.

Broadcaster NTV reported the attack and said the mortar had been fired during clashes between ISIL and the so-called Free Syrian Army. It also said a pick-up truck, a lorry, and a bus were destroyed in the Turkish retaliation on Tuesday evening. There were no reports of casualties, and NTV did not say exactly where along the border the attack occurred. 

Israel's planned occupation of the Internet ~ link ~ If we allow it!   Stirling     

Syria - Walking on Thin Ice - New Eastern Outlook ~ link  
Egypt's Al-Sisi is Illuminati's Man ~ link ~ Most likely this is true.  Stirling   
Spanish children live at increasing risk of poverty - with video ~ link ~ The globalists are wiping out seventy years of progress in their drive to enslave us all.  Stirling 
Argentina on brink of new financial crisis ~ link 
Can a high-tech medicine render radiation harmless? ~ link ~ That would be something...I bet the .000001% already have this!   Stirling         
US Deep South snow/ice storms maroons motorists - with video ~ link ~  It has created one hell of a mess.  Stirling  
Deep South Deep Freeze: Buses sent to pick up stranded motorists ~ link ~ The southern states simply do not have the snow removal equipment to handle this mess.   Stirling  
Chick-fil-A feeds stranded drivers for free ~ link ~ This is a great Christian run company...if you get the chance patronize them...they have good food, also.   Stirling      
Atlanta winter storm: Resources for stranded motorists ~ link ~ A great deal of the eastern Midwest's motor traffic goes through Atlanta.  Stirling     
Dangerous driving conditions in southern Sweden ~ link  
Obama's legacy to corporations? ~ linkDid you see President Obama’s State of the Union last night? While the President had an optimistic tone, again and again, I saw the same theme of giving more power to corporations at the expense of the people.
Last night, President Obama told us once again that he wants to fix income inequality in this country. He even announced a minimum wage increase for government contractors, which is one step in the right direction… but if he’s serious about better pay for ordinary Americans, he shouldn’t be pushing for trade deals that will bolster corporate profits and let corporations move jobs overseas, not to mention taking away communities’ rights to protect themselves from corporate abuses.

Bill Clinton named as long-time CIA Spook ~ link ~ This was no doubt aided by the fact that Clinton is the illegitimate child of the late Governor Rockefeller of Arkansas.   Stirling   

France in a state of war with comedian Dieudonne ~ link ~ The Zionists are going ape-shit in France.  They are making an example out of this comedian for daring to criticize them.  Expect much more of this in the near future around much of the world.   Stirling   

States fighting back against NSA unconstitutional spying ~ link ~ The state legislators are closer to the people than the high and mighty US Senators and Congressmen and it shows.   Stirling   

Forget Metadata...NSA is spying on everything ~ link ~ This is NOT the American is opposite of everything this nation is suppose to stand for and neither we nor our allies should stand for it!!!  Stirling  

Real-life demon possession reported in Gary, Indiana ~ link ~ The devil is real.   Stirling   

US government experiments reveal humans are capable of bending physical objects with their minds ~ link    


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