Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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28 January 2014
First Update
Ukraine's PM Viktor Azarov and government resign - with video ~ link ~ This is NOT apt to end the pre-civil war level crisis.  The western globalist backed forces want to move the Ukraine into the EU and away from Russia.  They intend to do to the Ukraine what they have done to Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.  The western globalist Zionist mainstream news media is not telling you this, nor are they telling you that there is massive opposition to the EU and globalist banker agenda among much of the Ukrainian people.  This issue is being used to foment serious friction between Russian and some other nations, on one hand, and the EU/NATO on the other as a way to prepare the ground for a European Theater to the coming globalist/Zionist desired Third World War!!!  Stirling     
Ukraine President Yanukovych accepts government resignation ~ link ~  The appointment of the First Deputy Prime Minister to form a new government indicates that Yanukovych is NOT giving in to the western backed opposition and that the crisis will continue.   Stirling  

President Yanukovych issued a decree accepting the government’s resignation, but ordered the ministers in Azarov’s cabinet to stay on until a new government is formed.

In the decree, first deputy premier, Serhiy Arbuzov, has been tasked with forming a new cabinet as acting prime minister.

Ukraine unrest timeline ~ link
War is a Bankster Racket - video ~ link  
Central African Republic War: UN may need 10,000 troops ~ link ~ This is a war about gold.  There are significant gold deposits in the CAR and nearby nations.  I understand that a major gold mining story in a nearby nation is about to break.  The banksters have sold the same gold up to 150 times and are desperate to get their hands on more physical gold!   Stirling    
Obama 'State of the Union' speech to "act" on income inequality ~ link ~ Politicians feel that if the spread some manure around on a topic that they have really done something...really acted on the issue.  Of course, all they have done is BS the public and there are few more full of BS than Obama.  Stirling    
Want to reduce the income/wealth inequality? - Abolish the crooked Federal Reserve ~ link ~ And hang the banksters!!!  Stirling   
China halts poultry trading after H7N9 cases ~ link ~ There is solid evidence to suggest that H7N9 is a product of genetic engineering!!!   Stirling   
Once in a generation ice storm descends on American South ~ link ~ Most southern states are ill equipped to handle ice and the roads will be hellish and the power outages will be terrible and last for several days.  Stirling  
'Snow rollers' sculpted by the wind in US Midwest ~ link ~ I have to admit that this is a new one for me...I have never seen a 'snow roller' and in my part of the Midwest, things are not this bad, but very cold.  This is shaping up to be one hell of a winter.  Stirling    


Anonymous said...

PLA Military Propaganda Movie Trailer

Showcasing current chinese military capability and training. Used as domestic recruiting material (unlike many LLer beliefs China actually does not have conscripts system, you have to apply to become a soldier in china, requirement is actually pretty high)


Anonymous said...

guess something big is going down??

Two top ranking American bankers working in senior positions in London have committed suicide in the space of two days.

Gabriel Magee, a 39-year-old JP Morgan bank executive, died early this morning after he jumped 500ft from the top of the bank’s European headquarters. His body was discovered on the ninth floor roof, which surrounds the 33-story Canary Wharf skyscraper.

Just two days earlier, on Sunday, fellow American banker, William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit, 58, was found hanging in his South Kensington home.

Broeksmit – who retired last February – was a former senior manager at Deutsche Bank and had lived in London many years. He started working for the bank in 1996 but left for a period of 7 years before returning in 2008.

Anonymous said...

3rd to go.....or first of many

Last week, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG died last week. The cause of death has not been made public....

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