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26 - 27 January 2014
Israeli Cabinet Minister calls for replacement of the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount with "the Third Temple" ~ link ~ That is one way to jump start the Third World War!!!   Stirling   
An official of the Israeli regime has proclaimed that Tel Aviv is contemplating the replacement of the al-Aqsa Mosque in al-Quds (Jerusalem) with a temple.
The Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction Uri Ariel called on Friday for the construction of what he claimed as "the Third Temple" to replace the holy site.
- See more at:
Syria and 'opposition' discuss prisoners release in Geneva - with video ~ link  
Russian FM Lavrov says 'no talks with islamist militants in Syria' - with video ~ link  ~ "We refuse to have talks and do not recommend other parties to hold talks with them over principled considerations," Lavrov said in an interview with Russia’s NTV on Sunday.  The minister noted that Jebhat an-Nusra, the Islamic state of Iraq and Levant, and other Al-Qaeda branches cannot be involved in the peace process while militants “rampage and commit terrorist acts [in Syria]."
A Blank Check for a War on Iran ~ link ~ Actually a Blank Check for Bibi 666 Netanyahu and the global banksters to start World War III.  Stirling   

As we approach the centennial of World War I, we will read much of the blunders that produced that tragedy of Western civilization.

Among them will be the “blank check” Kaiser Wilhelm II gave to Vienna after the assassination by a Serb terrorist of the Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

Threats at Sochi Olympics expose "a larger agenda", says intelligence source ~ link ~ Terrorism is a tactic, a tool that is being used by nations to advance their geopolitical aims
Is Obama a Default Satanist? ~ link ~ Actually I believe that most key power players, and their puppets (like Obama), are either satanists or in league with same.  Stirling   
The Quenelle - with video ~ link ~ I want the French comedian Dieudonne to become famous in the English speaking world. He is noted for inventing the Quenelle. The Jews of France and their politicians have taken to calling the Quenelle a Nazi salute. It is not. The Quenelle is best learned by watching the video below. Once you see it, you will understand that it is just a gesture for what New York cab drivers would say, ‘Up Yours!’ 
Snapping Point ~ link 
Eye of the Illuminati - video ~ link  
The Elite, the 'Great Game', and World War III ~ link ~ The control of the US, and of global politics, by the wealthiest families of the planet is exercised in a powerful, profound and clandestine manner. This control began in Europe and has a continuity that can be traced back to the time when the bankers discovered it was more profitable to give loans to governments than to needy individuals.

These banking families and their subservient beneficiaries have come to own most major businesses over the two centuries during which they have secretly and increasingly organised themselves as controllers of governments worldwide and as arbiters of war and peace.
Repeatitis ~ link ~ Interesting.  Stirling   
Chinese Coast Guard developments ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ The Chinese Coast Guard is the first line of Chinese military power in the South China Sea (re: Japan).  Stirling     
Thousands line the streets of Kiev for funeral of protester kille in clashes with police ~ link ~ It is interesting to read the globalist/Zionist mainstream news media on the mostly foreign created/directed/financed crisis in the Ukraine.  They would have you believe that the great masses of the Ukraine people are rising up against an oppressive government and want EU membership.  Whereas the truth is very different.  Stalin redrew the map of the Ukraine and the East has many Russians in it and the West has Poles and others who are more anti-Russian.  Nevertheless I believe that most Ukraines do NOT want in the EU as they are seeing just what that means for Greece, Italy, Spain, etc. and they know that the EU wants to de-industrialize the Ukraine and turn it into simply a food producing  center.  Stirling
Ukrainian President offers to share power ~ link 
USA 'will stand with "the People of Ukraine" ' - Kerry ~ link ~ Yep, just another globalist "Color Revolution"/"Arab Spring" pile of lies/death/destruction!!!  Stirling    
Indian car giant Tata's CEO dies 'in fall from hotel balcony' in Bangkok ~ link ~ I don't believe that this was an accident!   Stirling      
We MUST bring back manufacturing to replace debt with prosperity ~ link ~ I have been saying this for years!  Stirling  
The longer the United States runs a trade deficit, the more damage we do to our country. Our massive trade deficit is sending hundreds of billions of American dollars overseas every year. Our “free trade” deals have put our manufacturers out of business, and they have made the American public reliant on foreign producers to meet their everyday needs. As we spend more money on foreign goods, there is less money available to be reinvested in American manufacturing. Unless we recognize the importance of manufacturing and take steps to ensure its success in this country, we will continue to see our economy decline, our jobs disappear and our cities crumble.
Furious backlash forces HSBC to scrap large cash withdrawal limit ~ link ~ Just a this time.  Stirling 
America's Trade Policy is obsolete and counterproductive ~ link ~ NOT if your goal is the destruction of the American economy!!!  Stirling   
"We're living within a Money Bubble of Epic Proportions ~ link James Turk believes the time we live in now will be studied by future historians for generations to come. Just as we today marvel at the collective madness that resulted in the South Sea and Dutch tulip manias, our age will be known as the era when society lost sight of what money really is.
And as result, the wrong kinds of wealth -- today, that's mostly financial assets -- are valued and pursued. And just like those bubbles from centuries ago, when the current asset boom goes bust, the value of paper wealth will vaporize.

India: Quietly destroying the American economy ~ link ~ Signs of our economic decline are everywhere. From closed-down manufacturing plants to high unemployment numbers, it is no secret there is something very wrong going on in our country. One of the primary culprits behind our economic crisis? “Free trade.” It is our unfair “free trade” agreements with other countries such as India that have led to our current crisis. India’s predatory trading practices are resulting in the off-shoring and outsourcing of U.S. jobs through the use of visas, and the U.S. is facing an alarming decline in high-paying, professional jobs here at home.

For much of India’s history they were one of the richest countries in the world. However, as they were colonized during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, that wealth dissipated to be replaced with crushing poverty. The British Empire’s implementation of “free trade” into India’s economy did nothing to combat the poverty; in fact, it fueled it.
Doves released by Pope Francis as a gesture of peace are immediately attacked by vicious crow and seagull ~ link  
The Solution is the Problem ~ link ~ Listen to enough celebrities at fundraisers, politicians thumping podiums with manicured fingernails and thought leaders spinning their little grey wheels and you notice that they assume that the solution is obvious, self-evident and will work. And that’s where problems come from.
The more problems we have, the more addicted to solutions we become. But progressives forget what the pre-moderns knew, that many problems have no solutions. Other problems can be ameliorated, but not solved. Life is still tragic. Bad things will happen to good people. Sometimes we can wipe a disease off the map, but more often our solutions trade simple problems for more complex ones.
Fears grow for Super Bowl Sunday - USA braces for Coldest Month of the Century ~ link ~ Hosting the Super Bowl in New York in a roofless stadium in the middle of winter is NOT too smart!  Stirling    
Heavy snowfall and blizzards expected in Moscow ~ link ~ Their winter got off to a late start, but is making up for it now.   Stirling     
Sochi Olympics venues photos ~ link 
TPP, TAFTA will INCREASE TOXIC FOOD imports to USA ~ link ~ Back in 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 48 million people suffered from food-borne illnesses each year in the United States. The truly scary thing about that number is that it is expected to increase if the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic “Free Trade” Agreement (TAFTA) are signed.

Many cases of food-borne illness here in the United States derive from imported food that is not being inspected carefully enough. With such a large chunk of the U.S. public falling ill from consuming food sold in supermarkets, it is outrageous that more effective measures have not been taken to halt the rate of food imports from foreign countries.
Chinese Yutu Moon rover suffers significant setback at start of second lunar night ~ link ~ The six wheeled Yutu rover, which means ‘Jade Rabbit’, has “experienced a mechanical control abnormality” in a new report by China’s official government newspaper, The People’s Daily.
‘Jade Rabbit’ was traversing southwards from the landing site as the incident occurred just days ago – about six weeks into its planned 3 month moon roving expedition.

Mankind's Cradle of Civilization found in Java? ~ link ~ Of the approximately 200,000 years of the Human Race, we know very little of that before 10,000 years ago.  The Ice Ages destroyed most evidence of human culture.  The official line, that humans were simply primitive hunter-gathers for a couple of hundred thousand years, yet were the same as ourselves, is unlikely.  Stirling    


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