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22 January 2014
As Geneve talks open, US advances trumpted-up torture charges against Syria ~ linkWith Geneva II international talks on the Syrian war set to open today in Switzerland, US media yesterday trumpeted unsubstantiated charges of torture and murder against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by international human rights prosecutors.
Syria Geneva II talks witness bitter exchanges - with video ~  link  ~ What did you expect?  Stirling     
Ukraine crisis: Two protesters killed in Kiev clashes - with video ~ link ~ The Russians see this all as a globalist inspired/funded/directed attack on Russia through the Ukraine.  It is one of several programs running to push Russia into a global war with the West.  A war, World War III, that the Global Banking Cartel families want and need to bring about their New World Order satanic nightmare!!!  Stirling   
War on the streets of Kiev - with video and photos ~ link ~ You need to see these photos to understand the seriousness of what is happening there!  Stirling    
Russian FM: 'No EU country would tolerate Ukraine protest violence at home' ~ link ~ The Russian Bear is getting pissed!  Stirling    
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the violence currently consuming the Ukrainian capital Kiev was in “no small part” being organized from abroad, adding no EU country would accept such disorder within its own borders. “As it turns out, these agitators have not even considered the interests of the Ukrainian opposition itself, in so far as they have attempted to incite violence,” Lavrov said during a media conference in Moscow. “When something like this happens within a European country, no one questions the need to curb the disorder and violence with firm measures,” he added.
Ukraine opposition vows 'to go on offensive' if demands are not met ~ link ~ This could get real nasty and we could see Russian and perhaps western intervention in the event of a civil war breaking out!!!   Stirling   
"Tomorrow if the president does not respond ... then we will go on the offensive," said Vitaly Klitschko, one of the leaders, addressing the thousands of protesters on Independence Square, Maidan.

Following the three-hour long meeting with the President Victor Yanukovich, opposition leaders said there had been no positive response from the president to their demands, which include lifting the anti-riot laws, the government stepping down and an early ballot. 


Kiev mass riots timeline ~ link 
Israel to build 261 more settlement units in the West Bank - with video ~ link ~ No long term peace and security for Israel is possible as long as they continue to steal land from the Arabs.   Stirling    
British envoy warns Israel of isolation over settlements ~ link ~ The nuts in the Bibi government don't care!  Stirling   
Kerry calls for regime change in Syria - with video ~ link ~  Of course he does!  As the world continues its march to Armageddon.   Stirling   
Persian patrol: Iran sends warships to Atlantic ~ link ~ Not a real threat to the US Navy but still part of the increasing craziness throughout the world as 2014 begins to unfold.  Stirling     

When women lived free in Afghanistan ~ link
Clashes kill 10 in the Central African Republic ~ link ~ This is a 'GOLD WAR'.  The global banksters have sold maybe 150 times the real amount of gold that there is, so they are desperate to expand gold mining operations in Africa.   Stirling  
Africa's bad omen of world war ~ link ~ Good in-depth article.  Stirling  
Another disturbing pattern worth noting between the past and present is that the European Scramble for Africa in the 1900s was a contributing factor in the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. Imperialist rivalry in Africa then rebounded in an all-out industrialized war.

In this centenary year of the Great War – in which up to 20 million people died – the Europeans powers are re-treading the same terrible path towards conflict. Once again, Africa heralds a bad omen for a super-charged capitalist conflict in the making.
The Russo-Chinese Pincer Movement Agaist the US Treasury and the FED ~ link ~ Do take the time to read all of this excellent article at the link.  Stirling   
All that power to set prices for commodities, oil, natural gas and precious metals has now gone into Russian and Chinese hands. After the banks fail, China could buy their stock and quite literally own the US Federal Reserve Bank. Can you now clearly see the Russo-Chinese pincer movement out flanking the US dollar, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve? 
Spain's unemployment rate stayed above 25% in 2013 - with video ~ link ~ Remember those are official rates, the real world rates are apt to be much higher!  Stirling    
Keiser Report ~ link Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that brokerages and exchanges have been become so packed with fraud, there’s hardly room to commit fraud and so the hand jive of bank fraud has been born as brokers front run Fannie Mae and Freddie M...
Spanish Prime Minister: "No referendum, no independence for Catalonia" ~ link 

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