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15 January 2014
UN: Half of the Syrian population urgently needs aid - with video ~ link ~ This is totally the fault of the globalists and Zionists acting through their US/UK/French/Israeli/GCC puppet states.   Stirling     
US military hijacked by Israel since 9/11 - with video ~ link ~ “Israel has really hijacked the US, and used the US military as its surrogate to fight these wars and destabilize the Middle East and make the Middle East safe for Israel,” Dr. Kevin Barrett told Press TV on Wednesday.

It was all part of Benyamin Netanyahu’s 1996 “Clear Break” plan which was drafted by American neo-cons to use the US military to eradicate the Zionist regime’s enemies in the region, he explained.

The plan was put into action on 9/11 to remove governments in seven countries- Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran - over five years, Dr. Barrett said, citing retired Army General Wesley Clark.

Dr. Barrett made the comments as a report indicates that Israel and the Pentagon are the “winners” of a bipartisan $1.1 trillion spending bill unveiled in Congress on Monday night.
The bill provides about $497 billion for the Pentagon in 2014 — about the same as in 2013. In addition, it allocates $85.2 billion for the war in Afghanistan as part of the Pentagon’s overseas contingency operations (OCO), $5 billion more than requested.

The massive spending measure also authorizes $173 million in added funding for Israel’s missile systems, including nearly $34 million to improve the Arrow weapon system and $117.2 million for development of the David's Sling short-range ballistic missile system and $22 million for an upper-tier interceptor.

“It’s really much worse than appears with this spending bill that is handing almost half a trillion dollars to the US military at a time when American taxpayers are tightening their belts,” Dr. Barrett noted.

Analyst: US ties with Israel fundamentally shameful - with video ~ link ~ The ties are based on bribes and blackmail by the supporters of the state of Israel.  The American people are kept in the dark by globalist/Zionist interests having bought control of over 96% of all US mainstream news media.  It is beyond shameful what is happening: continuing moves towards a Armageddon type World War III and towards a global total economic collapse so that a hyper-tiny elite will end up controlling everything.   Stirling   

Attacks by "Al-Qaeda" militants kill at least 75 in Iraq ~ link ~ So after two wars, trillions of US taxpayer dollars, and a massive amount of blood spilled...Iraq continues to be worse off then under that jerk Saddam!   Stirling    

Schism in EU? Intelligence co-operates with Syrian amid political freeze ~ link ~ Not all of the West, nor Israel, nor all of the GCC nations, think that the direction we are headin in makes any sense!!!  Stirling    

'Doomsday Clock' is still at five to midnight, scientists warn ~ link ~ The doomsday clock – a theoretical device that purports to tell us how close we are to a nuclear apocalypse – has frozen at five minutes to midnight, unchanged from last year. Physicists tell the head of the UN there is little reason to move it back.

The visual metaphor has held its appeal for more than 60 years now. The hands of time are moved in accordance with the analyses of a special board of scientists who ponder international threats, especially those having to do with nuclear armaments.

The level of economic freedom in the United States is at an all-time low ~ link ~ Fascism is NOT freedom!  Stirling  
World economic freedom averaged a record 60.3 out of 100 in 2014, with the U.S. dropping to 12th position, the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom shows. As Bloomberg's Niraj Shah points out, Ireland is the most economically liberal nation in the euro area and Hong Kong the most liberal in the world. Greece, Italy, France, Cyprus and the U.K. had lower scores than 20 years ago.

Obama to the American people: F#@k Off ~ link ~ Americans want NSA spying reined in. But a poll from November showed that only 11% of Americans trust Obama to actually do anything to rein in spying. We were right to be skeptical … Today, Obama announced his fake “reforms” … and he’s not doing anything but putting lipstick on the same ‘old pig.

NSA to Congress: F#@k Off ~ link ~ The NSA Treats Congress Just Like the American People: With Scorn and Disdain

Did the US Government JUST BREAK THE INTERNET? ~ link ~ The bastards just can't stand sites like this one that tells the truth!!!  Stirling   

'On the Verge of Collapse': Italian Tea Party leader has bold plans for the Future of Italy ~ link 

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