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23 January 2014
Second Update
Dr. Bill Deagle and Tim Alexander (Lord Stirling) on today's Nutrimedical Report Show - audio ~ link ~ Click on January 23 2014 Hour 3   
US Defense Secretary Hagel calls for nuclear review ~ link ~ I do NOT believe that the high number of senior military offices involved with nuclear weapons control have been fired for minor issues.  There is something far bigger at play here!   Stirling    

Saudi Arabia seeks total destruction of Syria - with video ~ link ~ "Funny"...that is exactly what Israel wants also.  The Global Banking Cartel however, wants a war on Syria and Iran to become World War III.  Stirling    

Zionists permeate US and European media - with video ~ link ~ Globalist and Zionist companies control 96% of the American mainstream news media.  In some nations in Europe and elsewhere, the numbers are similar.  In other nations it is not as bad.  And bad is the term for it.  The Jewish population is approximately 2.7% of the American population, yet Jews "control" the news media, Wall Street, Congress, etc.  Now most Jews have little to do with this, but they will suffer the blame when things really go to hell.  It is the masses of the Jewish people that need to really begin to question what is really "good for the Jews" and what is in reality really really BAD for them.  Stirling    

Ukraine braces for more violent clashes - with video ~ link ~ Yesterday I said that the Russian Bear was getting pissed, and a reader wrote in to ask why.  If I might I would like to answer that question here.  Russia and the Ukraine are joined at the hip.  They were one nation for centuries under the Tsars and under the globalist banker created/controlled USSR.  They see the role of outside forces, connected to the Global Banking Cartel, as wanting to gut the Ukraine and make it a colony, just like Greece, Spain, etc.  The Russians know that they are being bated in the Ukraine.  And they know that they are apt to be attacked by very nasty bankster organized False Flag attacks in the Olympics next month or so.  Putin will make a powerful attempt to strike back but to do so in a unsymmetrical way in hopes of avoiding World War III, time will tell if he is successful.   Stirling  
Activists or antagonists: Are Kiev rioters seeking solutions or scuffles? - with videos and photos ~ link ~ This is a type of limited civil war that is fostered by outside forces against another nation (Russia).  Watch this carefully!  This a similar to the 'Arab Spring' which was planned/organized/financed/controlled by the Mossad and the CIA and ultimately by the Global Banking Cartel!!! This is a precursor to the next world war!!!   Stirling     

WAR GEAR: Weaponry and armor of rioters in Kiev - with photos ~ link ~ This is NOT your average riot!!!  Stirling   

Pro-government protesters surround US Embassy in Kiev, rally against American meddling ~ link ~ A large percentage of the Ukrainian population opposes the anti-government demonstrators and the EU.  They know that the EU would turn the Ukraine into a de-industralized nation and destroy what is left with Austerity Fascism.   Stirling   
Russian Duma demands foreign politicians stop inciting Ukrainian crisis ~ link ~ Pay attention to this, it is serious!  Stirling  
Russia’s lower house has passed a unanimous statement that the ongoing aggravation of the political and social situation in Ukraine should be blamed not only on radical opposition, but also on certain foreign political circles.

The statement ‘On aggravation of the situation in Ukraine’, prepared by the parliamentary Committee for CIS Issues and Eurasian Integration, was passed unanimously on Wednesday morning.
Kiev mass riots timeline ~ link  

Fake Olympic terrorist threats antagonize Sochi security fears ~ link ~ Almost all terrorist incidents over the past several decades have been either full False Flag events or events that involved oversight/foreknowledge by certain intelligence agencies.  What really concerns me, is the pattern of "seeding the ground" by globalist and Zionist controlled mainstream news media.  A process that gets the public 'ready' to believe that some small obscure Islamic group really did the horrific attack, that in reality was planned/organized/funded/controlled by a major intelligence agency/agencies.  So, while I do not have a crystal ball to clearly say that such an attack is coming, I can, based on past False Flag Attacks and on current propaganda efforts, be very concerned about just what is being planned and set-up in Sochi.   Stirling   

US and South Korean Special Forces train for guerrilla war in North Korea ~ link ~ Making sure that when the shit starts to fly, it creates a true global World War III.  Stirling    
UK citizens rejecting foreign conflict Ministry of Defense admits ~ link 
Why is a Gigantic War-blimp about to fly above the skies of suburban Baltimore? ~ link ~ Also see this article with photo ~ link ~ Because the banksters are at war against the people and this is a Beta Test of one possible high-tech police state technology!!!  One also needs to ask why the US Army is involved instead of the USAF. Stirling   
Twiggy Garcia, who attempted citizen's arrest on Tony Blair awarded over 2,000 British Pounds ~ link ~ Poor old war criminal Phony Tony will really have to be careful now!!!   Stirling    

'Adam' walked the Earth 209,000 years ago: UK scientists claim the First Man lived 9,000 years earlier than previously thought ~ link ~
  • To calculate age of the Y chromosome, researchers multiplied data on age fathers have their first child with the number of mutations they uncovered
  • They then divided this figure by the mutation rate of the Y chromosome
  • Their findings suggest that 'Adam' lived in the same time frame as  'Eve'
    Here it comes - More leading economists call for capital controls ~ link ~ The idea behind capital controls is simple: create barriers to restrict the free flow of capital. And if you’re on the receiving end, capital controls can be enormously destructive.
    But for politicians, capital controls are hugely beneficial; once they trap funds within their borders, the money can be easily taxed, confiscated, or inflated.

    Fedex and DHL suspend shipments to Russian customers ~ link ~ This is a really major story that the mainstream news media "forgot" to cover, and to cover the reason or context behind this strange move!!!  Stirling   

    And now, it's time for Gapzorm to suspend shipments of natgas to European customers, just as the Qatar-mandated explosions in Sochi are set to begin. And then it gets really fun.  

    Your Front Row Seat to Argentina's (Latest) Currency Collapse ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ I would say that the global banksters are attempting to teach the Argentina government 'a lesson'!  Stirling   

    Is the China Bank Run Beginning? Farmers Co-Op unable to pay depositors ~ link

    Two Power Kegs Ready to Blow: China & India ~ link ~ Interesting background detail in this article.   Stirling   

    Crisis Reality: "Within an hour the stores were emptied" ~ link ~ You should have a year's supply of everything on hand, or as much as you can afford...NOW.   Stirling   

    Home Flu Defense - Elderberry Syrup ~ link ~ I have mine, do you have yours ready???  Stirling  
    Bottlenose dolphin seeks diver's help - video ~ link 

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