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11 January 2014

Syrian troops retake key twon near Aleppo - with video ~ link ~ The government forces seized the town of Naqarin on Saturday and continued advancing towards the industrial area of Aleppo, activists said.

Fighting has also been reported between the government forces and militants in other parts of the country.

Israel's ex-PM Ariel Sharon dies ~ link Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has died aged 85 after spending eight years in a coma following a stroke. He was a giant of Israel's military and political scene, but courted controversy throughout his long career.

USS Gerald R. Ford, America's newest $12 billion supercarrier may be LESS EFFECTIVE then older ships ~ link ~ I have a lot of faith in the USN.  I suspect that they will get at least most of the problems ironed out before it enters active service.   Stirling   

Egyptian Army chief al-Sisi 'may run for President' ~ link

Francois Hollande under pressure after affair report ~ link ~ The French don't mind an affair or two, but they are sick to death of this latest Jewish Rothschild puppet president, who has gotten them into a war in the Central African Republic and ruined what was left of their economy.   Stirling  

President Hollande, who took office in May 2012, has seen public support slipping recently. One poll in November gave him just 15% support, the lowest for any president in the past 50 years.  

French Dissidents and the Quenelle ~ link ~ Also see this video ~ link ~ And this one also ~ link 


Democrats urge Obama to drop Social Security cut-backs proposal ~ link ~ Democratic senators are pleading with President Obama to abandon his proposal to trim Social Security benefits before it becomes a liability for them in the midterm elections.

The president proposed a new formula for calculating benefits in his budget last year, in hopes that the olive branch to Republicans would persuade them to back tax increases in a broader fiscal deal.

China surpasses America as the world's largest trading nation ~ link ~ The globalists set all this up, beginning years ago.  They have undertaken the greatest mass transfer of wealth in history, from the West to the People's Republic of China.  In doing so, they have destroyed the industrial base of America and much of that of the 'West', helping to set us up for the economic chaos that they are creating to drive the planet into the New World Order high-tech global slave state with 6+ billion fewer people after WWIII.  They are 'arranging' the problems between China and Japan to ensure that there will be a good 'opportunity' to destroy the Chinese nation on the eve of their hoped for NWO.  Sounds Satanic, doesn't it!!!   Stirling    


A lousy jobs report and the scourge of inequality ~ link ~ As long as a majority of Americans are more interested in 'reality' television and sports, then in the scum bags that are destroying their nation and their lives, this will continue!   Stirling   


Did Goldman just kill the music? "The S&P 500 is now overvalued by almost any measure" ~ link ~

S&P 500 valuation is lofty by almost any measure, both for the aggregate market (15.9x) as well as the median stock (16.8x). We believe S&P 500 trades close to fair value and the forward path will depend on profit growth rather than P/E expansion. However, many clients argue that the P/E multiple will continue to rise in 2014 with 17x or 18x often cited, with some investors arguing for 20x. We explore valuation using various approaches. We conclude that further P/E expansion will be difficult to achieve. Of course, it is possible. It is just not probable based on history. 
The current valuation of the S&P 500 is lofty by almost any measure, both for the aggregate market as well as the median stock: (1) The P/E ratio; (2) the current P/E expansion cycle; (3) EV/Sales; (4) EV/EBITDA; (5) Free Cash Flow yield; (6) Price/Book as well as the ROE and P/B relationship; and compared with the levels of (6) inflation; (7)nominal 10-year Treasury yields; and (8) real interest rates. Furthermore, the cyclically-adjusted P/E ratio suggests the S&P 500 is currently 30% overvalued in terms of (9) Operating EPS and (10) about 45% overvalued using As Reported earnings.


American economist: USA crushing the Middle Class into poverty - with video ~ link ~ “…the income distribution has been severely hurt. It is so badly skewed now that all of the evidence is clear – a very small percent of the population receives almost the entire gain and income increases and the wealth is being concentrated in the top, is extremely top heavy…,” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former assistant secretary of the US Treasury, told Press TV. “So you’ve got 40 percent of people earning less than 20,000 per year. You’ve got 53 percent that earns less than 30,000 dollars per year,” he added.

MSNBC: December Jobs Report is "awful", "very bad", "ugly" - video ~ link 


The Good and the Bad News for the Future of America's Jobs ~ link ~ As we reported earlier (and have been for the past three years), there is a reason why the media prefers not to talk about the quality aspect of US job gains, and instead focuses on the seasonally adjusted quantity: there simply is no "quality." Take today for example, when we learned that more than half of the 74K jobs gained in the month of December were temp jobs (which mysteriously were not affected by the weather: only the high paying ones somehow got crushed by snow in December), and when adding the lowest paying retail and wholesale trade jobs, one got nearly 50% more than all the job gains for the past month.

Where is the German gold? ~ link ~ Almost a year ago, the German government put in a formal request to reclaim (repatriate) a portion of their gold reserves held outside of Germany. Reports on the progress of this initiative have raised quite a few questions.

Now news comes that, in the first year of the plan, Germany only received back 37.5 metric tonnes of their gold. This is only 5% of the total repatriation amount. At this rate, it will take twenty years, not eight, to reclaim the gold!

No Jobs For Americans ~ link ~ They are all in China now!  Stirling   


Corrupt Britain: Organized crime infiltrators key institutions ~ link ~ As a Peer of the Realm I have had dealings with the highest level of the British political establishment and I can tell you from personal experience that the level of corruption is shocking!  The number of corrupt bums at medium to very high levels is way out-of-control.  Stirling    

Sochi 2014 Olympics to be 'costly, but terrific and safe' says international skiing chief ~ link ~ I hope that it will be safe, in this day and age of False Flag terrorism, just about anything can happen and set off WWIII.  Stirling   

Network news viewers at all-time low; half under age 30 NEVER watch the news ~ link ~ The mainstream news media is totally globalist/Zionist controlled.  It is propaganda not news.   Stirling    

Watchdog: UK schools fingerprinted over 800,000 children, a third without parental consent ~ link ~ In the United Kingdom, much like in America, as the nation decays into poverty for 90% of the population, the corrupt evil bums running things increase the level of high-tech police state surveillance.  So the population gets poverty, austerity fascism, police state goons, and little hope for a better tomorrow!   Stirling   

American and British spy agencies have intentionally weakened security for many decades ~ link 

H1N1 California: Bay Area flu deaths increase - 28 deaths investigated state wide - video ~ link  

Sudan blocks import of GM soybeans, considers total ban on GM foods ~ link ~ If they can do this, why not the rest of the world???  Stirling    


A little girl's potato experiment will change the way you think about food - video ~ link ~ Good One!  Stirling  

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