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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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10 January 2014
Battles between foreign mercenaries in Syria - almost 500 dead ~ link ~ The globalist/Zionist/GCC trash bring only death and destruction because they serve only Satan!!!  Stirling    

France deploys tanks around presidential palace in Banqui, CAR ~ link ~ France is there to exploit the resources of the Central African Republic...especially the gold!   Stirling   
Iran and Sextet end nuclear talks in Geneva and reach agreement - with video ~ link ~ GOOD!   Stirling   
 Top Iranian nuclear negotiator, Abbas Araqchi, represented the Islamic Republic, while European Union deputy foreign policy chief, Helga Schmid, represented the other side during the talks which ended on Friday.
Araqchi, who is also Iran’s deputy foreign minister for legal and international affairs, said the two sides have come to an agreement on the previously unresolved issues related to implementation of the Geneva nuclear agreement.

He added that if all sides accept the agreement, then there will be an official announcement within the next few days regarding the start of implementation of the Geneva deal within ten days.

1500 New Yorkers camp out three freezing days for a $17.20/hour job ~ link ~ Those poor people, camping out in the recent horrific cold.  This is what you see in an Economic Depression...NOT in a Recession...or in a Recovery from a Recession!  At least in the 1930s people called it what it was, a Depression.  Now, the globalist owned and Zionist ran mainstream news media, and the bought-and-paid-for political whores, are so full of shit that they talk about a "Recovery from the Recession"!  Stirling   

US "job growth" fell sharply in December ~ link ~ They count anything and everything as "job growth" and "forget" to count the negatives.  There are 102 MILLION Americans of working age WITHOUT ANY JOB!!!  Stirling   

More than half of December jobs added were temporary ~ link ~ And no doubt at minimum wage or close to it.  Stirling     

Unemployment benefits extension hits snag ~ link ~ Yet now over half the "US" Senators are signing onto the derail the peace agreement with Iran and back Israel on any war that it begins 'bill'.  We are in an upsidedown world where most things are lies and evil is out of control.  Stirling    

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