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Holy Shroud of Turin

Chernobyl = Wormwood from Armaggedon = Fukushima - 'Before It's News' version ~ link

Chernobyl = Wormwood from Armageddon = Fukushima


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Holy Shroud of Turin
31 October 2013
Special Post
Something Really Scary for Halloween  

Chernobyl = "Wormwood" from Armageddon = Fukushima 
Dr. Bill Deagle, Chris Harris (one of the world's top nuclear safety engineers) and myself talked today, on the last half hour of Hour 3 of the NutriMedical Report Show, of the terrible short term dangers from the fuel storage pools (there are 7 of them) at Fukushima.  Even though three reactor cores have gone "China Syndrome" and melted into the ground, the greatest danger to the entire planet is from the stored used fuel.  Some of the fuel rods are believed to be damaged making the danger of a nuclear fire very high. 
There are indications that the Japanese, who have the only satellite in orbit with imaging technology that can indicate that earthquakes are coming, are moving very fast now to remove the fuel from Reactor #4 Storage Facility.  Just removing the newest fuel, which is in good condition, is a major technological feat.  Moving that which is damaged is extremely dangerous and has never been done before in history!  That they are suddenly moving so fast - they will begin the process NEXT WEEK - is an indication that they know something that they are withholding from the public. 
The chances are that moving the fuel, especially the damaged rods, WILL RESULT in a nuclear fire that cannot be put out.  The radiation from that event, could will trigger a similar event at the Fuel Storage Unit of Reactor #3 (which is a MOX fuel plant!) and in fact could SPREAD TO ADDITIONAL FUEL STORAGE  UNITS, PERHAPS EVEN TO ALL SEVEN FUEL STORAGE UNITS!
If this happens, or even partly happens, it will be a ARMAGEDDON EVENT (a Doomsday Event) for life on planet Earth!  In fact, the last book of the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation, speaks of Armageddon killing one-third of the world via plague (which I always think of as Advanced Biological Warfare induced; however, one has to remember that one of the effects of massive radiation coverage of the planet will be the spread of diseases as the ability of humans to fight disease will be severely compromised by the effects of the radiation on the human body).  The Book of Revelation also says that Armageddon WILL KILL ONE-THIRD OF THE POPULATION BY WORMWOOD ... we now know what "wormwood" was referring to.  It was referring to a city in the Urkiane, which we call Chernobyl.  Chernobyl translates to "wormwood"!!!  This was the ancient warning in the Bible of events to come in the End Time.  Our scientific understanding of time, in the field of quantum physics, now supports the view that future events are fixed and linked to the past and present, giving support to the predictive nature of the Bible and making the events taking place at Fukushima very important. 
Tim Alexander, Earl of Stirling  
Please post to various sites and send a copy to your friends.

Warning from Japan’s Top Nuclear Official: I am “much more worried” about fuel in Fukushima Unit 4 — Rods may break open and release highly radioactive material — Beware risks from debris, a disaster if damaged — Removal may start Nov. 8 ~ link

Why are they ‘speeding up’ at Unit 4? — Expert in 2010: Megathrust quake to hit Fukushima ~Nov. 2013… Recurrence interval of 75 years with last rupture Nov. 1938 — Planet’s most powerful type of seismic event — WSJ: Top official concerned quake to destabilize fuel pool ~ link 

Japan Gov’t: “Unprecedented situation of radioactive pollution” from Fukushima disaster — “Intensive Contamination Areas” designated near downtown Tokyo, and officials there say health assistance for kids and pregnant women is needed (MAP) ~ link




Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
AVE MARIA by Mirusia Louwerse - video ~ link
Orthodox Cherubim Hymn - video ~ link  
AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 


31 October 2013
Happy Halloween
In memorial: Michele Alexander of Greenan, Baroness of Greenan, born October 31, 1955, died July 10, 1999.
Israel attacks Syria: Syrian Army base rocked again by overnight explosions ~ link ~ Do NOT trust that crazy evil bastard Netanyahu, never ever trust him!!!   He did not get his General Middle East War (which would have started the Third World War) last month, but that will NOT stop him and the war hawks in his government.  The last time they bombed this base the Israelis used tactical nuclear weapons but were NOT called on it by the nations of the World!!!   Stirling   
 The last time major explosions were reported near Damascus, it was in May when Israel and its air force did everything in their power to provoke the Assad regime to escalate military operations both domestically and abroad. It almost succeeded when three months later Obama nearly led a falseflag-driven "liberation" force facilitating Saudi and Qatari energy interests in the region and their pipeline ambitions below Syria. Since then Israel had been largely dormant, seething in its (and Saudi) disappointment that it was unable to play Obama like a fiddle.

The unstable detente changed again overnight, when as Haaretz reports "a large explosion was heard at a Syrian army missile base in Latakia.  Eye witnesses told the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human rights that the explosion took place near Snobar Jableh, south of the city. It was not yet clear whether anyone was wounded in the strike." And not surprisingly, it is once again Israel' that was implicated in the latest regional provocation because as Haaretz adds, the "strike follows Lebanese media reports that Israeli aircraft circled above southern Lebanon."

Israel Attacks in Syria ~ link ~ The alleged target of the new attack was also the P-800 Oniks Yakhont launchers and missiles supplied by Russia to Syria. The Israeli Navy, which is being reorganized, has no answer to this sophisticated defense weapon. Latakia is in front of Cyprus, a close ally of Israel, and next to the large Eastern Mediterranean Gas Fields. Israel is attempting to secure them for itself, and thus is interested in destroying weapons blocking its freedom of movement.

Nearby the attacked base was a chemical weapons production site. This fact explains the timing of the bombing. Today, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague announced that the dismantling of chemical weapons and installations in Syria had ended one day before the scheduled. The attack was timed so that no international workers of that organization would be in the area. 

IAF strikes twice in Syria, 'Base Destroyed' ~ link 

All Syrian chemical weapons production lines destroyed - OPCW ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ And this ~ link ~  Just in time for the latest Act of War against Syria by Israel!!!   Stirling   
Israeli jets strike Syrian military base - US confirms ~ link  

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

30 October 2013
Second Update
Israeli lobby now trying to sabotage the Iran-US nuclear talks - with video ~ link ~ Why do we allow this tiny foreign nation to bribe and blackmail our politicians???   Stirling    
Having failed to convince Washington to launch a military strike against Iran, Israel lobby in the US is now focusing its efforts to “sabotage” the nuclear talks between Tehran and the world powers, an American professor says.

“In the face of that problem of not being able to mobilize the United States to go to war with Iran, they’re focusing on strangling the economy,” James Petras, Bartle Professor (Emeritus) of Sociology at Binghamton University, New York, told Press TV on Wednesday.

He was referring to reports that the US Senate is ratcheting up pressure on the White House to tighten sanctions against Iran in line with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for more pressure against Tehran.

On Monday, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Robert Menendez (D-NJ) said that the Senate aims to cut Iran’s current oil exports to 500,000 barrels per day.

"This is not the time to loosen sanctions," Menendez said during a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in New York.

“The Israeli government has very close relations with its proxies in the United States, essentially the principal Zionist organizations, who are very heavily funded and have financed the electoral campaigns and provided direct contributions totaling over 100 million dollars over the last 30 years and actually have financed 230 politicians in the US Congress and over 50 senators,” Petras said.

“So they have bought the US Congress,” he added.

The professor said that new sanctions against Iran would sabotage nuclear talks between Tehran and the six world powers.

Iran held nuclear talks with the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany in Geneva earlier this month. The two sides are set to meet again in Geneva on November 7-8.

“Obama realizes that passing and implementing these resolutions would sabotage the negotiations in the peace process,” Petras said, but he added that “there is no really powerful lobby at this time that has the money and resources that the Zionists have.”

“For the last several years, the Zionist organizations in the United States, AIPAC and I would say at least 52 Jewish Zionist organizations have been active in trying to undermine the Iranian government and strangle its economy,” he noted.
Spaniards angered by US spying revelations ~ link ~ Of course, they are mad.  Why shouldn't they be?  Stirling   
Russia will bring more S-300 air defense systems to EU border in Belarus ~ link ~ This is in response to multiple NATO actions.  Russia is not our natural enemy.  The Warsaw Pack is dead and so is the USSR.  Why do we still have NATO???   Stirling     
NSA tapped the Pope and spied on the Vatican ~ link ~ Well of course we did...after all those 200 or so Swiss Guards are a real danger to the USA...really...sure they are...NOT.  This crap needs to stop.  We are throwing billions and billions of dollars away to spy on people FOR the global banking cartel and the Zionists.  Why not spend this money on bringing JOBS TO AMERICA???   Stirling 
Our invisible revolution ~ link ~ Revolution usually erupts over events that would, in normal circumstances, be considered meaningless or minor acts of injustice by the state. But once the tinder of revolt has piled up, as it has in the United States, an insignificant spark easily ignites popular rebellion. No person or movement can ignite this tinder. 
 No one knows where or when the eruption will take place. No one knows the form it will take. But it is certain now that a popular revolt is coming. The refusal by the corporate state to address even the minimal grievances of the citizenry, along with the abject failure to remedy the mounting state repression, the chronic unemployment and underemployment, the massive debt peonage that is crippling more than half of Americans, and the loss of hope and widespread despair, means that blowback is inevitable.
NATO reform strengthens Germany's role ~ link    

Total media blackout: In Japan lots and lots of people developing symptoms related to Fukushima disaster ~ link ~ And it is spreading to North America, and the entire world!!!   Stirling   
Larry Summers admits the Fed is in a Liquidity Trap ~ link ~ I recently wrote an article entitled "What Is A Liquidity Trap & Why Is Bernanke Caught In It?" wherein I discussed the definition of a liquidity trap as:
"A liquidity trap is a situation described in Keynesian economics in which injections of cash into the private banking system by a central bank fail to lower interest rates and hence fail to stimulate economic growth. A liquidity trap is caused when people hoard cash because they expect an adverse event such as deflation, insufficient aggregate demand, or war. Signature characteristics of a liquidity trap are short-term interest rates that are near zero and fluctuations in the monetary base that fail to translate into fluctuations in the general price levels."
Importantly, this evidence is mounting that the Federal Reserve has now become trapped within this dynamic.  The boost in asset prices caused by the increased levels of liquidity in the system has benefited the wealthy while doing little to jumpstart the real economy.
Now get ready for an "ice age" as experts warn of "Siberian" winter ahead for UK ~ link ~ He said: “The sun is ‘quietening’ really rapidly. We think it is actually quietening more rapidly than at any time in the last 10,000 years. “So this is a major change. We think lower solar activity does seem to tie up with more cold winters in central Europe and the UK.” 
Real risk of a Little Ice Age says leading scientist ~ link ~ The severe cold of the ‘Little Ice Age’, a period of harsh winters across the UK and Europe in the 1600s, went hand in hand with an exceptionally inactive sun, says this article on BBC. That period of harsh winters and low solar activity is known as the Maunder solar minimum.
Now a leading scientist from Reading University, Professor Mike Lockwood, warns that the current rate of decline in solar activity poses a real risk of a return of Maunder minimum conditions.

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin

29 October 2013
Second Update ~
30 October 2013 

Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race - by Paul Craig Roberts ~ link ~ This is a very good article, do take the time to check it out at the link!  Do remember that Lucifer works by lying, by getting us to ignore reality!  Stirling    

Russell Brand on BBC: 'Revolution is coming' - with video ~ link ~ WOW ... you have to listen to this guy.  Stirling      

Cutting Food Stamps for over 45 MILLION AMERICANS: The Ruthlessness of the Ruling Class ~ link ~ One might also say the 'Evil of the Ruling Class' and the 'Stupidity of the Ruling Class'!  Stirling      
The cuts total $11 billion over the next three years and amount on average to a month’s worth of food assistance. They will mean yet more privation for millions of working people, including the poorest and most vulnerable members of society—children, elderly people, the unemployed, the disabled and new mothers.

That this brutal cut takes place under conditions of continuing mass unemployment and economic slump, with record numbers of people living in poverty and homelessness and hunger on the rise, testifies to the ruthlessness of the American ruling class. The callous indifference of the media and the entire political establishment, beginning with the Obama White House, to the suffering of broad layers of the population is reflected in their virtual silence on the imminent cutback in benefits.

24,000 Brits WILL DIE From Cold This Winter ~ link ~ And nobody seems to care!  Stirling   

JP Morgan sees 'most extreme excess' of global liquidity ~ link ~

If you think there is far too much money sloshing through the global financial system and causing unstable asset booms, you are not alone.
A new report by JP Morgan says the bank's measure of excess global money supply has reached an all-time high.  

"I was all for ObamaCare until I found out I was paying for it" ~link ~ Actually it could have been free, if we had not spent about $6 TRILLION on unnecessary wars for Israel and the global banksters!  Or better yet, for that kind of money we could have gotten a real first class health care system instead of the horrible rip-off system we have now or the totally screwed-up rip-off system, ObamaCare, that we are (maybe) replacing it with.   Stirling  


Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers land in Venezuela ~ link ~ Russia reminding us and the world that it is not a 'toothless tiger' even if it is not as big as the old USSR.   Stirling   

Russia OKs Air Defense deal with Kazakhstan ~ link ~ Russia has given tentative approval to a deal with Kazakhstan to merge air defense capabilities as part of a greater defense network for ex-Soviet republics, the Russian government said in a statement.
The deal, to establish legal principles for the air defense system, is expected to be approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin and then be ratified by the country’s lower house of parliament.

Japanese PM Abe foreshadows tougher action over disputed islands ~ link ~ What a worthless piece of crap Prime Minister Abe is...he can't do anything about the Fukushima mega-disaster that is now going on 2 1/2 years, but he can take possible WWIII provoking steps over some worthless uninhabitable islands!!!  Worthless and lower than whale shit!!!  Stirling   
In a speech to the Japanese military last Sunday, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe foreshadowed a more aggressive stance toward China over the disputed Senkaku islands, known as Diaoyu in China, in the East China Sea.    
Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng warned last Saturday: “If Japan does what it says and resorts to enforcement measures like shooting down aircraft, this is a serious provocation to us; it is an act of war. We will surely undertake decisive action to strike back.” 

Brave New World - NSA spying ~ link ~ Another 'Good One' by Pat Buchanan.  Stirling   
U.S. diplomats say that one of their assignments abroad is to know what the host government is thinking and planning politically, economically, strategically. That this is an aspect of diplomacy.

But relations among friendly nations are not unlike the NFL. While films are taken of rival teams’ games and studied, scouts observe practices, and rumors are picked up of injuries, there are lines that most opposing NFL teams do not cross. The lines of unethical conduct and criminality. To learn that an owner or coach of one NFL franchise had wiretapped the home phones of coaches and players of a Super Bowl rival would, if revealed, be regarded as rotten business.

German press, politicians warn of rupture in US-German relations ~ link ~ New revelations on the National Security Agency’s activities and the consequences of its bugging of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone dominated German media at the start of the week.

Under the headline “The Sinister Friend,” the German weekly Der Spiegel warned Monday of the threat of an “ice age” in German-American relations. It reported that a likely centre of the US spying operation was the massive, recently built US embassy at Brandenburg Gate, just a stone’s throw from the Chancellery and the main German government buildings. Der Spiegel suggested that a listening post had been established in the embassy, which has a forest of antennae on its roof.

So you think military intervention is a Good Idea? ~ link ~ Good One Mike!  Stirling   

Dick Cheney calls for War on Iran ~ link ~ This sad and scary old demonic monster wanting even more dead and maimed civilians and troops and ultimately World War III.   Beyond sad and pathetic!  Stirling      

USS Zumwalt hits the waves - with photos ~ link ~ WO


Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk ~ link ~ Good take the time to read it all at the link if you can.   Stirling  
Dr. Fetzer: Well it is just astonishing to me that such an obvious, hazardous source of energy, I mean Einstein said that he thought that splitting an atom was a ridiculous way to heat a cup of coffee. I think he had a rather nice point to make. The fact that the world would go about exposing itself to these kinds of problems when there is no known way to dispose of nuclear waste, I mean it is just irresponsible from beginning to end, Majia. Surely even the American nuclear energy industry ought to have been more responsible except that they pay off politicians and they are able to get legislation passed that enables them to construct reactors the safety of which cannot be guaranteed where they have no feasible plan for disposing of nuclear waste material which are obviously predictable consequences of the use of those reactors. I am just dumb-founded by the moral irresponsibility displayed in order to make a buck.
Dr. Nadesan: Well I think that some of it is outright corruption. But I think that just as responsible is this kind of arrogance that everything is a technical problem that can be solved. So we don’t need to worry about waste because we will engineer a solution for it. And these highly scientized models about dose effects that suggest that you can actually control dose effects, you can measure it and then you can predict outcomes at certain levels of exposure that are generalizable across the population, I mean these crazy sort of models that people get lost in and don’t really kind of think about the limitations of human technology and the limitations of our ability to plan long term. So there is this seduction of arrogance as well as just outright greed that is responsible for the disasters that we find ourselves amidst right now.

Why we can't trust anything TEPCO says about Fukushima - video ~ link

Two-and-a-half years after a massive earthquake crippled the Daiichi Power Plant at Fukushima, TEPCO is giving people one of the dumbest theories on radiation proliferation we have ever heard while reportedly looking the other way at blatant corruption within the clean up…and the mainstream media refuses to put the pieces together to give anyone the bigger picture. Here’s a rundown (we tried to be quick) of what’s been going on…and it ain’t pretty.
Two-and-a-half years after a massive earthquake crippled the Daiichi Power Plant at Fukushima, TEPCO is giving people one of the dumbest theories on radiation proliferation we have ever heard while reportedly looking the other way at blatant corruption within the clean up…and the mainstream media refuses to put the pieces together to give anyone the bigger picture. Here’s a rundown (we tried to be quick) of what’s been going on…and it ain’t pretty.
Two-and-a-half years after a massive earthquake crippled the Daiichi Power Plant at Fukushima, TEPCO is giving people one of the dumbest theories on radiation proliferation we have ever heard while reportedly looking the other way at blatant corruption within the clean up…and the mainstream media refuses to put the pieces together to give anyone the bigger picture. Here’s a rundown (we tried to be quick) of what’s been going on…and it ain’t pretty.
Typhoon "Disappears" Off Japan ~ link ~ This week, one typhoon and one tropical storm simply vanished while heading toward Japan.  They were abruptly turned northward, sparing Japan and then simply vanished.  The MSM has responded with a news blackout.  There are no explanations. 

Connecting Europe to Asia in a all-new way: Turkey's Bosphorus sub-sea tunnel links Asia and Europe ~ link ~ A railway tunnel underneath the Bosphorus Strait has been opened in Turkey, creating a new link between the Asian and European shores of Istanbul. 

The Marmaray tunnel is the world's first connecting two continents, and is designed to withstand earthquakes.

David Cameron starts 'war on media' over Snowden leaks ~ link ~ British Prime Minister David Cameron has issued a veiled threat against media organizations, calling on The Guardian and other outlets to stop publishing the disclosures leaked by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The Guardian first began its ongoing series based on the Snowden leaks in June, when far-reaching clandestine activity of the American NSA and British Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) were made public. UK lawmakers have not yet been “heavy handed,” the prime minister said, but if media does not cease such publication soon the government could soon crack down.

Ginger Root Kills Ovarian & Prostate Cancer Cells Better Than Chemo ~ link

Piaggio Aero puts 'legs' on Avanti II P180 ~ link ~  The Piaggio Avanti II is the best twin prop-jet on the market today, in my opinion.    Stirling   
Piaggio Aero is stretching the legs – and widening the appeal – of its P180 Avanti II twin-pusher, signing a launch deal for a new 1,720nm (3,200km)-range aircraft with a Chinese operator.

SR Jet of Beijing has ordered two, and taken options on a further eight, of the revamped aircraft, which has an additional tank fitted in the wardrobe next to the lavatory, extending its range by 250nm.

Antigua's new website and WTO law may result in offering the world America's copyrighted content for free or at a very low cost ~ link