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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

31 July 2013
Israeli/Washington Peace Terms: Unconditional Surrender ~ link ~ Palestinians have been crucified for decades. They're hung out to dry ruthlessly. New talks are worthless. They're fake. They're futile. They're another round of duplicity, failure and betrayal.
Multiple previous efforts produced nothing. This time's no different. Peace for our time won't happen. Netanyahu won't tolerate it. Nor will Washington.
The Secret Behind Communism - video ~ link ~ Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it!   Stirling    
US keeping Egypt 'on track' for Israel: Senator Graham ~ link ~ Why is it that tiny racist nation dominates American policy and government???  Stirling     
Egypt's Cabinet orders police to end pro-Morsi sit-ins ~ link 
The End of Everything ~ link ~  Good one ... do take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling   

If the cartel banks are not tied down with rule of law and
prosecuted for crimes already committed, the Banksters will take it all.
Eurozone jobless rate remains at record high ~ link ~ The Rothschilds and their Ilk want more money and power so the rest of us have to do with less!  It really is that simple!   Stirling    
Pressure from EU for harsher austerity measures heightens political crisis in Slovenia ~ link ~ The global banksters are destroying everything they touch!!!   Stirling    
Recession Forever?  10 Reasons American Workers Are Screwed ~ link ~ More than five years after the great recession hit, the US economy is still sputtering. The government revised GDP growth figures down last month to a meager 1.8% for the first quarter of this year. It doesn't take a PhD in economics to understand why: we have a demand problem. And we have a demand problem because the vast majority of consumers – aka workers – are not earning enough to pay for healthcare, education and retirement, let alone all the other stuff stores and service providers have to sell. 
The reality is that we're hollowing out the middle class by wiping out well-paid jobs with benefits and replacing them with low-wage ones that often lack them. That's damaging not only to people who are living on smaller paychecks – or who are indeed unemployed – but also to the health and viability of the overall economy.
Obama: Top tax rate for corporations should be 28%, but 40% for small businesses ~ link ~ Screw the little guy but take care of Wall Street!   When will the American sheeple wake up???   Stirling     
Bank of England: 1,200 TONS OF GOLD MISSING and the Bank 'says no comment' ~ link ~  It was just here a few days ago...really...we mush have misplaced it...really...NOT!   Stirling    
Peugeot reports a Euro 426 million loss for first half of 2013 ~ link ~ WOW ... good thing we are in a "recovery" and not a recession or worse yet a "depression"!  Right!   Stirling   
44 Facts about the death of the Middle Class that every American should know ~ link ~ What is America going to look like when the middle class is dead?  Once upon a time, the United States has the largest and most vibrant middle class in the history of the world.  When I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was "middle class" and it was very rare to hear of someone that was out of work.  Of course life wasn't perfect, but most families owned a home, most families had more than one vehicle, and most families could afford nice vacations and save for retirement at the same time.  Sadly, things have dramatically changed in America since that time.  There just aren't as many "middle class jobs" as there used to be.  In fact, just six years ago there were about six million more full-time jobs in our economy than there are right now.  Those jobs are being replaced by part-time jobs and temp jobs.  The number one employer in America today is Wal-Mart and the number two employer in America today is a temp agency (Kelly Services).  But you can't support a family on those kinds of jobs.  We live at a time when incomes are going down but the cost of living just keeps going up.  As a result, the middle class in America is being absolutely shredded and the ranks of the poor are steadily growing.  The following are 44 facts about the death of the middle class that every American should know...
Four in Five Americans economically insecure ~ link  
Homeland Security preparing for 2nd Revolution and Economic Collapse ~ link 
Why are the Chinese gobbling up real estate and businesses in Detroit? ~ linkSomething very strange is happening to Detroit.  Once upon a time, it was the center of American manufacturing and it had the highest per capita income in the United States.  But now the city is dying and the Chinese are moving in to pick up the pieces.  Lured by news stories that proclaim that you can buy homes in Detroit for as little as one dollar, Chinese investors are eagerly gobbling up properties.  In some cases, this is happening dozens of properties at a time.  Not only that, according to the New York Times “dozes of companies from China” are investing in businesses and establishing a presence in the Detroit area.  If this continues, will Detroit eventually become a city that is heavily dominated by China? 
 At this point, not too many others appear interested in saving Detroit.  Right now, there are approximately 78,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit and about one-third of the entire city is either vacant or derelict.  People have been moving out in droves and there are only about 700,000 residents left.

Obama spent $4 TRILLION on stimulus with no real result - America is quickly approaching another catastrophic economic collapse ~ link

Constitutional amendments prepare authoritarian rule in Japan ~ link ~ A return to the bad days of the past!   Stirling    
You can lead a sheep to knowledge but you can't make it think ~ link 
Were children smarter a century ago?  Tests for eight graders in Kentucky dated 1912 ignites debate over kids intelligence today ~ link ~ You need to read this article and check out the tests!  Actually, the answer is in two parts: Many children have had their IQ lowered due to Fluoridated Water and assorted other chemicals in their diet/environment. Additionally, there has been a strong but stealthy program to 'dumb down' the population by the globalists over the past few decades.  When I earned my M.A. degree, I felt that I finally had the equivalent of a good B.A. degree from a decade before.  Stirling       
China issues heat alert as 'hottest July' hits Shanghai - with video ~ linkTemperatures in parts of China have hit record highs, prompting an emergency level-two nationwide heat alert for the first time.
 In Shanghai, at least 10 people have died from heatstroke, as the city experiences its hottest July in 140 years, reports say.

Over 10 die of heatstroke in "hottest Shanghai summer" ~ link ~ link ~ Temperatures in Shanghai surpassed 39 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the 8th straight day for temperatures to rise above 38 degrees Celsius, the Shanghai Meteorological Center said.

In an eye-catching demonstration of the hot weather, a reporter from a Shanghai TV station successfully barbecued pork slices on outdoor marble in just ten minutes.

Ten die of heatstroke in Shanghai ~ link 

Parts of China caught in heatwave ~ link

China issues heat advisory as soaring temperatures leave ten dead ~ link 

Record Cold hits Chicago ~ link  

Arctic Ice Growth Since 1971 ~ link  

Unprecedented July cold ends the Arctic's shortest summer on record ~ link

The "return" of the woolly mammoths ~ link

Broccoli ~ link ~ Next time your child asks why they have to eat broccoli, you can give them the reason – thanks to scientists who made people eat it every day for three months.

They discovered that a chemical found solely in the vegetable helps maintain the health of the tiny ‘batteries’ which power the body’s cells. 

Jetman flies with B-17 - with photos and video ~ link 

China will soon face Arc of USAF F-35s and other fighters and bombers ~ link

India's unmanned stealth bomber revealed - video ~ link ~ This is a nuclear strategic bomber!  The use of unmanned aircraft with satellite data up/downlinks does change the nature of global strategic warfare, as well as non-nuclear and tactical warfare.  Stirling  

Russia's Sixth-Generation jet fighter concept - video ~ link ~ This is many years away but an interesting concept nevertheless.   Stirling   

Boeing's Sixth-Generation fighter concept - video ~ link

Top 10 best Fifth-Generation fighter projects - video ~ link

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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin

30 July 2013

Syria Army continues mop-up operations across the country  ~ linkThis makes it a very dangerous time for the Middle East and the entire world.  Why, well Syria is a back door to war with Iran, and the western/Mosssad/GCC foreign mercenaries are NOT up to the task of winning or coming close to winning a war against Assad's Syria, which was suppose to trigger a broader war with with Iran and Lebanon.  If the western/Israeli/GCC alliance is to trigger a General Middle East War by using Syria, they need to act soon while they still have forces inside of Syria.  Stirling   

Waging the Battle of Syria ~ link Western-sponsored death squads invaded Syria. Assad's wrongfully blamed for their crimes. He's battling to save his country. He doing so responsibly. He's doing what every leader would do. Defeating foreign invaders matters most. The vast majority of Syrians support him. He's their last line of defense
Obama "must now decide very quickly whether Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers should be allowed to win the Syrian 'civil' war or" jump in to stop him.

Breaking News: Bradley Manning is found NOT GUILTY of Aiding The Enemy but GUILTY on other charges ~ link ~ link ~ link 

America: A country in its final death throes ~ linkWhat was once a great country has turned in to a maggot infested, unrecognizable carcass of its former self.

Leading economist says US National Debt is actually $86.8 TRILLION ~ link ~ Do keep in mind that such debt is actually PROFIT to the global banksters who own the Federal Reserve System!  That is why their bought-and-paid-for political whores get us in countless wars and dream up social welfare systems that make matters worst while costing untold billions or trillions in the process.  Our Federal Government is a giant scam to feed the 8 families who own the Fed!   Stirling   

Greece has already spent 75% of its bank bailout cash ~ link ~ Money down a banksters rathole while destroying the Greek nation.   The people of Greece should not allow this crap to continue.   Stirling    
Eurozone taxpayers and the IMF are left wondering what their bailout funds have been spent on in Greece. The Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) has spent EUR38bn (or 75% of its total) bolstering the capital of Greece's four biggest banks (and winding down eight small lenders). The EUR50bn fund looks set to be drained further  - despite the banks comments that costs have been cut, funds raised, and assets sold - as non-performing loans continue to surge. About a quarter of all loans are non-performing and that share is likely to increase as the country's six-year recession, which has wiped out over a quarter of the economy, shows little sign of abating. Have no fear though, since stress tests will be carried out later this year to establish whether Greek banks have more capital needs. Of course the key question is - just where were these rescue funds diverted within the bank shells.

Largest Fast Food Walkout begins in 7 US cities ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  People are getting desperate.  They can't find jobs except low paying part time jobs that they simply cannot survive on.  Stirling     

Ireland: No More Austerity (and Dump the Euro) ~ link ~ Austerity is simply Rothschild poison administered to an entire nation.   Stirling    

The Important Things that we don't have money for, and the Crazy Things we do have money for ~ linkIn an age of "belt tightening" and "budget cuts", you would think that government officials would be trying to spend our money wisely.  Unfortunately, when it comes time to cut spending our politicians tend to do everything that they can to protect their own interests and their own pet projects, but they don't seem to mind implementing cuts that deeply hurt military families, the poor and the elderly.  The facts that you are about to read will likely upset you very much.  The federal government and our state governments are wasting money in some of the most ridiculous ways imaginable.  Meanwhile, we are being told that we don't have any money for a lot of really important things.  Our hard-earned tax dollars are being horribly mismanaged, and the American people deserve to hear the truth about this gross negligence.

US Senate Majority Whip: FISA Court is 'Fixed' and 'Loaded' ~ link It is also unconstitutional and opposed to everything that America is suppose to be about.   The very idea of a secret court with secret judges and secret trials is anti-American to the MAX!!!   Stirling   

Detroit Cops arrested for robbing drivers at gunpoint - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ American is becoming a dangerous violent lawless Third World nation!!!  Stirling     

Society poisoning itself ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one at the link.   Stirling    

Entire Pacific Ocean Radioactive - Getting Worse - video ~ link  

Water (H2O) powered car ~ link ~ Don't hold your breath.  The same families who own the central banks own Big Oil and have no intention of allowing free or near free energy.  I personally know of one case where such a technology was bought off at a great sum of money in order to bury the technology.  There are many such cases where the people are either bought off, scared off, or killed off.   Stirling    

 12 year old girl discovers ALL US Presidents related except one ~ link ~ This is an old story that I found on a current site, so I decided to link it again.  This girl has done a good job of research.  Generally, most stories about US Presidential ancestry come from Burke's Peerage in London, the firm that I was Scottish Editor of years ago.   Stirling    

Wikipedia increasingly being recognized as source of disinformation and propaganda ~ link ~ I do NOT trust Wikipedia or the so-called "experts" that oversee it.   Stirling     

There are a number of links that I have wanted to post about the continuing global weather changes and also about the rise in volcanic activity.  The following are some of these links: 

Siberia Heat: Did the Arctic Region break a heat record? ~ link

Black Sunday: 7 Killed as powerful winds lash coastal beaches of France ~ link   

Is this July? Sioux City breaks low temp record for 2nd day in a row ~ link  

Antarctic Sea Ice headed for new all-time record ~ link

Cold claims fourth victim in Paraguay ~ link   

US temperatures to drop 20 degrees below July averages ~ link ~ I was out on the Ohio River the other day and I was cold ... something that just doesn't happen in southwestern Indiana in July!  Stirling    

Brazil - Snow in over 80 cities - Roads and schools closed ~ link

Record low temperatures in Chile as fresh snow falls in the Andes ~ link  

South America in massive deep freeze ~ link  

Merapi erupts  - Ash column reaches 13,000 feet (3,962 m) ~ link

Frost Advisory for Minnesota ~ link 
Kentucky - Record low temps on the menu ~ link 

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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE
Holy Shroud of Turin
29 July 2013
Syrian Army retakes key Horms district - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ linkThose that want to use Syria as the backdoor to a war with Iran know that their option to doing this is about to end.  That the so-called "rebels", the foreign mercenaries, are being defeated right and left by the Syrians fighting for their land, their nation, and their people.  If the globalist/Zionist forces are to use Syria to start a war with Iran, and from that World War III, they need to act yet this summer.  There are powerful forces acting behind the scenes on both sides of this issue...time will tell...but this is a most serious thing...likely to determine our near future.   Stirling
Israel in yet another IAF attack on Syrian missiles ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Just two weeks after it came to light that Israel attacked a Russian missile compound in Syria in an act that may have been related to the massive 160,000 troop Russian ‘combat ready’ drill, new reports have surfaced that Israel has once again bombed Syrian missiles via Israeli air force jets.   

Reports coming in from Arutz Sheva (Israeli National News) detail the latest attack by Israel, this time hitting trucks that were said to be carrying Syrian missiles headed for a Hizbulla warehouse in Lebanon. The story then goes on to cite other sources, such as the Voice of Israel radio service and Israel’s i24 News. Another Israeli publication, ‘Israel Hayom’ is also now reporting that the Syrian rebel’s Facebook page Facebook “claims [the] convoy carried warheads for long-range missiles.”

Questions for the Corporate Media and Politicians ~ link ~ Good take the time to read these all a the link.  Stirling   
Obama hails Middle East talks, waring of 'hard choices' ~ link ~ Israel does not intend to give up any land and does intend to continue to steal more land from the Arabs.  The only real 'hard choice' is that for the rest of the world to make to force Israel to act as a responsible nation ... don't count on that happening!    Stirling    
Israel and Palestine back to negotiating table after 3 year stalemate ~ link 
MSNBC host says newborn infants don't count as 'alive' unless parents decide they do - Infanticide is the 'New Abortion' ~ link ~ We are in a Spiritual War that overcaps all other things.  This is an example of the great evil that the globalist forces are pushing.  It is pure demonic...the deliberate murder of the most innocent and helpless of all human livesStirling    
Ready for World War III with China? ~ linkWith the constant drumbeat that Armageddon is imminent, it is easy to dismiss the geopolitical threats that pose a realpolitik danger. The prospects that definite weapons of mass destruction will engulf the planet in a nuclear winter are upon us once again. After the collapse of the Soviet evil empire, the Reagan – Gorbachev d├ętente provided the world with one of its last hopes for restoring rational international relations. Regretfully, the last superpower used the defeat of the Marxist model of tyranny to impose their Pax American version of a global New World Order. The military machine of NATO, furnished with DARPA technology, would implement the NeoCon policy based upon the interest of the true masters behind the kosher approved empire.
General Sisi pushing Egypt into Civil War ~ link ~ And who benefits from that???   Stirling    
Supporters of Morsi have called for a million-man march on Tuesday, despite warnings of decisive action by authorities.
Bank of Cyprus depositors to lose 47.5% of savings ~ link 
Italian Prime Minister: Greece austerity measures deepened European recession ~ link ~ No kidding ... of course austerity is making things a LOT WORSE ... any damn fool can see that except the lying mainstream news media and the political whores for the global banksters!   Stirling   
Are we investing or are we just dodging thieves? ~ link ~  Good question!  Anymore, investing is mostly trying to dodge the high level thieves!   Stirling   

80% of all US adults face near-poverty, unemployment - survey says ~ link ~ linkFour out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream. 
 Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the trend.
What does Heart Surgery really cost, and why is it 70 times more expensive in the USA?  ~ link ~ The system of health care, from doctors, to the pharmaceutical  manufactures, to hospitals, to nursing homes, to insurance companies, etc., has become a totally corrupt scam, where effective treatments are withheld and grossly overpriced frauds are inflicted on the public.  Then the perpetrators use the legal system to sue the victims when their insurance companies refuse to pay for all the outrageous and unnecessary charges.  The majority of all people in America who go bankrupt do so because of medical bills, and the majority of these HAVE health insurance.  Obama Care will NOT improve things but is apt to destroy what is left of the American economy.  This is what happens when the people act as sheeple and allow the worst crooks in the world to rule over them!   Stirling      

The Coming Shortage of Physical Gold That Will Change Everything ~ link ~ All part of the New World Order Endgame/End Times that we are in now.   Stirling     

Is the paper gold scam about to be brutally crushed by a crippling shortage of physical gold?  If so, what will that do to global financial markets?  According to the Reserve Bank of India, “the traded amount of ‘paper linked to gold’ exceeds by far the actual supply of physical gold: the volume on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) OTC market and the major Futures and Options Exchanges was OVER 92 TIMES that of the underlying Physical Market.”  In other words, there is a massive amount of paper out there, but very little actual physical gold to back it up.  And right now, we are witnessing voracious hoarding of physical gold all over the globe.  This is especially true in Asia.  Just see this article and this article.  All of this hoarding is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on those that have made all of these “paper promises”, because the truth is that there really isn’t all that much physical gold on the planet.  In fact, Warren Buffett once estimated that if all of the gold in the entire world was brought into one place, it could be formed into a cube that would only be 69 feet long by 69 feet high by 69 feet wide.
As the emerging shortage of physical gold becomes increasingly apparent, the massive Ponzi scheme that the bullion banks have been running for decades is going to completely fall apart.  The following is what Egon von Greyerz told King World News the other day…
Is the Emptying of Comex' Silver Vaults NEXT on the Agenda? ~ linkAs the Comex gold has recently gotten depleted at an unprecedented pace with total gold holdings plunging to 2006 levels, not to mention JPM's gold inventories plunging to record lows with just over 1 tonne of physical eligible gold left, one question has emerged and is so far unanswered: where has this gold moved to? For the answer, look east. This is the topic of GoldCore's recent paper titled appropriately enough, "As the crisis deepens, gold flows east." It is also the topic of our long-running series showing gross Chinese gold imports from Hong Kong. But of course, the real story here is that the "West" floods itself with paper representations of gold (leading to such market perversions and shortage-based dislocation as the longest stretch of negative gold GOFO rates in history), the "East" is seeking to fill up all those gold vaults opened up in the past two years with as much gold as possible.
The Federal Reserve is bailing out Foreign Banks  ... more than the American People or Economy ~ link ~ The Federal Reserve System is owned by mostly foreign global bankers!!!  Stirling    
7 Charts that prove the Stock Market has become completely divorced from reality ~ link ~ The End Is Near!!!   Stirling    
The mainstream media would have us believe that the U.S. economy must be in great shape since the stock market has been setting new all-time record highs this month.  But is that really true?  Yes, surging stock prices have enabled sales of beach homes in the Hamptons to hit a brand new record high.  However, the reality is that stock prices have not risen dramatically in recent years because corporations are doing so much better than before.  In fact, the growth in stock prices has been far, far greater than the growth of corporate revenues.  The only reason that stock prices have been climbing so much is because the Federal Reserve has been flooding the financial system with hundreds of billions of dollars that it has created out of thin air.  The Fed has created an artificial stock market bubble that is completely and totally divorced from economic reality.
Meanwhile, everything is not so fine for the rest of the U.S. economy.  Economic growth projections have been steadily declining over the past two years, and the growth rate of personal income in the United States has been on a huge downward trend since 2008.  The U.S. economy actually lost 240,000 full-time jobs last month, and the middle class continues to shrink.

Riots follow Cambodian elections as opposition rejects results ~ link  
 'Who am I to judge?'  Pope Francis refuses to condemn gay priests and says their sins should be forgiven and forgotten ~ link ~ link ~ linkGod loves all people including gays.  However, with up to 60% of Catholic priests being gay it is up to the Pope to do something.  It appears that this Jesuit pope is doing something ... He is institutionalizing and giving official approval to all the gays in the priesthood without ending celibacy!  This is a historic and great disaster and I do not, for even one minute, think that it is anything but something sinister and evil.  The globalist/Illuminati attack on the Roman Catholic Church from within has now reached a new level of success.  Shameful in the extreme.   Stirling   

Who voted in Congress to Defund the NSA Domestic Spying Program and Who didn't ~ link ~ Detailed list and map ~ link 
The American Surveillance State Is Here: Can it be Evaded? ~ linkA byproduct of this new age in which we live, whether you’re walking through a store, driving your car, checking email, or talking to friends and family on the phone, you can be sure that some government agency, whether the NSA or some other entity, is listening in and tracking your behavior. As I point out in my new book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, this doesn’t even begin to touch on the corporate trackers that monitor your purchases, web browsing, Facebook posts and other activities taking place in the cyber sphere.
  The revelations by Edward Snowden only scrape the surface in revealing the lengths to which government agencies and their corporate allies will go to conduct mass surveillance on all communications and transactions within the United States.
UK Internet 'Porn Censor' to also block "Conspiracy Theories" ~ link ~ linkMy experience in dealing with British politicians at the very highest levels is that they are even more corrupt that most American politicians and that is really saying something!!!  Stirling     
Planet for Sale: The New World Agricultural Order - video ~ link  
The AIDS virus was created artificially ~ link ~ I have said this for years.  Stirling     
The timeless elegance of Jackie Kennedy's White House - video ~ link  ~ The Kennedys were not perfect but America and the world lost a great deal when the globalist/Zionist criminals ended JFK's presidency!!!   Stirling    
Mysterious NASA video of Saturn reveals impossible six-sided cloud pattern larger than planet Earth ~ link ~ Do go to this site and check it out.   Stirling