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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


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8 December 2013 

On Monday, I will be at the funeral home most of the day.  On Tuesday, my mother will be buried.  So there will be few if any updates the next couple of days.  Sorry.  Tim Earl of Stirling   

US to maintain 35,000 troops in Gulf region says US Defense Secretary ~ link ~ This is one of the 'hidden costs' of being the 'protector' of other words being controlled by the Zionists and global banksters.  America has over 700 foreign military bases and over 102 million working age citizens without jobs and a massive number underemployed!!! Stirling   

Obama: Chances for Final Iran Nuclear Deal is only 50-50 or less ~ link ~ So what is really going on here.  Sometimes I think that Obama is like a weather vein, turning one way when the 'wind' is blowing hard against starting WWIII, and turning the other way when the 'wind' is blowing hard to begin WWIII.  The Iranians have a massive advanced biowar based Doomsday Weapons System that can kill a third or so of all humans on Earth.  If they see their nation going down to the Zionists/globalists demons, they will not hesitate to 'return the favor'.  That is what Doomsday weapons and MAD (mutually assured destruction) is all about!!!  Remember this when the AIPAC controlled political whores and the globalist/Zionist mainstream news media demand more sanctions and military action against Iran!!!  Stirling 
Scientists insist that Iraq WAS NUKED by USA ~ link ~ I wonder just how many small nukes have been used in war since 1945!  The 911 False Flag attack involved one or more Fourth or Fifth Generation micro-nukes.  The Israelis have used several devices recently in Syria.  We likely used a few in the Second Gulf War.  The Israelis likely used one in Indonesia.  And some serious experts feel that one to several were used to create the earthquake/tidal wave that caused the mess in Fukushima (most likely source was Israel).  These crazy evil bastards just have a compulsion to kill and especially to use their latest 'toys' to kill big time!  And the people of the world are allowing the worst demonic trash in the world to take us all down the road to Armageddon!  Stirling    
US Congress may throw wrench into Iran nuclear deal ~ link ~ In September, we came very close to starting the Third World War, but the UK House of Commons voted NO, and it became clear that the US Congress really did not want to destroy everything for the crazy bastards bribeing them.  However, with the passage of time, and of a lot of money to the right people, we seem headed back to the same spot that we were in, back in September.  Get ready to fight the same battles all over again, as the forces of Hell itself have not given up and have regrouped and are once again leading the charge for Armageddon!!!  Stirling     
Israeli 'purchase' of advanced German naval destroyers threaten Eastern Mediterranean Gas Fields ~ link ~ Also see: Six Million Ships ~ link ~   The Netanyahu Zionists and global banksters are the greatest threat to human life and existance on this planet!   Stirling     

South Korea expands its Air Defense Zone in row with China ~ link ~ South Korea has announced it will expand its air defense zone in a move that could raise regional tensions with China. The new zone encroaches on air space that Beijing had previously claimed, sparking outrage from its Asian neighbors. 

 The South Korean government said that the new zone will come into effect December 15, AFP reported. The area included in the defense zone will encompass the Ieodo submerged rock formation that China calls Suyan. 

 Chinese ships are sailing near disputed islands claimed by Japan ~ link
One Palestinian child has been killed by Israel, on average, every 3 days for the past 13 years ~ link ~ If this was ANYWHERE ELSE BUT ISRAEL it would NOT be allowed!  Why do we allow these racist nuts to use their money to bribe our "leaders" to go along with such evil and use American and Western money to commit such crimes???   Stirling    

US federal prison population grows 27% in 10 years ~ link ~ America has more prisoners, per population, than any nation on Earth!  That is not only shocking and horrific, for a nation that prides itself as being "The Land of the Free", but it is a really bad indication as to where we are being driven by the NWO trash!!!   Stirling    
Anti-fracking clashes in Romania as activists break into Chevron site - with photos and video ~ link ~  Fracking should be made illegal throughout the world as it is VERY DANGEROUS to life forms, including humans!  Stirling    
Hundreds of protesters have broken into a Chevron site after the US oil giant resumed its search for shale gas in northeast Romania. RT’s Lucy Kafanov reports from the scene, where clashes ensued as riot police started streaming in.
Genetic mutated plants KILL PEOPLE ~ link ~ GMO is not just about profits at any and all cost to humans.  It is about being one of many on-going "population reduction programs" by the global elite.  That is a scary fact that most people either do not understand or prefer to remain willfully ignorant about!!!   Stirling     

Today's Chicken: A Sickening Solution ~ link ~ As much as possible, as much as you can afford, start NOW with eating an organic diet.  But only if you want stay alive and avoid the horrors of cancer/etc.  Stirling  

Supermarkets selling chicken that is nearly a fifth water ~ link 

So if 30,000 People within 50 Miles of Your House Starve To Death ~ link ~ Please do take the time to read this one at the link!   Stirling       

Cops and cars on fire as protesters throw Molotov Cocktails in Athens ~ link ~ Notice how the level of violence in Europe is slowly increasing.   Stirling   

Ghost of 1929 Re-appears - Pay attention to the signals ~ link 

Icelanders overthrew their government and rewrote their constitution after banking fraud - Not covered by US mainstream news media ~ link ~ They don't want the population to realize what it can really do!  Stirling    

Majority of poor Britons HAVE JOBS ~ link ~ Near slave level incomes however!  Stirling    

Inequality has put 100 million Americans below proverty line ~ link

Obama prepared to drop jobless benefits as part of budget deal ~ link  

Thailand Unrest: Opposition MPs pledge to resign in mass - with video ~ link ~ The puplic is not too found of the globalist whores that are running their nation into the ground!  At least they are doing something about it!   Stirling    

Bangkok: Mass mobilizaton against Wall Street backed regime ~ link

Geoengineered snow storms wreaking havoc around the globe ~ link

Something you typically see in January or February ~ link

Playing ice hockey on the streets of Dallas ~ link

Blizzard shuts down over 450 roads in Turkey ~ link

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