Thursday, December 5, 2013

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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


5 December 2013
Second Update

Two killed as gales wreak havoc in UK ~ link ~
Britain is bracing itself for the worst storms in more than 60 years after initial 100-mph winds lashed parts of the country, leaving two people dead and thousands evacuated.

Some 10,000 families in coastal areas urged to leave their homes over fears of devastating tidal surges, while the winds also caused travel chaos and left 100,000 homes without power. 

Motorists were warned not to travel due to "extremely dangerous" road conditions and Scotland's entire rail network was suspended.  

European storm and tidal surge cause evacuations and travel chaos ~ link ~ A major storm has hit northern Europe, leaving at least four people dead or missing, causing transport chaos and threatening the biggest tidal surge in decades. Dozens of flights were cancelled or delayed in the Netherlands, Germany and Scotland, while rail services were shut down in several countries. One of Europe's longest bridges - connecting Sweden to Denmark - closed.

Turkey: Due to severe cold, lakes, streams and rivers have turned to ice fountains ~ link 

Worst cold surge in 60 years in UK - 100,000 homes cut off from electricity ~ link 

Grand Junction, Colorado shatters snowfall record ~ link

Giant ice storm freezes half of the US: Millions battle snowfall and terrible conditions as temperatures hit -40 F in some places ~ linkThe storm has delivered heavy snow to the Rockies and upper Midwest. From Thursday into Friday, the southern Plains and the Ohio Valley will be the worst hit by snow and ice. Icy blasts are making road conditions treacherous for drivers across western regions of the U.S.

Vice-President Biden: America and China in 'very direct' Air Defense Zone talks - with video ~ link
Speaking after meetings with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Mr Biden said the zone had caused "apprehension" in Asia.

Talks in Mr Biden's Asia trip have been dominated by a new air zone declared by China, which covers islands controlled by Japan in the East China Sea.

Biden-Xi meeting fails to resolve East China Sea crisis ~ link 

Foreign mercenaries in Syria move 12 abducted nuns from Maaloula to rebel-held towns ~ link ~ What brave men, kidnapping 12 defenseless nuns!!!  This is American, French, British, etc. tax dollars at work!!! Call/write you congressmen/MPs!   Stirling   

UK Chancellor announces fresh austerity measures - with video ~ link ~ No one seems to be attacking the very idea of forcing austerity upon the citizens during a Global Depression.   This makes NO DAMN SENSE; Depressions are when you increase public spending to get people back to work and to help those out of work to survive!   Stirling    

Fast food workers in 100 US cities walk off the job in protest for higher wages ~ link ~ They cannot live off the tiny wages that these corporate monsters pay them!!!   Stirling       

What does it take to be Middle Class today? ~ link ~ Good take a minute to read this one at the link.  Stirling    

Hot girl knows her rights with cops - Tells off US Border Patrol Officers - video ~ link ~ Hot and smart!   Stirling   

Sandy Hook Logistics - video ~ link  

Pope Francis sets up Vatican child sex abuse committee ~ link ~ I will believe that they are serious when celibacy is ended, and only then!   Stirling   

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Dear Lord Stirling,

Nelson Mandela is dead.

He was in prison for quite a long time.
Why didn't they kil him?

Who was behind this coup?

I am sure, the Rothschilds opposed his execution. They knew, right from the start, that they would need him in the future.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany