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5 December 2013 

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Eloise (Hoefling) Alexander


Eloise (Hoefling) Alexander
Evansville, Indiana
Eloise (Hoefling) Alexander, 93, of Evansville passed away Monday December 2, 2013 at Golden Living Center - Brentwood.
Eloise is survived by her sons, Tim and Greg Alexander; daughter, Jill Gonterman (Richard) all of Evansville.
Visitation will be from 2 -8 pm Mon. Dec. 9 at Ziemer Funeral Home East Chapel, with a Funeral Mass at 10 am Tues. at Good Shepherd.
- See more at:
To my readers:  Thanks for all the messages of support and prayers on the death of my mother.  She will not be buried until Tuesday, December 10th, so my postings will be limited until after this date.  Tim Earl of Stirling    

French Lies for Israel ~ link ~ France, like the UK and USA, is controlled at the highest levels by the Rothschilds and their globalist ilk!  Good article, take the time to read it if you can.   Stirling    

Israel prepares new holocaust ~ link“American presidents are frightened that if Israel was pushed too far, against its own will, it would create mayhem in the reason. That’s not just guesswork on my part. I once had a very good long conversation with President Carter, when I was doing my secret Middle East peace initiative between Arafat and Peres. I met with Carter after he was out of office. You remember, early on in his first term, his only term, he did this great major deal with the Soviet Union. It was the Joint US-Soviet Declaration of Principles for Peace. And the whole world, the whole journalistic and commentators’ world, said ‘Maybe this is finally it. They’ve got the US and the Soviet Union prepared to do it (make peace in Palestine-Israel). The Arabs accepted it. Even Arafat accepted it for the PLO, though in substance it gave the Palestinians nothing. Who rejected it? Surprise, surprise: Israel. Now what happened was that Moshe Dayan, Israel’s one-eyed warlord, had crossed the floor from the Labor Party to join Begin’s coalition government and become his Foreign Minister. And when that Joint US-Soviet Declaration was published, Dayan went to the White House. And when he left it, the Joint US-Soviet Declaration had been torn up and replaced by a new Memorandum of Agreement between America and Israel. Now when I talked with Carter, I said to him, ‘Look, the common speculation is that Dayan played the usual game and said ‘Don’t go down that road Mr. President or you’ll never get a second term.’ And I said to President Carter ‘I don’t believe that; it was still quite early in your first term, and if you’d pulled it off, they might have even asked you to have a third term!’ And he said – and I’m not quoting him exactly – but he said I was right, to the extent that there was much more to it. And what he actually said was, that what Dayan said to him was, ‘Mr. President, my Prime Minister is mad. He’s quite capable of bombing the oil fields.’ So there are two great crosses, if you like, on the Oval Office desk. One is the Zionist Lobby’s influence; the other is the American fear of what an angry Israel might do in the region to cause mayhem and disrupt the global economy or whatever.”

“When I was doing my Mideast shuttle diplomacy, I had reason to keep Ezer Weizman informed. Although he was part of the Begin government, he loathed it and was trying to keep it from going totally bananas. And I had an appointment with him one day, to meet with him at 12 o’clock in the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv. And when I arrived, strangely the Ministry of Defense was very, very empty. Yes, it was lunchtime, so people were out strolling along the beach or whatever. But it still seemed to me very empty. At the desk they said to me, ‘The Minister’s not here at the moment. But he’s asked that you wait in his outer office. And about twenty minutes later, Ezer Weizman, Israel’s Defense Minister…I heard what sounded like weary steps coming up the stone steps to his office. And he stood in the doorway. He was quite a big man. And he leaned against the door, and he looked exhausted, and he said ‘shalom.’ Then he walked over to me, put his arm around my shoulder, walked me into his inner sanctum, and closed the door. He plunked himself into a chair, chucked his own feet on the desk, and motioned me to sit in the chair opposite. And I was sitting there looking at him…he seemed to be looking at me, but he was obviously looking right past me. And I said to him, ‘Ezer, you’ve obviously got a big problem on your mind.’ I imagined that maybe an Israeli plane had been hijacked or shot down. So I said, ‘Shall I make another appointment?’ And he said, ‘No, Alan, I’ll tell you why I’m late.’ He said: ‘I’ve just been checking out something.’ He said ‘This lunchtime, Sharon convened a meeting of many senior military officers, and they had signed a blood oath that in the event of any Israeli government withdrawing from the Occupied Territories, those who had signed the oath would take the men loyal to them, join forces with the settlers who would oppose the implementation of any withdrawal, and fight their own government to the death. Now when Ezer told me that story, he looked at me and he said: ‘Do you think Sharon would do that?’ And I said ‘Ezer, I’m a visiting goy! You’re Israel’s Defense Minister! What do YOU think?’ And he said: ‘Of course he would. He’s mad enough to nuke the entire fucking Arab world.’ Quote-unquote. So yes, there’s madness and madness.”

US Vice-President Biden backs Japan over China's Air Defense Zone ~ link ~ During his visit to Tokyo yesterday, US Vice President Joe Biden maintained the pressure on China over its declaration of an air defence identification zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea on November 23. After meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Biden reiterated that the US was “deeply concerned” by Beijing’s action, saying it had “increased the risk of accidents and miscalculation.” 

The Obama administration has seized on the Chinese ADIZ as a means of strengthening ties with its allies Japan and South Korea, as part of its “pivot” to Asia, aimed at encircling China and undermining Beijing’s influence throughout the region. Biden reaffirmed that the US was “steadfast” in its commitment to the US-Japan alliance, echoing statements by US officials over the past week that the US would side with Japan in any conflict with China.

Polish elite did NOT die in Smolensk crash in 2010 ~ link 

Defeated by the Taliban, Washington decides to take on Russia and China ~ link ~ Got to have enemies so that we can kill them and spend our money doing so ... or so the globalists and Zionists think!!!  Stirling   

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington quickly stepped into the place of Russia. The new countries were all broke, as was Russia at the time and, thus, helpless. Washington used NGOs funded by Washington and its EU puppets to create anti-Russian, pro-American, pro-EU movements in the former constituent parts of Soviet Russia. The gullible peoples were so happy to have escaped the Soviet thumb that they did not realize that they now had new masters.

It is a good bet that the Ukrainian protests are a CIA organized event, using the Washington and EU funded NGOs and manipulating the hatred of Ukrainian nationalists for Russia. The protests are directed against Russia. If Ukraine can be realigned and brought into the fold of Washington’s Empire, Russia is further diminished as a world power.

After the Humiliation of the last Papal visit to Israel ~ link 

Sandy Hook 911 calls released today - Some things don't make sense after listening to them - Link to recordings ~ link ~ The shootings, if they happened, of kindergarteners less than two weeks before Christmas was designed to drive people into supporting 'gun control'.  Instead the American population showed some sense and went on a gun buying and ammo purchasing spree.   Stirling    

Nix film contradicts Zapruder: More proof of JFK film fakery ~ link ~ If you still believe the old official government theory that a "lone shooter named Oswald did it" you are really really stupid!   Stirling   

Bill O'Reilly: The US dollar will collapse - with videos ~ link 

Warning: History tends to repeat itself - A huge market reversal is beginning ~ link ~ Long planned!  Stirling    

Detroit bankruptcy ruling paves way for nationwide attack on pensions ~ linkIn his ruling supporting Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, Rhodes explicitly sanctioned the gutting of the pensions of the city’s 23,500 retired municipal workers, overriding prohibitions against such cuts in the Michigan Constitution. Reading out a 90 minute summary of his ruling from the bench, Rhodes provided a pseudo-legal framework for a nationwide attack on the pensions of millions of firefighters, teachers, transit workers, and other public employees.

Rhodes crafted his ruling to serve as a precedent for city and state governments across the country to carry out a similar conspiracy against the working class as has been carried out in Detroit, using the federal bankruptcy courts to override state and local laws, and strip workers of retirement benefits earned in the course of years of public service.

USA: December could be most dangerous WINTER MONTH in 100 YEARS ~ link ~ Predicts three Snowmageddon periods in the USA this December.

'Polar Express' blast hits half the USA as millions are warned to prepare for the worst storm in a decade with temperatures dropping to -40 ~ link ~ This will have major negative effects on the American economy, the global economy, etc.   Stirling   

A wintry storm pushing through the western half of the country is bringing bitterly cold temperatures that prompted safety warnings for residents in the Rockies and threatened crops as far south as California.

The jet stream is much farther south than normal, allowing the cold air to push in from the Arctic and drop temperatures by 20 to 40 degrees below normal levels, AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Kines said on Tuesday.

Swedes warned to expect heavy snow and fierce winds ~ link 

Germans brace for MAJOR winter storm ~ link  

Enormous, brutal mass of arctic air threatens most of America ~ link  

Calgary pulls snowplows off their routes - Too dangerous for emergency operations ~ link   

'Massive' winter storm pounds southern Alberta - Not even winter yet! ~ link 

Longest November stretch below 40F in Dallas since 1976 ~ link  

Nov. 22, 1963: JFK shot in Dallas on a hot and humid day ~ link 

America: Some of the nation's largest cities hammered by snow ~ link  

Salt Lake City shatters old snowfall record ~ link  

America: Temperatures 40F to 50F BELOW AVERAGE ~ link ~ DAMN 

Earth's gravity altered by 2011 Japanese Tohoku earthquake (that caused the Fukushima tidal wave) ~ link ~ That earthquake did not have all the normal signatures of a real earthquake.  Some experts believe it to have been a undersea nuclear explosion/s that caused the earthquake and tidal wave and the resulting Fukushima global nuclear nightmare...and they blame Israel!!!  Stirling    

O’Reilly predicted that no matter how many people try to sound the alarm about where the nation is headed, most people are just too content with their lives to listen or care. O’Reilly opened with a very simple question: are the people to blame for the current state of the government?

New deaths from MERS virus reported in Gulf region ~ link  

This is how NSA is tracking you this instant ~ link ~ That little "entertaining" cell phone in your back pocket, which you are so addicted to thanks to all its apps, videos, messaging function and all other cool bells and whistles, that you can't possibly live without? It is simply the definitive NSA tracking beacon used to find where you are at any given moment. The following infographic explains how the NSA does just that... 

Report: Disguised Pope Francis sneaks out of Vatican for night charity patrols ~ link  ~ Interesting, very interesting!   Stirling   

Polish blogger Z pins the blame on Russian-controlled
Polish military intelligence. He says their political allies
investigated the crime and wrote the report. 
Z thinks
the passengers never left Warsaw.

 "There was no air crash; it was all a hoax. False flag. TV show. The real action was in Warsaw and it was a coup d'etat, whereby contrary to the constitution a new "president", totally loyal to Moscow, an ignorant buffoon and a patent idiot, was installed. Russian circus, my friend. That's what it was. A cross between a circus, an operetta and bloody murder, Bolshevista style." - See more at:

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