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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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21 December 2013
China denounces Japanese military strategy - with video ~ link ~ The rise of the modern China as a major economic power and the developing and unfolding regional war fears in the Pacific are NOT an accident, but part of a long-range strategy by the satanic Global Banking Cartel families to bring about World War III and the New World Order.  Get your affairs in order because 2014 shows many signs of becoming 'ONE HELL OF A YEAR'!!!   Stirling    
Pakistan to table anti-drone resolution at UN Rights Council ~ link ~ Yes, they are opposed to the US use of drone aircraft, and they should be, as many civilians have been killed by these aircraft. However, you don't see the Pakistan Air Force suing their American-made and Chinese-made fighters to shoot them down...that is because top Pak officials are PAID OFF to allow the drone strikes to continue.  Stirling     
Battle near Syrian chemical facility endangers disarmament process ~ link ~ The globalist/Zionist forces behind the so-called 'rebels' in Syria (really mostly foreign mercenaries) are determined to use Syria and Iran to kick-start World War III.  This is NOT over with, and they may yet get their way.  Pray for Peace!!!  Stirling   
US Congress passes $633 BILLION military spending bill ~ link ~ We have 102 million Americans of working age totally without jobs and many many tens of millions working only part time and/or underpaid jobs but we can affore to continue and even expand on our totally unnecessary overseas wars.  Only Satan and the central bankers profit from this nonsense.  Stirling    
Advocacy for a Third Temple ~ link ~ One sure fire way to start the Thrid World War!!!   Stirling     
Meet the American Hedge Fund Billionaire Who Could Start a 'Holy War' in the Middle East ~ link 
Israel opened the gates to two dams - Now Gaza is sinking ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  More "encouragement" for the Arabs to leave their lands and homes!  Stirling  
Making conditions worse, Israel opened two dams, releasing a torrent of water that inundated many homes. As their houses sank, some of my neighbors nearly drowned. Fortunately, rescue workers came to their aid.
All of this was not enough for Israel. Its soldiers have been shooting at civilians in the village of Khuza’a, to the east of my city. Unarmed residents, women and children, attempting to flee the flooded town, were driven back for fear of being shot.
- See more at:
UK loses out on the sale of 60 Eurofighters to the United Arab Emirates ~ link ~ The Brits need to look at it this way:  If the UAE rulers are pissed off that the UK House of Commons torpedoed an attack on Iran/a General Middle East War/WWIII this last September, that is just too bad!  If Netanyahu had started WWIII the British would never have profited from the sale of the Eurofighters anyway, as the world, including the UK, would have been mostly destroyed.  Stirling      
Are we just one False Flag away from genocidal internment of US citizens ~ link ~ Sadly, the answer is 'could be'!  Stirling    
Global secret surveillance has created 'delusionary nightmare' ~ link ~ Many political observers have asked, rhetorically, "What would malevolent dictators like Josef Stalin and Adolph Hitler have been able to 'accomplish' if they had access to the technology that exists today?"

As cruel and inhumane as they were to various demographics and their own populations, today's technology in the hands of such tyrants would have yielded much more savagery, without question.

One such political observer - Britain's Tom Stoppard, who has signed on to a letter demanding an international bill of digital rights - says the systems in use today to spy on citizens everywhere would have been the envy of such dictatorial men and governments.

Spain pushes for tough law on abortions, sparking "outrage" ~ link ~ Maybe those so "outraged" should consider that God may be outraged that little babies in their mother's wombs are killed as a matter of connivance!  God is always just and loving, but when He is outraged, look out because He is without limits to His divine power!   Stirling    
Finding the Christ in Christmas ~ link 
UK faces most severe youth enemployment crisis in decades ~ link ~ This is what happens when the Rothschilds and their Ilk control your nation!  Stirling   
7 Big Time Rip-Offs that the corporations and the 1% don't want you to know about ~ link ~ You should check this one out at the link.   Stirling   
UK retailers panic and slash prices amid low sales ~ link ~ Bad sign, really bad sign!  Stirling    

In 2014 the Economic Failure Begins! ~ link
The insiders are now preparing for the Economic Collapse - January could be a terrible month for stocks - with video ~ link   

The Spectacularly Frightening Reality As We Head Into 2014 ~ link ~ So if you look at total money created, he’s gone from $9 trillion to $21 trillion.  That’s an increase of 133%.  It’s absolutely astonishing.  And of course we know that the US cannot survive without the continuation of money printing.  Bernanke also presided over the US unemployment rate rocketing to well over 20%.

That unemployment problem is something the next Fed Chairman will have to deal with.  That’s why the Fed has now said that they will maintain rates at zero for as long as necessary.  They are not even going to stop if the phony unemployment rate reaches 6.5% -- they made that clear.
Manipulations Rule the Markets ~ link 
What Really Happened in the Ukraine ~ link ~ Excellent article, do take the time to read this one at the link.   Stirling    
Ukraine: NATO's Eastern Prize ~ link  
Russian loan more profitable for the Ukraine than the one from the IMF ~ link ~ Funny how the MSM 'forgot' to mention that!  Stirling   
Who Owns 'Your' Congressman? ~ link ~ Not the public, that's for damn sure!  Stirling    
TEPCO detects record radiation at Fukushima Reactor # 2 ~ link ~ The horrible mess at Fukushima is a prime example why the people of Earth must change the way power is handled, and who gets to use power.  Those currently in power in this world have done NOTHING to end this mess.  They are worthless when it comes to good government and are only motivated by greed, war, death, destruction and pure evil!   Stirling    
Currents carrying Fukushima radiation into Atlantic Ocean ~ link  
Frankincense fights cancer: Aromatic substance from the Nativity story could help treat ovarian tumors ~ link  
Texas issues influenza health alert ~ link ~ The above comments are from the bolded portions of a December 20, 2013 Influenza Health Alert from the Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services.  They were precipitated by widespread high levels of H1N1pdm09.  The warning on false negatives by the rapid test was likely linked to the “mystery disease” at the Conroe Regional Medical Center, which involved 8 patients (including 4 who had died) between the ages of 41-68 with text book swine flu symptoms who progressed to severe pneumonia and death but had tested negative on the widely used rapid test.

Two of the patients subsequently tested positive on a third party PCR test and samples from the other six patients were sent to the CDC for re-testing.  In addition, other patients, who had died last month were also H1N1pdm09 confirmed, suggesting that false negatives in H1N1pdm09 cases were common.
Explosion in Houston fatal H1N1 pdm09 cases expected ~ link ~ Test results returned Friday that showed the cause of death for three men, ages 45, 50 and 53, was the H1N1 influenza virus, said the agency's spokeswoman Tricia Bentley. One man died Nov. 28, another died the next day and the last man died on Dec. 9

In Harris County, hospital emergency room visits for flu-like symptoms are at a five-year high.

The above comments indicate there will be an explosion of H1N1pdm09 deaths the Houston area in the upcoming weeks.  Focus on severe flu was initiated by the 8 cases at the Conroe Regional Medical Center in Montgomery County (see map).  These cases had textbook swine flu symptoms, but tested negative on a rapid test, which has an extremely low sensitivity for H1N1pdm09.  Two cases have been confirmed using a more sensitive PCR test administered by an independent agency and the remaining cases are being re-tested by the CDC.  Swine flu accounts for almost all of the influenza being reported in Texas and nationwide, so physicians in Texas have been told to assume symptomatic cases are H1N1pdm09 infected, even if the rapid test is negative.
Before Broadway had its lights: Oldest picture of New York City shows famous theater street when it was home to a rustic rural estate ~ link ~ Some of my ancestors had 40 acres of farm land just 'outside' of NYC at the time of the revolution.  Now the Empire State Building and many others sit on it!   Stirling     
Chinese tycoon and son die when flying over his new purchase: A beautiful French castle ~ link ~ This was the most attractive French castle for sale for the past several years.  It is very strange that both he and the person that he purchase it from both died in this helicopter crash and the next previous owner had also died in a helicopter crash.   Stirling    
Did BEER create civilization?  Ancient man developed agriculture to brew alcohol, NOT to bake bread, says scientist ~ link ~ Could be. I remember all the crazy things that my friends and I did to get beer and booze when we were under 21!  Stirling  
Many Swedes want King to step down for Crown Princess Victoria ~ link 
A new Little Ice Age is beginning, but the public doesn't know about it ~ link  
Temperatures "appreciably to markedly" below normal in parts of India ~ link  
Winter storm could spell Christmas misery in parts of USA ~ link 
Lake Michigan ice a month earlier than usual ~ link  


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Dear Lord Stirling,

I have found this old article about M. Khodorkovsky (Yukos) in The Washington Times:

Arrested oil tycoon passed shares to banker
LONDON (Agence France-Presse) — Control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos have passed to renowned banker Jacob Rothschild, under a deal they concluded prior to Mr. Khodorkovsky’s arrest, the Sunday Times reported.(...)

Follow the money and you will understand the world as it is.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany

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