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19 December 2013 
Chinese security circles debate growing US war threat ~ linkA recent policy forum in Beijing highlighted the intense debate within China’s security and foreign policy circles over how to respond to the mounting US military build-up against China, and Washington’s encouragement of Japan to remilitarise.
The debate revealed divisions within the Chinese ruling elite. On one side are the so-called hawks, who argue for a hard-line stance to defend China’s regional influence, which has been seriously undermined by the US “pivot to Asia” to isolate and undermine China. On the other side, those who represent sections of business heavily dependent on Western trade and investment are more cautious. They warn that increasing Chinese nationalism could push China into a catastrophic war. Both sides, however, agree that the greatest threat to the regime is from within: a social revolt by the working class.

Japan and US squeeze China's Air Defense Zone ~ link ~ At a recently concluded summit with Japan in Tokyo, the 10 members of the Association of Southeast Asians (ASEAN) joined their host in thinly veiled criticism of China's newly declared air identification defense zone (ADIZ) for areas covering the East China Sea.

The ADIZ, announced by Beijing in late November, covers areas disputed with Japan and has been strongly rebuked by South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. Beijing has insisted the ADIZ is consistent with international laws and other countries' declared sovereign aerial space.

So if you can't join Rothkopf's Superclass ~ link ~ Good take a minute to read this one in full at the link.   Stirling

David Rothkopf wrote Superclass in 2008. It is about the 30 or so families and their 6,000 minions who are the New World Order. Rothkopf used to be managing director of Kissinger associates and is currently the editor of the Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Policy magazine.

I wrote previously of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology study which found that world trade was controlled by 147 corporations and that these companies owned each other’s stock and had interlocking Boards of Directors. The banking, insurance, mining and and oil companies are the base of the Superclass. 

These men run Foundations which have published studies over the past few decades. These Foundations hire professors who do Green Research and arrive at the conclusions the Uber Rich want. The people who think they own the government have concluded  that they would be better off if a few billion of the common people died. The future of you and your family depends on your ability to get your names written down in that Superclass list of survivors. 

Saudi Arabia torching the Middle East to kill diplomacy ~ link ~ Cunningham said the group behind the death of Iranian military staff shares “the same extremist religious beliefs as the Takfiri militants that Saudi Arabia is bankrolling and arming in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.”
“It is therefore reasonable to conjecture that the latest terror attacks to have hit Iran are being sponsored by Saudi Arabia. The intelligence, logistics and extremist ideology – in particular the venomous hatred towards Shia Islam – are consistent with Saudi control. An added factor is motivation,” he wrote.
The analyst stated that the Saudis are indeed “going it alone” to “drive the region over a precipice” in a desperate attempt to survive.

Last shoe yet to fall in North Korea ~ link ~ I am not so sure that Kim is 'in charge'.  He may be trapped by the military that has led a coup against his family and is now simply a 'front man' holding onto his life by his fingernails.   Stirling  

Putin: Additional sanctions against Iran counterproductive - with video ~ link ~ It is the 'counterproductive' effect that the Netanyahu Zionists and neocons want!  Stirling    

American senators introduce new Iran sanctions bill ~ link ~ 26 "Amerian" senators...all total whores for Zionist money and power!!!  Shameful to the max!  These bastards could get us all killed!   Stirling   

A number of American senators have introduced new legislation to impose further sanctions against Iran in order to disrupt the Geneva nuclear agreement. 

In a blatant move to oppose President Barack Obama’s request for not imposing fresh sanctions, 13 Democrats and 13 Republicans sponsored the new Senate bill on Thursday.

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. Robert Menendez and Sen. Mark Kirk wrote the bill, which proposes boycotting Iranian oil exports within a year and the blacklisting of Iran's mining, engineering and construction industries.

Under the Senate bill, more sanctions will be imposed if Iran breaches the terms of the Geneva deal and it calls for "diplomatic, military and economic support" to Israel in case Tel Aviv decides to launch an attack against Iran’s nuclear energy program.

The new legislation will put the Obama administration in peril because under the November 24 nuclear deal no new economic sanctions should be imposed for the duration of the six-month interim accord.

Last week, US Secretary of State John Kerry told senators that passing new sanctions legislation now would violate the interim deal with Iran.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif had warned that the agreement will be “dead” if the United States imposes additional sanctions.

“The entire deal is dead. We do not like to negotiate under duress. And if Congress adopts sanctions, it shows lack of seriousness and lack of a desire to achieve a resolution on the part of the United States,” Zarif said.

Putin says Iskander missiles not yet deployed near NATO borders ~ link ~ The Iskander missile flies much faster that a speeding bullet!   Stirling     

China vs USA 'sea-to-shining-sea' ~ link ~ It happened now and it will happen again: a near-collision between an American and a Chinese naval vessel in the South China Sea.

The USS Cowpens, a 10,000-ton guided-missile cruiser, got "too close" to a drill involving the Liaoning, China's first aircraft carrier, and its carrier task force, according to the Global Times.

Snowden: "These (NSA) programs were never about terrorism: they're about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation.  They're about power." ~ link ~ They are also anti-American, anti-human, anti-freedom, un-constitutional, and totally evil in nature!!!  Stirling   

NSA spying BLOWBACK continues - Boeing loses Brazil Jet order ~ link ~ First CSCO cited Government (NSA)-related cuts for its dismal results and now Boeing, considered the front-runner, has lost a $4.5 billion contract to provide jets to Brazil because, as officials exclaimed, "the NSA problem ruined it for the Americans." Sweden's Saab won the contract instead for 36 new fighters to be delivered by 2020. As Reuters reports, one U.S. source close to the negotiations said that whatever intelligence the spying had delivered for the American government was unlikely to outweigh the commercial cost of the revelations. "Was that worth 4 billion dollars?" the source asked.

Secrets of Putin's Success ~ link ~ Good One.  Stirling


Italy's president fears violent insurrection in 2014 ~ link ~ I suspect that this is by design, but it may not work out the way the globalists want.   Stirling  

EU technocrats reach soverignty crushing banking unions deal ~ link ~ EU finance ministers Wednesday reached a banking union accord which will hand Brussels unprecedented new powers to prevent failing banks from wrecking the economy, official sources said.

Russian Ukrainian Aid vs. US/EU neoliberal harshness ~ link ~ More on agreed on terms below. They’re polar opposite harsh US/EU demands. They’re exploitive. They assure harder than ever hard times.
They guarantee longterm debt bondage. They assure wrecking Ukraine’s economy for profit.

They mandate neoliberal harshness. They assure the worst of all possible worlds. They reflect neo-Malthusianism writ large.

Profits Uber Alles? ~ link ~ It sounded so wonderful—“globalization” this and “globalization” that—but what it ultimately was was closing American factories and exporting manufacturing jobs for the sake of improving ROI, and leaving the American economy a hollow shell.

The whole point of “globalization” was the improvement of ROI by way of reducing capital, and/or reducing production costs. How was capital reduced and production costs lowered? By closing factories in America, and exporting whole industries to Third World and developing countries so as to exploit the cheap labor there.

Today, there is no healthy civilian manufacturing in America. The only heavy industries that are thriving are the defense industries—which by law have to be in America. All other manufacturing jobs? Gone—globalization took ‘em all. The third driver of ROI maximization took ‘em away. The only jobs left for the American working classes are low-paying, low-skill service-related occupations—especially health care.

Former Top NSA Official: "We are now in a Police State" ~ link ~ YEP


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