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14 December 2013
China's Jade Rabbit rover rolls on to Moon's surface ~ link ~ Nothing shows the growing power of China and the weakening power of America as this.  The United States, at present, does not even have a launcher system to put humans into space!  But we have rich banksters and a well funded Israel!!!   Stirling   
The robotic vehicle rolled down a ramp lowered by the lander and on to the volcanic plain known as Sinus Iridum. Earlier on Saturday, the landing module containing the rover fired its thrusters to perform the first soft landing on the Moon since 1976. 

China becomes third nation to 'land on the Moon' ~ link ~ China landed an unmanned spacecraft on the moon on Saturday, according to state media. The event marks the first soft-landing on the moon in three decades, joining the USA and former USSR in achieving the feat.

China’s official Xinhua news agency reported that the spacecraft touched down in the Sinus Iridum, known as the Bay of Rainbows, at 9:11 p.m. after hovering over the moon’s surface for an unspecified few minutes, scouting out a suitable place to land. The subsequent soft-landing did not damage the craft, unlike a previous mission in 2007 when China sent a lunar probe to conduct a controlled crash into the moon’s surface.

Iran sends another money into space ~ link 

Ukraine President suspends Mayor of Kiev ~ link ~
The president of Ukraine has suspended his deputy security chief and Kiev's mayor over the police violence against protesters on 30 November. Prosecutors are investigating claims the two officials put pressure on Kiev's police chief to use violence.

Meanwhile tens of thousands have gathered in Kiev to show their support for President Viktor Yanukovych.

Provocations and EU's financial interests behind Ukraine protest says Russia's Foreign Minister ~ link ~ When 'push comes to shove' I doubt if Russia will simply stand by and allow the West to again gain control over the Ukraine.   Stirling  

Russia ‘has no doubt’ that ‘provocateurs with a long-prepared script’ lurk behind the mass protests in Ukraine. This position was voiced by Russian RM Sergey Lavrov in a TV interview, in which he criticized the EU’s greed and interventionism.

The scale of the ongoing protest is “incomprehensible” the Russian minister said on Saturday on the Rossiya 24 TV channel. Such a reaction would be understandable, for example, if Ukraine’s government had declared war on a peaceful foreign nation against the wishes of the people. But merely delaying signing the EU trade deal does not give good cause for it, Lavrov believes. “There is no doubt that provocateurs are behind it,” he said.

Analyst: US Senators kowtow to Israel on Iran ~ link ~ We have a Congress and an Administration that is largely controlled by Zionist interests and globalist interests.  They crap all over the American people and the US Constitution as a matter of day in, day out policy.  That is way beyond shameful!!!   Stirling   

Russia stations Iskander missile system along Polish border ~ link ~ One step closer to World War III and Armageddon!!!   Stirling    

Is war with China inevitable? ~ link ~ The Third World War is nothing that any sane person would want.  It is however very much in keeping with the historic trend of the satanic globalists' grand strategy.  The real battle here is spiritual, between the forces of God and those of the fallen Lucifer.  Stirling    

As a general rule, extreme economic decline is almost always followed by extreme international conflict. Sometimes, these disasters can be attributed to the human survival imperative and the desire to accumulate resources during crisis. But most often, war amid fiscal distress is usually a means for the political and financial elite to distract the masses away from their empty wallets and empty stomachs.

War galvanizes societies, usually under false pretenses. I’m not talking about superficial “police actions” or absurd crusades to “spread democracy” to Third World enclaves that don’t want it. No, I’m talking about REAL war: war that threatens the fabric of a culture, war that tumbles violently across people’s doorsteps. The reality of near-total annihilation is what oligarchs use to avoid blame for economic distress while molding nations and populations.
Because of the very predictable correlation between financial catastrophe and military conflagration, it makes quite a bit of sense for Americans today to be concerned. Never before in history has our country been so close to full-spectrum economic collapse, the kind that kills currencies and simultaneously plunges hundreds of millions of people into poverty. It is a collapse that has progressed thanks to the deliberate efforts of international financiers and central banks. It only follows that the mind-boggling scale of the situation would “require” a grand distraction to match.

IDF reshapes Reserve Army ~ link 

Clashes in Madrid as demonstrators rally against anti-protest bill ~ link ~ The bought-and-paid-for globalist whores in the Spanish Government will NOT be able to shut off protests as the plight of the Spanish people grows worst during the NWO roll-out/austerity fascism that the Global Banking Cartel is forcing on the people during the ever expanding Global Depression!   Stirling    

Spain 'won't have enough tanks': Catalonia to vote on independence and defy Madrid - with video ~ link ~ This is an effect of the globalist created Global Depression and its twin, Austerity Fascism.  Spain may be headed towards another horrific civil war!!! Stirling    

The Catalan regional parliament has set November next year for a referendum on the Spanish province’s independence. The government in Madrid blandly said the vote won’t happen, but activists wonder how it might be stopped.
Catalonia’s four pro-independence parties, which hold a majority in the regional parliament, announced Thursday that the rich industrial Spanish province will hold a referendum on whether to gain greater autonomy or even total independence from the country’s central government. The vote’s preliminary date is November 9, Catalan regional government head Artur Mas said. The people will be asked two questions: "Do you want Catalonia to be a state?" and "Do you want that state to be independent?"

'Pitchfork' protesters clash with police as Italy hit by week of anti-austerity rallies ~ link ~ The trend is towards increased violence as the masses begin to feel that 'they have had enough'.  This is NOT apt to end but is apt to grow over the next few months!  Stirling     

Protesters in several Italian cities have clashed with police amid anti-austerity protests which have lasted for almost one week. The so-called “Pitchfork” protesters are marching against cuts and calling for the government to resign.

Demonstrators hit Rome, Venice, and Turin on Saturday. Students threw paint bombs at police in Turin, which has been the epicenter of the protests. The city has seen the largest number of clashes with law enforcement, with officers using tear gas to disperse demonstrators who hurled stones. Turin protesters also blocked rail traffic and stopped trains at the city’s main stations. Truckers - protesting high taxes and fuel prices - and students brought traffic to a virtual standstill earlier this week. Activists pitched tents on a bridge across a river bordering France, near the town of Ventimiglia, forcing police to step in. City authorities ordered reinforcement from security forces.
'Once-in-a-century storm' send Gaza into a disaster area ~ link ~ Storm Alexa has been causing torrential downpours and heavy snowfall across Syria, Israel, Palestine, and even the deserts of the Sinai Peninsula for the past four days. Israeli meteorologists have deemed the storm the region’s worst snowfall since 1879.  
'Storm Emily' set to batter UK with 100 mph winds ~ link ~ Britain is set to be battered by fresh storms and high winds tonight, but it’s just a prelude to a possible new freak weather system that could bring 100mph winds and blizzards in the run up to Christmas, forecasters say.
 A so-called Storm Emily could wreak havoc across much of the UK beginning from the middle of next week, potentially toppling trees and tearing off roof tiles.

Rare snowstorm near Syria-Lebanon border brings havoc - Syrian refuges dying of cold ~ link 

Up to 16 inches of snow expected in Maine ~ link 

Huge snowstorm to span over 1,000 miles from St. Louis to Boston ~ link   

Tens of thousands without power in Jerusalem as unprecedented storm continues ~ link 

Cyprus - 20 communities cut off due to heavy snowfall ~ link  

Some winter survival tips from the USMC ~ link  
The Mugging of America - video ~ link  

Israeli-American judge "settles" ludicrous 9/11 lawsuit ~ link ~ The latest shoddy parody of a 9/11 lawsuit was “settled” yesterday in New York, where Judge Alvin Hellerstein ordered American Airlines to pay Cantor Fitzgerald half a billion dollars. The upshot: The right hand of the financial forces behind 9/11 will slip the left hand some chump change with a nod and a wink.
  The New World Order financial elite’s death-grip on American government and media is exemplified by its total control of all 9/11 litigation – and of all mainstream news stories “reporting” that litigation. Virtually all 9/11 litigation has been funneled into the courtroom of Judge Hellerstein, whose many ties to Israel were exposed by Ellen Mariani’s lawsuit last year. (Hellerstein slapped sanctions on Mariani’s attorneys for pointing out the obvious conflict of interest.)

Bedroom tax and housing shortage spark UK homelessness ~ link ~ Behind all of this, and the Global Depression, sits the evil Global Banking Cartel families with their satan worshiping and their unbounded greed and evil.  Stirling     
The report made it clear that six percent more Britons are sleeping rough in England, and 13 percent more in London alone in 2013. 

According to the report, a 10 percent rise has been registered in the number of those housed temporarily, including a 14 percent hike in the use of bed and breakfast accommodation. As demand outstrips supply across the country, the coalition’s welfare cuts are explicitly blamed for developing difficulties, which are the result of the high cost and shortage of housing.

Iceland jails bank bosses - video ~ link ~ Also see this article ~ link 

Periphernal Europe's New Normal: 50 applicants for one minimum wage job ~ link ~ WHY are the masses allowing the globalist trash to do this to them???  Stirling    

While it is arguable whether two instances of the same event are sufficient to indicate a pattern, when it comes to Europe under the New (feudal) Normal we are willing to make a generalizing extrapolation. Recall a week ago when we reported that hours after unleashing a campaign to hire 400 employees for its brand new megastore in the Mediterranean city Valencia, Ikea's servers in Spain promptly crashed after the company got at least 20,000 applicants (and possibly many more that would have registered had the system not experienced its Obamacare moment). The punchline here, of course, is not the dilapidated server infrastructure of Ikea - in a world in which nobody spends any growth CapEx any more that is to be expected - but that there were 20,000 applicants for what were effectively 400 minimum wage jobs, or, said otherwise: 50 candidates for each job. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the mythical recovery that Spain's premier Rajoy fabulates in people's minds on a daily basis. Needless to say, the 2% "success rate" of applicants means it is three times harder to get a minimum wage job in this European country than to get into Harvard. Today, we find the same 2% number in action once again, as if by magic, only this time relating to minimum wage job applicants in that other European basket case - Greece.

China's Shadow Currency ~ link ~ China’s economy is straining to keep up a semblance of its former growth rate. The surest sign is the way a shadow market in bank paper has evolved to substitute the commodity that China is increasingly running short of: cash.
Bankers are passing around their own ersatz currency, stimulating trade with what, in effect, are off-the-books loans. As in the wildcat currency era of the United States, the antebellum period before America had a national currency, this paper trades at a discount from province to province. It is increasingly used for speculative purposes, is potentially inflationary, and is hard to regulate. The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) has been unable or unwilling to crack down, lest it provoke a serious slowdown. But when the world’s second largest economy must resort to passing around IOUs, the financial community should take note.

Spanish Debt-to-GDP surges to New Record High ~ link 

Meet the Restaurant with the Five-Year Waiting List ~ link  

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Dear Lord Stirling,

I have found this frightening article on Paul Craig Roberts' site:

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Let's pray and hope that he is wrong.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

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