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12 December 2013
Quantum theory of the Super-Holographic Universe model proved correct ~ link ~ This is most important.  However, this article is very limited in its description of the Quantum Physics involved.  I like the Super-Holographic Universe Model but I go a bit further and see God as the 'point of orgin' and center.  Under the Super-Holographic Universe Model, time is not linear and all time within the Model is said to exist at once (or specifically: "All was is; all that is, is; and all that will be is" which is what Christianity says exists in Eternity in Heaven).  If you want some interesting reading, do a search on the Super-Holographic Universe Model.  Here are a sampling of videos on the subject ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link ~ link 
Three Men Who Said NO To Israel And Lived ~ link ~ This is a great article, please do take the time to read it all at the link.   Stirling     

President John Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King Jr. all said No to Israel and her wars but they did not live long. I would like to celebrate three men as heroes of the 21st century who resoundingly  said No to Israel and her wars and lived to tell about it. These men literally saved us from World War III.

The first of these men defeated the Israeli army in 2006 when Israel invaded Lebanon. ....  He had fewer than 3,000 regular fighters and some volunteers and 200 or so Iranian advisers. The President of Iran had a PhD in civil engineering and must have been of some support in the construction of those underground fortifications.

Hezbollah acquired anti-tank and anti-aircraft rockets from the Russians. The Israelis had been using their tanks against the civilians of occupied Palestine. Their tank crews had no combat experience against disciplined military units. And their main battle tank had not been fitted with additional armor required for fighting against armed men. The Israelis were used to killing unarmed men, women and children. During Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in 2009 the Israeli soldiers killed parents holding white flags in front of their children. But war crimes did not prepare them for fighting against armed men.

Hezbollah fired fewer than 4,000 rockets into Israel in the Lebanese war. The Israelis failed in their objective of seizing the Litani river. The Israeli army and civilians were stunned by the training and determination of the resistance. The Israelis had thought they won the war on the first day of their air campaign. They also thought they had taken out their opponent’s rocket force but on the last day Hezbollah was still able to fire 250 rockets into Israel.

It would appear that Hezbollah, Iran and Syria have a  shared strategy which is to convince everyone in the Israeli, US and Russian military to just say No to WW III. That strategy has worked. .....  Both the former heads of the Israeli military and former Mossad chief have said that attacking Iran is stupid...

And that is why I think Nasrallah, Assad and Ahmadinejad are heroes. The NWO will have to go through Hezbollah, Syria and Iran before they get to us. My best guess is that the Bankers will be releasing a series of plagues after the dollar crashes.
Analyst: Netanyahu similar to horror film characters ~ link ~ Except that the world that Netanyahu wants to kill is REAL!!!   Stirling     

In his Wednesday column, Mark Glenn drew a parallel between Netanyahu and “the rabid dog featured in Stephen King's Cujo or the reality-based version of the T-101 cyborg featured in The Terminator.”

“Netanyahu is like some doomsday computer program plugged into the world's mainframe that cannot be rewritten, reformed or rehabilitated,” he wrote, adding, “At no time in history has mankind faced the kind of real, apocalyptic dangers it faces now.”

He said Netanyahu truly believes in “the violent, rapacious, tribal narcissism making up the foundation of his ‘values’.”
“Nutty Netty is a mirrored reflection of all those biblical warrior kings who preceded him - remorseless, impervious to the magnetic pull of reason and compassion, bereft of conscience and a law unto himself who has yet to encounter a bloodbath of Gentiles…that didn't cause his salivary glands to go into overdrive,” wrote Glenn.

The analyst said Netanyahu is “crazy” enough to be “content to see the world go up in ashes if his demands are not met - to the letter.”

“And it is within this light, therefore, that certain assumptions can and need to be made concerning this beast, his wrath and what can accurately be termed ‘World War Z’,” wrote Glenn.

Glenn described Netanyahu as “a political mob boss in his own right, with a black bag full of dirty tricks, an arsenal of nukes under his trench coat and accustomed to getting his way before his demands have even reached his lips.” 
Seymore Hersh uncovers False Flag nature of the recent Syrian chemical attack ~ link ~ In an article for Press TV website on Wednesday, Kevin Barrett said, “Hersh forced the mainstream media to talk about false-flags.”

In his article “Whose Sarin?,” Hersh confirmed that the August chemical weapons attack in Syria was almost certainly perpetrated by Saudi-supported militants, not the Syrian government, as was claimed by the so-called Syria opposition groups and their Western backers.
Spain to block Catalonia Independence Referendum ~ link ~ This could end up backfiring big time!  Stirling     
'No one will prevail over Russia militarily': Putin eyes $700 billion to advance armed forces ~ link ~ Getting ready for World War III?  Stirling    

Putin also added that Moscow monitors the development of new kinds of weapons by other nations, including small-yield tactical nuclear weapons, conventional precision strategic missiles and hypersonic precision weapons. 

The latter may give technological means for a so-called “decapitating strike” a massive surprise attack on a nation’s key infrastructure, including strategic missile silos, communication hubs or government buildings, which in theory would do enough damage to avoid a massive retaliation nuclear strike. “If all those plans are realized, it may cause a very negative effect on regional and global stability. Other nation’s build-up of conventional precision strategic systems combined with the increase of the AMD capabilities may nullify all previous agreements on the limitation and reduction of strategic nuclear weapons and tip the strategic balance of power,” Putin said.

Senior UK politician questions oversight of UK spying agencies ~ link ~ This is a political bombshell!  Stirling  
A senior British politician has cast doubt on the ability of the parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) to effectively oversee the work of the spying agencies, saying the required oversight is on the brink of “extinction.”

Tim Farron, the president of the Liberal Democrats, said Britain's democratic oversight of the intelligence and security agencies has "rescinded to the point of extinction."

"Pervasive surveillance of our entire digital lives has been allowed to take place without prior knowledge, debate or consent," he wrote in a piece for
"When the programs systemically collecting your personal information are so secret that even the Cabinet are not aware of their existence, our democratic oversight has rescinded to the point of extinction," he said.

"The ISC is a group of the great and good. Experienced hands. 'Sound men' as Sir Humphrey might put it. No-one is naive enough to expect state secrets to be discussed publically in front of a TV audience. But only a fool would think we are re-assured by the appearance of a mandarin quietly saying 'trust me, everything is alright',” added Farron.
Global Power Project: The Group of Thirty - The Architects of Austerity ~ link Austerity is the second of the One-Two Punch, the first being the Global Depression.  Both are man engineered by the global elite, the Global Banking Cartel, to destroy our lives and our economic future to help make the way for their sick demonic New World Order!  Stirling   
Former Bank of Israel Governor Fischer nears nomination as Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve ~ link ~ As an historian I continue to be amazed.  The great mass of the Jewish population is apt to be blamed for the actions of the tiny minority of a minority that controls much of the Global Banking Cartel.  People don't seem to learn from history, even fairly recent history!!!   Stirling      

Ukraine's two new energy deals ~ link ~ Claiming that Yanukovych had always wanted negotiations with the EU to fail would arguably be giving him and his advisors too little credit as political strategists. In terms of public opinion, signing the Association Agreement would have all but secured Yanukovych’s re-election in 2015, whereas his step down from the deal has visibly shaken his legitimacy as President to its core. Rather, too little attention is given to the very real economic pressure Russia has placed on Ukraine and the EU’s reluctance or inability to offset Putin’s ‘trade war’. Furthermore, while Yanukovych did not sign the Association Agreement in Vilnius, he did not commit his country to Putin’s rival ‘Eurasian Union’ either.
All of this comes on top of Ukraine’s dire situation. The country faces $10 billion in principal and interest payments next year and has the third-highest default probability in the world. In an address following his decision to suspend negotiations with the EU, Yanukovych stated, "I would have been wrong if I hadn't done everything necessary for people not to lose their jobs, receive salaries, pensions and scholarships.” While many Ukrainians and outside observers may not take the President’s words at face value, it is no lie that, had Ukraine signed the agreement, economic disaster would have been imminent.

As there was little the EU could/would offer to offset the immediate Russian reprisals on Ukraine’s economy, the government renounced signing the Association Agreement. However, two gas deals currently in the works show that, far from being sucked forever into Russia’s orbit, Ukraine will continue to flirt with both East and West and, most of all, move towards energy independence.

Pope takes jab at mega-salaries and bonuses ~ link ~ I continue to like a lot of what this man says, however, until he is willing to clean up the sexual corruption and mess within his own church by ending celibacy, I will remain 'less than convinced' of his true intentions...Is he just 'reading the tea leaves' of what is happening/coming economically and positioning the Church for the chaos ahead?   Stirling    
South Carolina is about to pass a Bill to Nullify Obamacare ~ link ~  From the Daily Caller: A bill set for fast-track passage in the South Carolina Senate in January aims to eliminate Obamacare in the state. The law could become a model for other states fed up with the federal health-care law.

House Bill 3101, titled the “South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act,” passed the state House of Representatives last April by a 65-34 vote. The bill now heads to the GOP-controlled Senate with special-order priority, setting up the likelihood that South Carolina will become the first state to exempt citizens and businesses from all participation in the Affordable Care Act.
On the other side are opponents of H3101, whose main efforts consist of calling lawmakers racists and questioning the authority of states to oppose federal laws. Such attacks are likely to ring hollow in light of the dozens of state and local governments that have recently rejected federal marijuana laws, the Real ID Act, provisions of National Defense Authorization Act, federal gun control, and even U.S. immigration law. State and local governments governed from both sides of the political spectrum are increasingly flexing their Tenth Amendment muscles against perceived federal overreach.

General Electric knew its Reactor Design Was Unsafe ... So WHY isn't GE getting any heat for Fukushima? ~ link ~ 5 of the 6 nuclear reactors at Fukushima are General Electric Mark 1 reactors.  GE knew decades ago that the design was faulty.

Yellowstone super-volcano eruption 'would effect the world' as scientists discover it is even larger than thought ~ link 

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