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11 December 2013
My mother's funeral was yesterday.  I am back on-line.  Thanks for waiting.  Tim Earl of Stirling  
US and UK suspend aid for Syrian rebels ~ link ~ The beginning of the End for the "rebel" war against Syria.   Stirling   

The US and UK governments have suspended all "non-lethal assistance" for the opposition in northern Syria.

A US embassy spokesman in Ankara said the decision was made after Islamist rebels seized bases belonging to the Western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Analyst: Israel panicking over Assad success in Syria - with video ~ link ~ For many in Israel, war is the only option.  The more intelligent Israelis, however, know that peace is the only rational option for the long term future and very existence of their nation.  Stirling   

China-Japan spat could lead to World War III ~ link ~ It could, or cooler heads may prevail.   Stirling  

 Karzai to USA: Stop killing civilians ~ link ~ Those behind the US government are addicted to drone warfare, and they have no intention of stopping.  Stirling  

Afghan President Hamid Karzai says he will not sign a controversial security deal with Washington unless the US-led forces stop their attacks against civilian targets across the war-ravaged country.

The remarks come amid a standoff between the US and Afghan leaders over the security agreement. - See more at:

Kiev riot police retreat after storming protest bastion ~ link ~ This is a battle between two groups in the Ukraine.  However, behind the two political groups is Russia on one side the the globalists/West on the other side.  I suspect that Russia will NOT ALLOW the globalists to re-take the Ukraine!  Stirling  

Police have abandoned an attempt to dislodge anti-government protesters from their strongholds in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.  Clashes erupted at the occupied city hall hours after riot police tried to clear nearby Independence Square - prompting the US to express "disgust".

Mass protests in Kiev: Live Updates from RT ~ link 

Putin orders Russian military to boost Arctic presence ~ link ~ Commending the recent restoration of an airfield in the region, he said Russia needed to use every means to protect its national interests in the region. He was speaking after Canada announced plans to claim the continental shelf under the North Pole.Russia and Denmark also lay claim to parts of the resource-rich shelf. 

Putin orders Arctic build-up in 2014 ~ link ~ Russia will create forces in the Arctic in 2014 to ensure military security and protect the country’s national interests in the region, which President Vladimir Putin has named among the government’s top priorities.

Russia is returning to the Arctic and “intensifying the development of this promising region” so it needs to “have all the levers for the protection of its security and national interests,” Putin said on Tuesday at an expanded meeting of the Defense Ministry Board.

 Just FOUR gunmen carried out the Kenyan mall attack that killed 60 and they escaped alive ~ link ~ At the time, I and many others expressed serious doubts about the 'official line' of what happened.  Once again, this was a case that likely involved foreign intelligence (many say Mossad) organizing a False Flag attack on civilians.   Stirling   

The NYPD believe just four men may have been behind the attack on a Kenyan mall that killed more than 60 civilians in September and they all probably escaped alive.
The report, released on Tuesday, contradicts many of the claims made by Kenyan authorities, who had previously said that as many as 15 attackers were involved, including possible foreign nationals, and that they held hostages.

Uruguay becomes first nation to legalise the sale and production of cannabis ~ link ~ It makes NO SENSE to put kids in jail of smoking a joint!  Stirling   

Last night hundreds of cannabis-smoking supporters cheered and set off fireworks as they celebrated the new legislation in the centre of the capital, Montevideo.
The law permits both the large-scale distribution of marijuana and the growing of small amounts by individuals - although it will be tightly controlled by the country's Left-wing government.

Uruguay legalizes sale and production of marijuana ~ link ~ The president of Uruguay seems to have a lot of common sense!   Stirling   

Violent mass looting engulfs Argentina amid police strike - 10 dead - with video ~ link ~ At least ten people were killed and hundreds others injured as chaos gripped Argentina amid a police strike demanding pay rises. Mobs have taken over the streets, looting shops and robbing homes, local media reported.

Officers across the country refused to go on patrol in 19 out of 23 Argentinean provinces. 

China money creation blows USA and Japan 'out-of-the-water' ~ link ~ With private sector loan creation in the US and Japan virtually unchanged since Lehman levels (and the US in danger of posting a negative comp in a very months) and Europe loan creation contracting at a record pace, it falls upon the Fed and Bank of Japan (and possibly the ECB soon) to inject the much needed credit-money liquidity into the system. And, as everyone knows, month after month the Fed and the BOJ diligently create $85 billion and $75 billion in new outside money out of thin air (that this "credit" ends up in the stock market is a different topic).

Two-thirds say American Dream Is Over ~ link ~ A stunning 64% of American say the US no longer offers everyone an equal chance of 'getting ahead', according to a new poll by Bloomberg. The widening gap between rich and poor - as we have previously noted as wide as during the roaring 20s - has eroded faith in the American dream. The lack of faith, Bloomberg reports, is especially pronounced among those making less than $50,000 a year with 73% of those saying the economy is unfair. As class warfare is stoked, by none other than the President himself in his recent speech, noting economic trends have “jeopardized middle-class America’s basic bargain, that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead," man-of-the-year Pope Francis recently commented, "such an economy kills."

Yellowstone Super-Valcano is FAR Larger than previously thought ~ link ~ It could end most life on this planet if it really blows!   Stirling  

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Dear Lord Stirling,

The German President (Bundespraesident) refuses to go to Sochi. So does EU Commissioner Miss Reding.
Is it because Russia tells gays which side of the bread is buttered or could there be a different reason?

Well, there are rumors, that Al Quaida is planning a Sarin (gas attack) attack in Sochi. This attack could be used to abduct/kidnap Mr Snowden, because the attack would cause an unprecedented disorder/mayhem in Russia.
We all know, that Al-Quaida has close ties to western secret services.

Yours, in Jesus Christ,

Joaquin, Germany