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2 December 2013
 China plan to quit dollar infuriates US ~ link ~ I think that all of this has been planned at a very high (higher than government) level for years.   Stirling   

Cunningham said China “move to offload some of its 3.5 trillion in US dollar reserves” poses “a mortal threat to the American petrodollar and the entire American economy.” 
Cunningham said Beijing’s November 20 notice about plan to “shift its risky foreign exchange holdings” in US dollars for other currencies “is a harbinger that the American economy’s days are numbered.”

“But, in the imperialist, megalomaniac mindset of Washington, the ‘threat’ to the US economy and indebted way of life is perceived as a tacit act of war. That is why Washington is reacting so furiously and desperately to China’s newly declared air corridor. It is a pretext for the US to clench an iron fist,” concluded the analyst
Dollar survival behind US-China tensions ~ link ~ Such tensions have a way of causing large wars!  Stirling    
China again chases US and Japanese planes in new Air Defense Zone ~ link  
Lebanon city of Tripoli hit by deadly clashes ~ link ~
At least 10 people have died in north Lebanon in two days of gun battles between supporters and opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Clashes in the port city of Tripoli also left 49 people wounded including 11 soldiers, a security source said.

Netanyahu could destroy al-Aqsa Masque on Temple Mound ~ link ~ I would not put anything past Bibi!  Stirling    

Hundreds of whales in bay on California coast ~ link ~ Whales are very intelligent animals, who are sensetive to their envirnoment.  They know about the Fukushima radiation danger to them and are trying to flee from it!  Which begs the question: Are they smarter than humans who seem to be doing NOTHING about the danger!!!   Stirling    

Who really runs Fukushima Daiichi ~ link  

Massive amounts of Fukushima debris off Hawaii ~ link  

David Cameron promises China 'growth partnership' ~ link ~ So far, the growth of China as the main manufacturer to the West has been a giant rip-off of the people of the West for the globalists and China.  Stirling 

15 Signs that we are near the peak of a massive Stock Market Bubble ~ link 

Massive rioting in Kiev ~ link ~ This is really a "war" between the West/EU/USA on one hand and Russia and the "non-West" on the other hand.  You can count on the fact that large amounts of money and other resources are being poured in the Ukraine over the EU membership issue!  Stirling  

Violent clashes hit Thailand's capital - with photos ~ link ~ Thousands of anti-government protestors have descended on Thailand's capital - leading to violent clashes with police.

Demonstrators hurled rocks, bottles and petrol bombs at riot officers today as they attempted to storm government buildings in Bangkok. 

Scots Feel Oppressed by Government ~ link 

Croatians vote to ban same-sex marriage ~ link ~ I am convinced that if the issue were put to national votes, no nation would allow such "marriages".   Stirling       

China launches luinar probe with first Moon Rover aboard ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ China has launched the Chang'e-3 lunar probe with its first moon rover "Yutu" (Jade Rabbit) aboard from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China.

This is the first time China has sent a spacecraft to the surface of an extraterrestrial body. The rover is expected to soft-land on the moon in mid-December to conduct surveys. If the mission is successful, China will become the third country to have landed on the moon, after the US and Russia. 

India's first mission to Mars blasts out of Earth's orbit ~ link ~ An Indian spacecraft bound for the Red Planet has left the Earth’s atmosphere, set for a 300-day mission to Mars. The probe will cost $72 million, and the spacecraft should reach its destination on September 24, 2014.

The spacecraft is called the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), also known as Mangalyaan, and will cruise some 680 million kilometers. The probe has completed six orbits around Earth before Sunday's "slingshot", which now has launched it on a route around the sun with Mars as the final destination. The shot requires precise calculations otherwise the new orbit may be missed.  


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