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Holy Shroud of Turin
14 November 2013

Dutch Eurosceptic Wilders and France's Le Pen UNITE ~ link ~ The antidemocratic EU is the creation of the Rothschild Empire and other Global Banking Cartel members, as is the policies that allow massive Islamic immigration.  Stirling   
Mr Wilders said they had agreed on the need to repatriate from Brussels the power to control their countries' borders and economies. Both leaders say Europe's political elite has been too tolerant of Islam and both want to curb immigration.
Eurosceptics are widely expected to make significant gains in the European elections in May, as debt-laden EU countries struggle to revive their anaemic economies. "The time of patriotic movements being divided is over," said Ms Le Pen, calling it "an historic day". "Today is the start of the liberation of Europe from the monster of Brussels," said Mr Wilders, who heads the Freedom Party (PVV).
50,000+ angry Poles against UN attempt 'to steal away our liberties' in climate treaty ~ link 
As more than 50,000 enthusiastic Poles gathered in downtown Warsaw on Monday to celebrate National Independence Day, with millions more watching on live television, CFACT president David Rothbard was invited to the stage to deliver an impassioned address celebrating freedom and warning against the dangerous and oppressive climate agenda of the UN. - See more at:
Who's to Blame for Battlefield American? ~ link ~ It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly is responsible for the growing spate of police shootings, brutality and overreach that have come to dominate the news lately, whether it’s due to militarized police, the growing presence of military veterans in law enforcement, the fact that we are a society predisposed to warfare, indoctrinated through video games, reality TV shows, violent action movies and a series of endless wars that have, for younger generations, become life as they know it-or all of the above.

Whatever the reason, not a week goes by without more reports of hair-raising incidents by militarized police imbued with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a battlefield approach to the communities in which they serve.
37 US states allow corporations to get rich off prison labor ~ link ~ The New Slavery!   Stirling   
As you do your holiday shopping this year, chances are you’ll be surrounded by products that were made using prison labor.

Corporations are realizing that they don’t need to send jobs overseas to turn a profit any more. No, they didn’t have a change of heart and a new found willingness to share their hard earned profits with their workers. Instead, they’ve found a class of people that they can basically use for free. Even better, these people have almost no rights. No protections. No voice. They are numerous and growing every year. What corporations have realized is that they are sitting on the largest population of prisoners in the world.

One out of every 100 American adults is behind bars. That’s more than 2.4 million people who have been taken out of the workforce and had their rights legally stripped away. That’s a lot of potential exploitable workers for a corporation to use.
US Occupation Leads to All-Time High Afghan Opium Production  - with videos and photos ~ link ~ America is being led by criminals.  Why do you think old man Bush was called Poppy Bush???  The Taliban actually ended the growing of opium poppies because they felt that it was immoral.  Those behind the American government clearly do not share this position!!!  Americans, this is YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!!!   Stirling    
It is well-documented that the U.S. government has – at least at some times in some parts of the world – protected drug operations. (Big American banks also launder money for drug cartels. See this, this, this and this. Indeed, drug dealers kept the banking system afloat during the depths of the 2008 financial crisis. And the U.S. drug money laundering is continuing to this day.)
The U.S. military has openly said that it is protecting Afghani poppy fields:

White House: Iran Sanctions Bills a 'March to War' ~ link ~ The White House had for quite some time been quietly lobbying Congress to put its new sanctions bills against Iran on hold for the sake of diplomacy, but is now being very public with its opposition to the bills, calling them a “march to war” against Iran, and one that the American public opposes.
Will Israel Drag America Into Another War? ~ link ~ Except that any war with Iran/Syria will quickly become the THIRD WORLD WAR!!!   Stirling    

Two factors are simultaneously moving us toward a general cataclysm, and both have to do with the state of Israel: 1) The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pulling out all the stops to sabotage the ongoing peace talks between Tehran and the "P5 + 1", and 2) Netanyahu is abandoning the Palestinian peace process and moving rapidly toward his goal of a "Greater Israel."

The conjunction of these two aggressive moves by the Israelis is taking the world to the brink of the unthinkable.
USA threatened with 'Heaviest Damage in History' if it attacks Iran ~ link ~ To most, this sounds crazy.  However, if you factor in the truly massive Iranian Advanced Biological Warfare program, it is very possible and very real.  With the Soviet based Advanced Biowar capability that Iran has, they do NOT need nuclear weapons and the like to destroy the West, Israel and the GCC states!!!  Stirling    

General: 'Slightest military mistake' could set off Iran's 'capabilities'

Israeli Business: Dishonesty is Expected ~ link
Effects of Depleted Uranium - photos ~ link ~ The most horrible photos I have ever seen!!!  Stirling  
Secret documents reveal Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) "free trade" deal would be horrible for public health ~ link ~ Do take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling  
USDA to allow America to be overrun with contaminated chicken from China ~ link ~ Sounds like another large-scale Population Reduction Program from the globalists!!!  Stirling   
Putin in Seoul to push new 'Silk Road' via North Korea ~ link  
'Untrustworthy and Dishonest': Obama's popularity hits all time low ~ link ~ Old Abe Lincoln said it best: "You can fool all of the people, some of the time; and some of the people, all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people, all of the time".   Stirling   
Strange Doings on the Sun ~ link 
Google Funds Creation of Secretive Avatar-Style Virtual Reality ~ link ~ I have envisioned some similar technology for years, however there are serious 'issues' with this and they are not only technology based.  Serious moral and 'what it means to be human' type issues as well as political/social ones!   Stirling   
Display allows you to touch and move physical objects without actually being there - with video ~ link ~ Early stage, very early stage.   Stirling   
Organic lights and solar cells straight from the printer ~ link   
Fukushima: Now for the Tough Part ~ link ~ The operator of Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant will as early as this week begin removing 400 tonnes of highly irradiated spent fuel in a hugely delicate and unprecedented operation fraught with risk.
The hazardous removal operation has been likened by Arnie Gundersen, a veteran U.S. nuclear engineer and director of Fairewinds Energy Education, to trying to pull cigarettes from a crushed pack.  
Fukushima: Unit #4 Fuel Removal - What you need to know ~ link ~ This is a good article that corrects some of the fear mongering but also "tells it like it is".  Stirling    
Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable.”

Charles Parrow made this comment in a Huffington Post article and his paper on Fukushima has been cited as the source of this statement. The peer reviewed paper does not include any discussion of the fuel at Fukushima and instead focuses on the health impacts of the radiation releases. His statement has been disputed by many even though it was quickly repeated by the media without any additional fact checking. Two rods touching as Parrow claims is unlikely to happen as fuel assemblies are handled one at a time and it takes far more than two assemblies nearby to create a reaction and certainly not the uncontrollable one Parrow describes. Individual fuel rods at TEPCO’s other plant have been routinely damaged and bent into configurations that caused these individual rods to touch. The only concern there has been the potential damage to the rod tubes themselves that could cause a fuel failure to be more likely. This technical document outlines that it takes 16-20 assemblies to create a situation where criticality could occur.

Nuclear Professor: centuries before attempting any work on Fukushima molten fuel? ~ link 
Deepwater Horizon's Legacy ~ link ~ Good article, but in reality the BP story is way worse than this article presents.  Stirling    

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