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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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6 November 2013
Top Scientist: Another Fukushima quake would mean US evacuation, 'Bye Bye Japan' - with video ~ link ~ “I have seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under in an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it’s bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should evacuate,” he said.
Fukushima Unit #4 can cause 'major global catastrophe' - This is the most pressing global security issue ~ link 
China and Japan hold rival military exercises ~ link ~  This makes great sense for Japan to be engaged in dangerous war games instead of dealing with Fukushima...NOT.   Stirling    
Japan and China are heightening the danger of confrontation in the East China Sea. Japan is currently holding one of its largest-ever military exercises, in southwestern Japanese waters around Okinawa, following China’s biggest open sea naval drills, conducted in the same region. These exercises, staged not far from the bitterly disputed Diaoyu/Senkakus islands, have become the focal point for a war of words between Tokyo and Beijing, with each branding the other as a “threat” to international peace.
8 Life Changing Disasters ~ link ~ Good take the time to read this one at the link.  Stirling  
Syria the Meat Grinder - An up close look ~ link ~ The West's neo-terror policy of using cannon fodder, throw-a-way proxy troops while implementing mass economic warfare has revealed the cruelty with which they have pursued  their 'interests'.

The scale of the economic warfare is what you would expect to see if the Syrian Army was attacking all of its neighbors in an all out conventional war scenario. But this disaster has been the result purely of a desire for regime change.

The scale of the carnage has put the whole European system of morality and justice under the spotlight for being a complete hoax. There are clear elements of Nuremberg precedents for crimes against humanity here, particularly 'waging an offensive war', which this obviously has been.

Lieberman eyes role of Prime Minister after being cleared of corruption charges ~ link ~ Lieberman make dear old Bibi 666 Netanyahu look like a bleeding heart peacenik!!!   Stirling   

Appeasement Dooms Palestinians to Everlasting Misery ~ link ~ If any state other than Israel were to engage in the war crimes and crimes against humanity that Israel does, year after year, against the Palestinian people the outcry throughout the world would be deafening.  It is only globalists and Zionist money (bribeing and blackmailing politicians) and controlling the mainstream news media that allows this evil to continue.   Stirling   

PM Liberman? A huge win for the Israel whose whole message to the world is: Fu@# You ~ link  ~ This is from the largest newspaper in Israel.  Stirling  

Obama sees Bibi as 'a pain in the ass' ~ link ~ Netanyahu's contemporaries always have the nicest things to say about him!  Stirling  

Kerry dubs West Bank settlement 'illegitimate' as Netanyahu blames palestinians for talks stall ~ link ~ Actually the settlements are war crimes under international law; and Bibi is full of shit as usual!  Stirling   

Netanyahu fearful of possible relief of Iran sanctions ~ link ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed concern that an agreement might be reached on Iran’s nuclear issue to ease sanctions on the Islamic Republic. 

Yasser Arafat was fatally poisoned test proves ~ link ~ link ~ link ~  I said that at the time!  Stirling    

'The Corrupt Fear Us!' Massive Anonymous 'Million Mask March' - with photos and videos ~ link ~

Thousands of people worldwide joined Million Mask March rallies organized by the amorphous Anonymous movement. Rallies, both peaceful and confrontational, protested austerity, surveillance, corporate greed and corrupt governments.

In a mass demonstration of people power, crowds of people in 450 cities around the world filled the streets wearing Guy Fawkes masks and carrying placards with the motto of the Anonymous hacktivist group: “The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us.

Tories urge Cameron to support the 'living wage' as Labour crank up the pressure ~ link ~ The living wage – the amount needed to cover basic costs – has been raised to £7.65 an hour, and £8.80 in London. The minimum wage is just £6.31 an hour.

A growing number of Tory MPs fear that if the party digs in against the living wage, they could lose votes at the 2015 general election.

UK Plebgate row: Officer apologises to MPs over evidence - with videos ~ link ~ This was done only after threats of a Contempt of Parliament action.  Stirling   

Bill de Blasio elected as next Mayor of New York City ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ New York City's mayor-elect Bill de Blasio has met with his predecessor Michael Bloomberg as the two men started to discuss his transition into City Hall. The two men have never been particularly close and it showed through Bloomberg's expressions as he stayed straight-faced- and even pouted- during their meeting Wednesday morning.

Thousands march in Greece to protest austerity - with video ~ link ~ More than 10,000 Greek workers have taken to the streets in the capital to protest against the government's austerity measures, as inspectors of the troika of international lenders are in Athens to review the country’s bailout.

Some 12,000 people participated in two separate marches to parliament on Wednesday in Athens.
Similar protests were also held in the country’s second largest city, Thessaloniki, where some 10,000 people demonstrated against the government’s reforms.

Protesters argue cuts to salaries and pensions demanded by the troika are causing them basic survival problems.

Former UK Home Secretary calls for urgetn review of laws governing security services ~ link ~ Former home secretary urges update of safeguards over spy agencies, saying 'we have to protect ourselves from ourselves'

Choosing a Mediterranean diet increases the odds of living to an old age by more than 40% ~ link  

Our Story - video ~ link ~ The story of mankind.  Good One.  Stirling   

Was the Bible right about the origins of life?  Scientists believe that we may have had our beginnings in Clay ~ link  

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