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3 November 2013 - 4 November 2013 

Syrian troops take full control of al-Sfeira town - with video ~ link ~ Units of Syrian Army troops have taken full control of al-Sfeira town in Syria’s northwestern province of Aleppo and killed dozens of foreign-sponsored militants.
Syrian troops liberated the town on Sunday after fierce exchange of fire with the gunmen fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad’s government, the official SANA news agency reported.

Syrian soldiers seized various kinds of weapons and munitions following the gun battle and defused more than 700 improvised explosive devices planted by militants in the town’s streets.

Government forces also destroyed several cars used by terrorists, among them 35 pickup trucks equipped with heavy machine guns, as well as three 107-millimeter rocket launchers. 

Israel Buys the US Congress: Sabotaging the US-Iran Peace Negotiations ~ link ~ I would normally refer to the US Congressmen/Senators as political whores, but really that is not fair to whores.  They engage is sex with strangers for money but they do not risk killing all higher forms of life on this planet for money.  So the congress critters are way worse then the $10 street walker/crack addict.  Their selling out to Israel is placing us all in great danger from a global nuclear/biological/scalar war, and they don't seem to care!!!   Stirling     

The question of war or peace with Iran rests with the policies adopted by the White House and the US Congress.  The peace overtures by newly elected Iranian President Rohani have resonated favorably around the world, except with Israel and its Zionist acolytes in North America and Europe .  The first negotiating session proceeded without recrimination and resulted in an optimistic assessment by both sides.  Precisely because of the initial favorable response among the participants, the Israeli government escalated its propaganda war against Iran .  Its agents in the US Congress, the mass media and in the Executive branch moved to undermine the peace process.  What is at stake is Israel’s capacity to wage proxy wars using the US military and its NATO allies against any government challenging Israeli military supremacy in the Middle East, its violent annexation of Palestinian territory and its ability to attack any adversary with impunity.

To understand what is at stake in the current peace negotiations one must envision the consequences of failure:  Under Israeli pressure, the US announced that its ‘military option’ could be activated – resulting in missile strikes and a bombing campaign against 76 million Iranians in order to destroy their government and economy.  Teheran could retaliate against such aggression by targeting US military bases in the region and Gulf oil installations resulting in a global crisis.  This is what Israel wants.

Russia's "aircraft carrier killer" Varyag and Battle Cruiser Pyotr Veliky arrive in Mediterranean ~ link ~ The Syrians and Russians have 'held their fire' several times when the Israelis have attacked Syria.  Do NOT count on this always being the case!!!  Stirling    

Israel publishes tenders for new illegal settler housing units - with video ~ link ~ Israel continues to violate international law without punishment.  It holds itself above the 'goy' of the world and bribes and blackmails the politicians of the world to ensure that it gets by with whatever it wants to do.  This is leading the world, and Israel by the way, into the Third World War.   Stirling   

Israel has published tenders for the construction of over 1,800 new illegal settler units in the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem) despite widespread international criticism of Tel Aviv’s settlement expansion activities.

According to settlement watchdog, Peace Now, which opposes and tracks settlement construction activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, the tenders were published on Sunday for a total of 1,859 units.

The non-governmental organization noted that 1,031 plots were offered by Israel's Housing and Construction Ministry in the occupied West Bank, along with 828 in the East al-Quds. 

Israeli settlements are considered illegal by the UN and most countries because the territories were captured by Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967, and are hence subject to the Geneva Conventions, which forbid construction on occupied lands.

Palestinians are seeking to create an independent state on the territories of the West Bank, East al-Quds, and the Gaza Strip and are demanding Israel to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel plunges deeper into isolation ~ link ~ While Israel and its supporters can buy off much of the corrupt political class in the great feat, to buy a political whore...and while they control most of the mainstream news media organizations...they cannot stop the public from becoming aware of the horrors that they are inflicting on the population of Palestine and their neighboring nations (via American and NATO wars).  The people of the world are beginning to see Israel as a out-of-control rouge nuclear monster and that is NOT a good thing for Israel.   Stirling  

But on the regional level, developments in Syria as well as issues pertaining to the Iranian nuclear issue are the main reasons for the isolation of the Zionist regime which since February 2011 has stopped at nothing, including financial and military support and even training militants fighting against President Bashar al-Assad, to destabilize Syria. At the same time, the Zionist lobby has done everything in its power to provoke the White House to start a new war against Syria.

But ultimately with Syria accepting the Russian proposal to bring its chemical sites under international control and the endorsement of the international community of the Syrian measure, the option of military action against Syria was taken off the table.

And Syria’s good cooperation with the international community in this regard improved Bashar Assad’s position in public opinion. This resulted in efforts by Israel to beat the drums of war being ignored.

Over the past decade, Israel - which had managed to convince the international community of its lies about Iran’s nuclear program not being peaceful which resulted in the adoption of sanctions by the US Congress and United Nations Security Council against the Islamic Republic - realized that all these efforts have failed after Hassan Rouhani was elected as Iran’s president and a new approach was adopted to interact with the international community.
One can point to Israel radio reporter Chico Menashe’s remarks in which he said Hassan Rouhani was the star of the UN General Assembly and highlighted the Iranian president’s brightness in his interview with CNN when he was asked to send a message in English, which was unique for an Iranian politician.

Menashe said Netanyahu’s isolation was a fact and that the Israeli prime minister was focusing all his attention on the issue of talks between Iran and the US. He noted that it was very difficult for the Israeli prime minister to convince the West to respect the red lines defined for Iran.

But on an international level, Israeli’s cooperation with regards to the phone-tapping scandal in Europe further destabilized the regime’s position among EU member states. The French Le Monde newspaper on October 26 reported that Israel had listened to millions of calls made by the French. The report written by the French paper in cooperation with US journalist Glenn Greenwald connected to former US contractor Edward Snowden, said that Israel has committed espionage.

According to the Daily Mail, Israeli spies tracked and listened to over 70 million conversations and text messages...

In reality, the Likud Party has further isolated Israel in the international arena because the world is tired of war and is looking for peace and the warmongering action approaches of Israel are not welcomed by people, world leaders or international organizations.

USA preparing for $400 billion nuke upgrade ~ link ~ But we have to cut $5 billion from the Food Stamp Program at a time of global economic depression!!!  Stirling    

Britain's GCHQ shepherding mass surveillance operations throughout Europe ~ link ~ This is all about establishing a high-tech slave/police state New World Order!!!   Stirling    

Top Scientist: "Fukushima is the most terrifying situation I can imagine" - I've seen a paper which says it's bye-bye Japan and to evacuate North America's West Coast if Unit 4 goes with quake and rods are exposed ~ link ~ Dr. Bill Deagle's Nutramedical Report Show and Jeff Rense are among the few that have been warning consistently of the grave dangers of this Fukushima nightmare.  This is NOT going away and has the potential to become a great world wide killing event in the near future!!!   Stirling    

Shocking treatment of US nuclear whisteblowers: Sent to office in basement with rat posion after warning of Fukushima-like explosion - Another given office in storage room with drums of radioactive waste and asbestos soon after having chemotherapy ~ link ~ You simply cannot make crap like this up!  Stirling     

The entire fiat money system is bankrupt: Demise of the Global US Fiat Dollar Reserve Currency ~ link ~
Major issues or trends do not change on a daily or even monthly basis. A trend may take a few years to run its course and unless there is a major factor that may affect the trend, there is hardly any need to comment any further on the trend or outcomes.

The events unraveling post Bernanke’s decision not to taper QE is most significant because it confirms our analysis that the banking crisis has not been resolved in any significant way after five years of money printing and massive asset inflation. The fiat money system has but one outcome – total collapse. It will also mean the demise of the global US dollar reserve currency.

There are no solutions at hand.

Americans shocked over ObamaCare prices ~ link ~ The Insurance Industry Lobbyists wrote the legislation, what did they expect!  This is not socialized medicine, it is a case of requiring by law American citizens to purchase high-priced insurance from private insurance providers under a government program that was designed by the insurance industry!!!   Stirling   

Rare solar eclipse sweeps across the world ~ link ~
A rare "hybrid" solar eclipse, hailed as "the most interesting eclipse of the year", has swept across parts of Africa, America and Europe on Sunday.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth casting a shadow on the Earth. It's a rare event because this is a hybrid type. During a total eclipse, the Moon fully covers the Sun, whereas in the annular variety the Moon doesn't totally block out the Sun, leaving a halo of sunlight visible around the Moon. A hybrid eclipse usually starts and ends as an annular event, although it appears as a total eclipse in the middle. According to NASA, this Sunday's eclipse is even more unique as it starts annular and ends as a total eclipse.

Lockheed Martin announces plans for SR-72 hypersonic spy drone ~ link ~ Aircraft experts and military aficionados have cause to rejoice now that Lockheed Martin has debuted the SR-72 unmanned spy plane, the long-awaited successor to the SR-71 Blackbird and potentially the first hypersonic craft to enter service.

Plans for the SR-72 drone were first unveiled Friday in an Aviation Week article which revealed that Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works advanced development program has drafted plans for a plane that could fly as fast as Mach 6 - twice the speed of the Blackbird. 

Image by Lockheed Martin 

This is the successor to the SR-71 Blackbird ~ link ~
So it's only natural that the Blackbird's successor might inspire similar appeal. More than a decade after the last SR-71 was decommissioned, Lockheed Martin has unveiled the gorgeous-looking SR-72. It flies just as far and twice as fast as its predecessor — and, in a twist, it's now lethal, according to Aviationweek:
The SR-72 is being designed with strike capability in mind. “We would envision a role with over-flight ISR, as well as missiles,” Leland says. Being launched from a Mach 6 platform, the weapons would not require a booster, significantly reducing weight. The higher speed of the SR-72 would also give it the ability to detect and strike more agile targets. “Even with the -SR-71, at Mach 3, there was still time to notify that the plane was coming, but at Mach 6, there is no reaction time to hide a mobile target. It is unavoidable ISR,” he adds.


 "I love you, Jack, I love you" - Jackie Kennedy's last words to her dying husband ~ link ~ The evil bastards that killed President Kennedy and ushered in decades of the worst corruption in American history have never been punished; some like former President George H.W. Bush are still alive!  Stirling  

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