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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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26 November 2013

Pentagon: USA will continue operations in the new China Air Defense Zone ~ link ~ “We will not in any way change how we conduct our operations,” Pentagon spokesman Army Colonel Steve Warren said on Monday. He added that American pilots won’t register their flight plans or identify their transponder or frequency.

On Saturday, the Chinese government announced that it had established an Air Defense Identification Zone and its military will take “defensive emergency measures to respond to aircraft that do not cooperate in identification or refuse to follow instructions.

China lashes out at USA for 'interfering' in territorial dispute with Japan ~ link ~ Beijing has warned Washington not to “meddle” in the territorial dispute between China and Japan. Though the US has many thousands of troops stationed in Japan, China, an emerging naval power, is challenging for control of the surrounding seas.

After Washington expressed its discontent over Chinese plans to put the East China Sea under the control of its air forces, Beijing demanded explanations from the American ambassador and advised the US to “correct its mistakes immediately.” 

Nuclear agreement could result in Israel and Saudi Arabia attacking Iran ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Could be, but I doubt it.  Israel wants to get America and other western nations to bleed for it, not face the power of Iran and Syria and Hezbollah.  It prefers lying and False Flag attacks and attacking mostly unarmed people!!!  Stirling   

Iranophobia scenario has gone downhill says Iranian Foreign Minister - with video ~ link ~ That is true but never underestimate people like Netanyahu in their capacity to do great evil!   Stirling   


Breakthrough Iran Talks - Ripple effect is in progress ~ link ~ Good 

Lebanon: Iran nuclear deal puts Israel in limelight - with video ~ link ~ That is true to some extent, however, the Zionists/globalists control 96% of all mainstream news media in America and similar amounts in most western nations.  You can count on the Zionist media to 'fail to mention' the danger to the world of Israel's large nuclear weapons arsenal.  Stirling   

Lebanon's Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour tells Press TV that Israel is sore at Iran's nuclear agreement, as the deal has put Tel Aviv in the limelight as a non-signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). 
“Through this deal, which is undoubtedly seen as a diplomatic victory for the Islamic Republic, Tel Aviv has been cornered and put in the limelight as the only side which is yet to sign the NPT,” Mansour said in an exclusive interview with Press TV. 
David Stockman: Bubble inflating all around us - with video ~ link Former White House Budget Director David Stockman says, “Much of the mainstream media is caught up inside the bubble . . . They have an extreme case of ‘recency bias.’  They can’t remember the events of a few years ago.”  Stockman, whose latest book is called “The Great Deformation,” goes on to say, “Look at this bubble inflating all around us. . . . The Russell 2000 is trading at 75 time reported earnings.  People seem to forget that’s exactly where we were in 2007 and 2008.”  Stockman has a grim assessment of the current economy.  Stockman contends, “You are in a crony capitalism bankrupting mess.  That is very disconcerting news to people inside the bubble.”  On China, Stockman says, “They are sitting on this massive hoard of paper that they’re never going to be able to do anything with.  They have huge distortions inside of their economy . . . as bad as anything we have.”  Stockman goes on to say, “This is a symptom that this huge central bank game is nearing its end stage.”  Stockman warns, “When the Fed finally stops printing $85 billion a month . . . we’ll have falling bond prices and rising yields, a crisis at the heart of the financial system, the $12 trillion Treasury note and bond market.  That’s when the day of reckoning will finally begin to unfold, and everybody will be caught up in it.”  Stockman warns, “This is not a viable system.  It’s a house of cards . . . I think it will be a deflationary event . . . financial asset prices will collapse. ”    

Radionuclides from Fukushima due to hit US West Coast any day now - Senior scientist: "Really bizarre" US government not testing limit ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~  Fukushima is being used as just one more Population Reduction Program by the globalists!   Stirling   

Scientists cannot locate any of the three molten reactor cores at Fukushima ~ link 

After Fukushima core meltdown risk reevaluated: Now 1,000% higher ~ link ~ Risk in Europe, over next 30 years, of a core meltdown is now at 100%+!   Stirling   

Department of Justice memo confirms Obama
Administration plan for Gun Confiscation
~ link ~ I would not want to be one of the cops charged with confiscating guns from Americans!!!   Stirling    

Avenge JFK - Send Weapons Inspectors to Dimona ~ link ~ An American political commentator says Israel was behind the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy because he opposed Israel’s plans of becoming a nuclear power in the Middle East.
“Anyone with any common sense knows that Israel getting nuclear weapons was a complete disaster for the world,” he said. “The Israelis are fanatical extremists who feel that they are being persecuted everywhere they go and they have to be extremely harsh, unyielding and aggressive as well as deceptive and violent with the world. So they have a terrible track record of extreme deception, lies and extreme violence. They are ruthless, they are psychopathic and they are the most likely…to use nuclear weapons,” Barrett added.

Decaying area of Detroit being transformed into the 'world's largest urban farm' - with photos ~ link ~ What America is coming to!!!   Stirling    

Professional storm chaser's photos ~ link ~ WOW 

London to New York in under an hour - London to Tokyo in two hours ~ link ~ Engineers at Lockheed Martin in the U.S. revealed that they are developing the SR-72, a successor to the SR-71, the iconic Blackbird long-distance spy plane. The Blackbird holds the air speed record of Mach 3 - three times the speed of sound - but the SR-72 will go twice that speed, at up to 4,567 mph.


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