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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
AVE MARIA - by Helene Fischer - video ~ link
AVE MARIA by Katherine Jenkins - video ~ link 
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23 November 2013
EU Countries to Resume Political Ties with Syria Soon ~ link ~ Political observers have noticed that almost all European countries have resumed their security cooperation with the Syrian government. They have expectations that it will not be a long time before those countries resume their political ties as well.
Top Syrian merchants and businessmen have pledged to cooperate closely with the government to launch a huge construction plan to rebuild the destroyed properties in Damascus and other big towns and cities. 
Die-offs of mammals, birds and reptiles in Western USA ~ link ~ Could this be an effect of Fukushima radiation???  Stirling    
Underwater close-up of fuel assembly pulled from rack at Fukushima Unit #4 - videos ~ link 
Sandy Hook Police Report to be released Nov. 25 ~ link ~ It took some very sick minds to come up with a False Flag attack on a kindergarten less than two weeks before Christmas.  The public did not fall for it, however, instead of a widespread demand that guns be made illegal there was panic buying of guns and ammo!!!   Stirling    
People have gone to Newtown to investigate the shooting and what is most interesting is no one in Newtown will discuss it.  It seems that the FBI and government authorities have intimidated people into not talking.

Of course they completely tore down the school because they had to get rid of the fact there was no evidence of a mass shooting.

Be ready for the inundation of Sandy Hook in the media.   Get ready for all the propaganda to come forth from Obama, media and all the gun grabbers.

Sandy Hook is about to be in the spot light once more for evil purposes. 
Evidence of CIA involvement in Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination - video ~ linkDr. King was assassinated because they felt that this would derail the then on-going bid of Robert Kennedy to gain the Presidency.  The black community was a key part of RFK's voting block.  Although there were riots after Dr. King's murder, Robert Kennedy in Indianapolis showed that the solution was not rioting but to elect him to end the criminal government at the top.  Once the plot to use an assassination to kill Dr. King to derail the RFK presidential bid failed, the plotters went to Plan B, the assassination of Robert Kennedy himself.  The same forces that killed JFK were behind the murders of MLK and RFK and later mostly behind the murder of JFK, Jr. and his family.  These included the Global Banking Cartel, the Mossad and Lansky Crime Organization, the CIA, etc.   Stirling   
ACLU argues in court that NSA surveillance violates Constitutional Rights ~ link ~ The true reason for all this spying on EVERYONE is the coming high-tech global police/slave state, the New World Order, that the globalists and Zionists intend to establish!!!  They will make mass murders like Hitler and Stalin look like Sunday School Teachers by comparison!!!  Stirling    

Federal Reserve and Wall Street Assassinate the US Dollar ~ link ~ The Sheeple had better fully wake up soon.  We are in a massive Global Depression NOW.  In America, with a total population of about 320 million, we have 102 million of working age that are UNEMPLOYED!!!  The debt of America is insane and continues to grow at a massive rate because we allow the mostly foreign and mostly Jewish owners of the Fed to create money out of thin air and 'loan' it to us and we taxpayers have to pay back the principal and compound interest rates.  This has gone on for 100 years now and the accrued interest rates now account for most of our federal taxes!  We are constantly getting into totally unnecessary foreign wars and paying for insane things like the designed-to-fail 'War on Drugs' and the 'War on Poverty' because these increase federal deficit spending, which means more 'loans' from the Fed and more profit to the Fed's owners!!!  North America, Europe, China and Japan are in the 'cross hairs' of the globalists and Zionists now.  They intend to destroy us, and to kill most of us off in WWIII, so that they can establish their demonic New World Order!!!  Stirling     

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