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22 November 2013
50th Anniversary of the Coup and Assassination of President John F. Kennedy 
Rothschild Ties to JFK Assassination ~ link ~ This is one that you should take the time to read in full at the link.  Stirling   

Bells toll and a minute's silence at the location where President Kennedy was murdered 50 years ago today - with photos and video ~ linkThousands of people have flocked to the spot where President John F. Kennedy was shot for a solemn commemoration of the 50th anniversary of his assassination.
Crowds gathered along the same route through Dallas that the president's motorcade passed when shots rang out on November 22, 1963.

 JFK Assassination: The Death of Hope ~ link ~ After decades of non-investigation by the epically corrupt J. Edgar Hoover, organized crime was on the receiving end of a massive attack by Robert Kennedy ~ the president’s brother and Attorney General. At the same time, his brother was going after organized crime, JFK was going after the criminal elements that had taken over the CIA. 

Few people understand that organized crime and the CIA (and its predecessors) work closely together both inside the US and outside and by the time of the Kennedy assassination had done so for decades. Neither of the Kennedy brothers were choirboys, but what they were undertaking was a heroic effort on their parts and one done for the good of the country. Had they succeeded, they would have averted many of the catastrophes that have befallen the US ~ and other countries (effecting many hundreds of millions of people) ~ in the last 50 years

The Kennedy brothers knew the risks involved in their operations. What they attempted required great moral and physical courage the likes of which have rarely been seen in the history of this country.

Caroline Kennedy's daughter Tatiana pays her respects to her grandfather at the JFK memorial in England ~ link ~ A stone tablet and ornate garden were dedicated to President Kennedy in Runnymede in Berkshire, and a service was held there today on the 50th anniversary of his assassination.The site was unveiled in 1965 by Queen Elizabeth with Jacqueline Kennedy and her two children in tow.

USA remembers Kennedy 50 Years after assassination - with video ~ link ~ This is a sad day.  Like so many Americans who are old enough, I remember clearly the events of the day.  I was in grade school and I will never forget it!   Kennedy was a hero.  Anyone else, may well have gotten the world into the Third World War during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but President Kennedy, and God above, kept us safe.  May he rest in peace.  Tim Earl of Stirling      

Remembering Jack Kennedy ~ link

Iran and world powers struggle on nuclear deal in Geneva ~ link ~ If Bibi 666 Netanyahu gets his way, there will be no nuclear deal but there will be a new beyond horrific global war, the Third World War!!!  Stirling   

Iran spoke of "serious issues" that must be resolved, while one Western diplomat cited "considerable gaps".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has arrived to join the talks, and reports say the discussions could extend into the weekend.

Senior White House official: Israel's 'all-or-nothing' stance on Iran will lead to WAR ~ link ~ In a conference call with think tanks and advocacy groups sympathetic to the Obama administration’s strategy with Iran, the official said Israel’s stance would “close the door on diplomacy” and would “essentially lead to war.”

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency obtained a recording of the conference on condition that the participants remained anonymous.

The official expressed frustration with Israel’s pushback against the US proposal for a “first step” agreement with Tehran that would exchange some modest sanctions relief for some restrictions in Iran’s nuclear energy program.

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the US, France, Britain, Russia and China - plus Germany kicked off their latest round of talks on Wednesday.

The two sides are working to hammer out an interim deal to pave the ground for the final resolution to the West’s decade-old nuclear standoff with Iran.

The recognition of Iran's entitlement to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes remains one of the major sticking points in the talks.

In recent weeks, senior Israeli officials including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been hard at work trying to discredit negotiations with the Islamic Republic.

Under the influence of the Israel lobby, a bipartisan group of 14 US senators issued a statement on Thursday saying they would move ahead with a new sanctions bill against Tehran over the coming weeks.

At a White House meeting on Tuesday, US President Barack Obama urged American senators to ignore the aggressive lobbying campaign by Israel and hold off on new sanctions against Tehran.

A recent poll shows a majority of Americans support a diplomatic agreement between Iran and the six world powers over the country’s nuclear energy program.

The survey conducted by ABC News/Washington Post found out that 64 percent of respondents back a deal that will ease sanctions in exchange for Iran restricting its nuclear program. 

US pro-Zionist senators threaten Iran nuclear talks with call for new sanctions at 'crucial' stage ~ link
A group of 14 US senators announced they are calling for a new package of sanctions against Iran, just as Russia’s foreign minister arrived in Geneva for what Iran called a “crucial” phase in the talks with the P5+1 group on its nuclear program.

The talks are now focusing on the actual text of the agreement, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters Friday. 
No sanctions on Israel was the real 'Historic Mistake' ~ link ~ They get by with anything and everything and they have a hyper-racist attitude towards the rest of the human race.  That is a bad combination!  Stirling    
Netanyahu and his Congressional puppets are correct that the world is facing a historic mistake. They just have it upside down.

We would never be where we are now if the world had imposed sanctions on Israel for its long-running and huge weapons of mass destruction programs. The West thus ended up being a major proliferator itself in spite of all the rhetoric to the contrary.

World powers recognize Iran enrichment right ~ link 

Western media ignore massacre of Christians in Syria - with video ~ link ~ That large numbers of Christians are being killed, maimed, and raped because they are Christian, and this is being done by people supported by western tax money is something that should be shouted from every church in the world.  The mainstream news media, which is little more than simply a propaganda arm of globalist and Zionist power, is anti-Christian and evil to the core!!!  Stirling     
Western media outlets have come under criticism from Christians in Syria for turning a blind eye to atrocities carried out by Takfiri terrorist groups against the Christian community in the war-torn country.

A new report by the news service of the Pontifical Mission Societies highlights the massacre of 45 Christians in the village of Sadad, northeast of Damascus.

The killing marks the biggest massacre of Christians in the Syrian conflict which began in March 2011.

The report also blamed the foreign-backed Takfiri militants for the massacre, and denounced the US government and its mainstream media for remaining silent on the mass murder.

More Christians are now fleeing their homes as the persecution is worsening in militant-held territories in the north.

Christians say kidnapping, rape and execution of Christians are being carried out by Takfiri militants and those affiliated with the so-called Free Syrian Army.
In Israel, French President Hollande takes bellicose stance against Iran ~ link ~ He pushed for a war against Syria in September, that would have started WWIII.  Now he is back at it again.  This Zionist jerk is a danger to all of France and the world...and yes that includes Israel.  Evil nut!!!   Stirling   
On a three-day visit to Israel beginning Sunday, French President Fran├žois Hollande assured the Israeli ruling elite that he will keep pushing for economic sanctions and military pressure against Iran over unsubstantiated allegations that Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

After receiving a warm welcome from Israeli leaders, Hollande declared in Hebrew that “I will always remain a friend of Israel.”

Pact provides for permanent US occupation of Afghanistan ~ link ~ Got to make sure the heroin keeps on coming for organized crime!   Stirling     
Putin: EU blackmailing Ukraine over halt in trade deal - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the EU of "blackmailing" and “pressuring” Ukraine over its decision to suspend preparations for a trade pact with the bloc. He added that Ukraine’s decision will be clear in the next few days.
"When we heard (I just found out yesterday) that Ukraine has suspended – not canceled but suspended – negotiations with the EU and wants to review everything, we heard a threat from the EU to Ukraine up to the point of holding mass protests. This is pressure and blackmail," Putin said at a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in St. Petersburg.   

Europe shocked, furious while Putin triumphs again - Ukraine spurns Europe and turns toward Moscow ~ link

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