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21 November 2013
Tomorrow is the 50th Anniversary of the murder of President John F. Kennedy.  I will be speaking on this topic today on the NutriMedical Report Show and will continue to carry relevant articles this week.  The evil bastards who killed President Jack Kennedy have never been brought to justice.  Many are still alive, one, former President George H.W. Bush, still receives Secret Service protection and a large pension from the American taxpayers.  The vast majority of Americans, as well as people around the world, do not accept the official US Government view that Oswald killed Kennedy.  Even the US House of Representatives said that the President was killed by a conspiracy.  Yet, records remain sealed and NO EFFORT has or is being made to bring the guilty parties to justice!  It is time for justice to be served!!!   Stirling     
John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ~ link  
The Death of John Kennedy ~ link 
Netanyahu's Moscow visit falls flat ~ link Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to Moscow to push Russia into taking a harder line on Iranian nuclear negotiations has fallen flat, Israel's media said on Thursday.

Netanyahu flew to Moscow Wednesday in what was seen as a last-minute bid to influence an emerging nuclear deal with Iran strongly opposed by the Jewish state and being discussed by world 
powers and Iranian diplomats in Geneva. 
Five signs that the rich have Way too much money ~ link ~ As 102 million Americans of working age are unemployed, even more in Europe, etc.!!!   Stirling   
Here’s something to read after you get done trying to figure out how to make the mortgage or the rent or the car payment this month. It’s a little story about how the other half lives. Well, maybe not the other half, exactly. More like the obscenely wealthy .01%.

What do you do when you just have too darn much money? Let’s say you already have your mansion(s), your jet, your yacht, your cars, your $5,000 watches, and you’ve still got too much money left over. (Yes, this really is a problem some people have.) While many, many Americans are struggling to get by, and a very few ultra-wealthy have too much money, here are five signs that the rich are just too rich.

ObamaCare automatically enrolling people in Food Stamps - You cannot opt out! ~ link 

40 House Republicans back Constitutional challenge to ObamaCare ~ link ~ Forty House Republicans have filed a friend-of-the-court brief in a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act. The suit is based on the Origination Clause of the Constitution, according to

The case — Sissel vs. United States Department of Health and Human Services — was filed in federal court in 2010 by the Pacific Legal Foundation on behalf of Iraq war veteran Matt Sissel, who owns a small business in Iowa. It is to be heard by a federal appeals court in early 2014.

 America has entered a new level of Tyranny ~ link ~
Information is gathered for a purpose. We attend school, gain knowledge and acquire employment. We gather knowledge about someone we are dating and then make a decision about the future of the relationship. When the government is gathering information on us which goes beyond the basic census information, then we should be asking a lot of questions along the lines of "When will the surveillance gathering being conducted by the NSA turn into outright persecution?"
French farmers block roads to Paris - with video ~ link ~ Anti-tax protests have been staged across France in the past weeks, especially over a plan for a new levy on road freight. Farm and food sector trade unions are against the new levy and say it will cost thousands of jobs.

The angry farmers say they are tired of what they call “over-taxation,” which includes the so-called eco-tax on road freight and a planned increase in the value-added tax due to launch on January 1.



Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

I'd like to comment on the article:

"The death of John Kennedy".

The author writes:

"The Man In The Doorway

Compare these two images. The man in the doorway of the school book depository, and Oswald's photo immediately after his arrest".

If you compare the T-shirts on the photos, you will notice that the shapes are different.
The man in the doorway is wearing a T-shirt with a V-neckline. Mr Oswald is wearing a T-shirt with a round neckline.
The man in the doorway is wearing a shirt with different colors, you can see white and dark spots.
Mr Oswald is wearing a shirt the color of which is unicolor when you take a photo from the distance.

Well, who is the person in the doorway?
Is important to know who he is?

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our saviour,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

If you compare the T-shirts IN the photos......

Is IT important to know who he is?


Joaquin, Germany

Our Lord will forgive me.