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20 November 2013
Iran nuclear talks resume in Geveva ~ link ~ Either the world turns its back on the demonic demands of the Global Banking Cartel and the evil Netanyahu Zionists and makes peace with Iran and Syria, or we will be 'back on track' to the Third World War and Armageddon!!!   Stirling     
Rouhani: Iran seeks win-win game in nuclear talks - with video ~ link ~ NOW is the time to put an end to the crazyness in the Middle East.  We are not apt to get another opportunity as good as this one, if we allow Bibi 666 Netanyahu and his fellow evil fools to screw this one up!!!   Stirling     
'Respect red lines': Hopes, skepticism as deal expected in Iran nuclear talks ~ link  ~ Iran and members of the P5+1 group resumed talks on an interim nuclear deal Wednesday. The elusive agreement may be within reach, Iran and Russia hope, but some of the other countries involved in the talks are less optimistic.
A deal could see controversial Iran’s nuclear program put on hold for six months, in exchange for Western nations lifting sanctions. A deal could net Iran some $10 billion in unfrozen assets and trade revenue and also pave the way for a permanent treaty to resolve the longstanding dispute. 

The previous round of talks in Geneva two weeks ago was widely expected to produce an agreement, but failed to do so at the last moment. Some blamed French intervention for the obstacle, while other commentators speculated that it was Tehran’s fault. Nevertheless, senior diplomats from Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the US are back at the negotiating table with Iranian representatives in Geneva. 

Make or Break Time for Iran and P5+1 ~ link ~
Never mind “workers of the world unite!” How about just “people of commonsense unite!” This new rallying call acquires cogency this week as the third round of talks gets underway in Geneva between Iran and the sextet of world powers, known as the P5+1, comprising US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany.

A settlement to this 10-year dispute is long overdue. Accusations by the Western powers that Iran is stealthily aiming to build a nuclear weapon have at various times resulted in threats of war. The deadlock has also imposed a raft of withering economic sanctions that has hit hard the 80 million mainly civilian population of Iran. But these sanctions have also rebounded on the world economy, with Western markets and consumers also bearing the brunt of destabilizing trade restrictions.

Russia expects negotiations in Geneva to be successful says Foreign Minister ~ link 

Neo-Bolshevik license to kill and destroy the Goyim ~ link ~ The thinking here is Luciferian!!!  Stirling    

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri announced last year, “Supporting jihad in Syria to establish a Muslim state is a basic step towards Jerusalem.”[4]
Jewish neoconservative hawk Daniel Pipes certainly didn’t have much trouble with al-Zawahiri’s bloody ideology here. Pipes wrote a few months ago:
“Western governments should respond by helping the rebels to prevent Assad from crushing them.”[5]
Pipes moved on to expand and expound on his essentially Talmudic thesis this way: “the West should prevent either side in the civil war from emerging victorious by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict.’”[6]
If you did not catch that wicked and, quite frankly, Mephistophelian ideology, here is the translation: let Assad and the Syrian terrorists fight until they destroy each other. Let them fight until blood flows from all over Syria.
It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how much it would cost America and the Middle East, the West should give his last drop of blood to support that hellish plan. Let mothers and decent civilians weep and mourn for their children and love ones and their cherished country. Pipes only cares about Israel.

Soundwave-borne viruses 'can stop fleets' ~ link ~
The nightmare defeat of fleets disabled by computer viruses, a premise of the popular TV show Battlestar Galactica, is haunting some in the US Navy. Air gap jumping malware may undermine one of the pillars of America’s military might.
The concern over potential vulnerability of US warship was voiced last week by retired Capt. Mark Hagerott at the Defense One conference. He cited reports of a new type of computer virus, which may be able to spread using ultrasonic waves emitted by built-in speakers. 

Up to 15,000 US troops to 'remain in Afghanistan until 2024' ~ link ~ This has NOTHING to do with American or global security.  It has everything to do with deficite spending, which is profit for the Fed's private globalist owners, and maintaining the opium poppy fields for the mob!!!   Way beyond shameful!!!  The American people should NOT put up with this level of crap!!!   Stirling     

Atomic mafia: Yakuza 'cleans up' Fukushima, neglects basic workers rights - with video ~ link ~ Homeless men employed cleaning up the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant, including those brought in by Japan's yakuza gangsters, were not aware of the health risks they were taking and say their bosses treated them like “disposable people.”
RT's Aleksey Yaroshevsky, reporting from the site of the world's worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl, met with a former Fukushima worker who was engaged in the clean-up operation.   

"We were given no insurance for health risks, no radiation meters even. We were treated like nothing, like disposable people – they promised things and then kicked us out when we received a large radiation doze," the young man, who didn't identify himself, told RT.  
The ObamaCare Shock - One California employer's terrifying true story ~ link ~ Obamacare is a total joke, instead of a much needed reform of the totally corrupt health care system in America, we have a new mandated system that provides even less coverage for much more cost to the citizen.  The bastards are really sticking it to the average person in America, as part of a overall plan to destroy the nation!!!   Stirling    
The  cheapest plan now has a deductible of $6350! Before it was $150. Employees making $9 to $10/hr, have to pay $30/wk and have a $6350 deductible!!! What!!!

They can't afford that to be sure. Obamacare will kill their propensity to seek medical care. More money for less care? How does that help them?
Robert Kennedy immediately suspected the CIA in JFK's death ~ link ~ The government theory that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone was not enough to convince many Americans following the President's assassination, including his own brother. 

Robert Kennedy, who was the Attorney General at the time, immediately suspected that the CIA had something to do with the President's death in Dallas.

The Death of JFK: Why Nixon resigned instead of facing impeachment ~ link 


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord Stirling,

About: "badbios", the super-bug for PCs

Enter at google: mcc_vol1 pdf

The article is about hiding signals, it's chapter 4, pp 497-; "Acoustic Steganographic..."

To be precise, a digital signal is hidden in an audio-signal!

The Germans have also done intensive research on this subject. They connected a cluster of about 5 laptops which communicated via ultra-sound.
The results will be published this month, Nov. 2013,in:
"Journal of Communications" (ISSN: 1796-2021).
The laptops were connected via ultra-sound. There was no connection via Bluetooth, WiFi or wires!!!
There was an air-gap!
It 's possible. The transfer-rate is very low though, about 20 to 150 Bytes per second. But the communication between 2 PCs which are infected by "badbios" can only work, if "badbios" is installed on both PCs.

I have published this comment(s) on RT today, but I have made some changes for the readers of Europebusines.

Yours, in Jesus Christ, our saviour,

Joaquin, Germany

Anonymous said...

is your smart tv sending files back to unknown servers about what u watch? ergh yes they just been busted..

with pics and lg response....time to buy a old tube

Anonymous said...

Here is the gene sequence of Silent Superbug which is also called by other names such as Fiber Disease, Morgellons, and Chemtrail Sickness. There is a huge coverup of this crime against humanity. The CDC, ECDC, and Interpol in France were notified ine 2004 of the release of this synthetic model organism which was created in a proteome genomic laboratory. It was releases in 1979, 1980, 1989, 1991, and 2000.

Morgellons Gene Sequence!!!

Uncontrollable Bio Climate Change!!! Morgellons Gene Sequence and Substrains!!!

See This in Your Skin? You Might Have Morgellons
See links below this video

Biowarfar through the less known fungi imperfecti (brother of Candida, Chlamydia, Aspergillus, Penicillium and much more human health forgotten issues -

Check for Enderlin's Fungii Pleomorfism in relationship with EMF radiation and the deterioration of human health