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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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17 November 2013 Sunday & 18 November 2013

Two old foes unite against Tehran ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ A tiny racist bigoted Israel and a large (mostly empty desert) racist bigoted Saudi Arabia, what a combo designed by Satan to bring on Armageddon!!!  Stirling    
US hostility toward Iran over 'sovereignty' ~ link ~ Israel uses the American Congress as its bought-and-paid for whore, while the sick demonic globalists lick their lips in anticipation of World War III so that they can 'reduce' the populations to under one billion, on this planet, in order to bring about their satanic wet dream of a "New World Order".   Stirling   
Syria government site in Damascus hit by huge bomb ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ A bomb attack on a Syrian government building near Damascus has killed 31 people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
 Four generals were among the dead, the activist group said.

Majority of Israelis believe solo strike on Iran can succeed ~ link ~ And the resulting Iranian and Syrian counter-strikes, including massive Fuel Air Warheads and Radiological Warheads plus Advanced Biological Weapons will kill most Israelis!!!  It does NOT make any sense to enter a war when both sides have very effective doomsday weapons-of-mass-destruction!!!  It is NOT good for the Jews, nor the Arabs, nor the Persians, etc.  Stirling    

French President's popularity at record low ~ link ~ Of course it is.  He is the second Rothschild-owned Jewish Israel-first president in a row.  Last election the two leading candidates were both Jews totally committed to Israel, not to France, and to the Global Banksters.  The French people were treated to a old Zionist/globalist game whereby they own both horses in a two-horse race and everyone (the gentiles) but the owners get screwed!  Stirling      

France will not accept nuclear weapons proliferation says Hollande - with video ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ So I guess that means he is opposed to the Israeli nuclear weapons program...NOT!!!  One key component of a Zionist position is that "their shit does not stink" but everyone else does!  This is based on their strong racist based hatred of all other races and groups and their religious belief that everyone not born of a Jewish mother is but a two-legged animal without a soul!!!   Stirling    

Chinese H-6K nuclear bomber - with photos ~ link 

Thousands protest press credibility in march against mainstream media ~ link ~ The mainstream news media is simply propaganda from the Global Banking Cartel and the Zionists.  It is lying trash and reflects the nature of its originators!   Stirling    

Thousands of people in the UK and US united in their rejection of mainstream media in a mass protest. Protesters targeted the headquarters of media giants like Fox News, the BBC and NBS, decrying their narrow coverage of world affairs.

The March Against Mainstream Media (MAMM) organized the international protest via social media and challenged the established media to cover it. 

In a statement posted on the MAMM website, the organization said big media outlets had two options: “report on the fact that thousands of people are currently protesting outside of their buildings because they are keeping important news from the public’s eyes,” or ignore them.  
A Call for a Crowd-sourced Worldwide Wave of Action ~ link ~ The modern paradigm may still seem insurmountable “because it possesses an outward front, the work of a long past, but is in reality an edifice crumbling to ruin and destined to fall in at the first storm.”
 – Gustave Le Bon, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
 The decentralized movement toward freedom is raging across the world. It cannot be stopped. The tipping point is near. Despite the lack of coverage in the mainstream media, actions are springing up on an increasing basis. A wave of transformation is rising. The zeitgeist is shifting in our direction.

At this point, given all the nonviolent direct actions that are currently being planned, it makes strategic sense for us to organize them, in a decentralized way, in a way that the mainstream media cannot ignore. A slightly more coordinated approach is all it will take.

How America Works (In One Cartoon) ~ link ~ You have got to take a second to view this one!   Stirling   
The real heroes of the global economy ~ link The real heroes of the world economy – the role models that others should emulate – are countries that have done relatively well while running only small external imbalances. Countries like Austria, Canada, the Philippines, Lesotho, and Uruguay cannot match the world’s growth champions, because they do not over-borrow or sustain a mercantilist economic model. Theirs are unremarkable economies that do not garner many headlines. But without them, the global economy would be even less manageable than it already is.
Marc Faber fears "The end of the Capitalist Economic System as we know it" ~ link ~ "We already live in a financial economy in which the debt and capital markets exceed the value of the real economy by far," Marc Faber explains to Germany's Finanzen100, "and that's before the current formation of bubbles." His most ominous warning, and one that fits perfectly with the seeming insanity of Federal Reserve (and all developed market central banks) is that "the next time a bubble bursts, then the capitalist economic system as we know will falter."
Via Finanzen100 (Google Translate),

The numbers speak for themselves: In 1980, the market capitalization of the U.S. stock market was less than 40 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). The debt, measured in credit markets, was about 130 percent of GDP. Today these figures are higher, according to Marc Faber many times: The market capitalization has reached over 100 percent of GDP, the debt about 300 percent. This is consistent with figures from the consulting firm McKinsey. After calculation, the global debt still stood in 2010 at 158 ??trillion. In 2012, there were already $ 200 trillion - and rising. This makes for a worldwide economic power of slightly more than $71 trillion about three times.

Take It To The Bank ~ link ~ This is another classic case of mal-investment spurred by the Federal Reserve easy money policies, zero interest rates, and QEternity. Cheap money leads to bad investments. I’m all for competition between drug store chains and banks. CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid are the three big chains in the country. I have my pick of multiple stores close to my house. There are clearly too many stores competing for a dwindling number of customers, with a dwindling supply of disposable income. The only reason Rite Aid is still in the picture is the easy money policies of the Federal Reserve. They have been teetering on the verge of bankruptcy for the last five years, but continue to get cheap financing from the Wall Street cabal, who would rather pretend they will get paid, than write-off the bad debt. Who in their right mind would continue to lend money to a company with $6 billion in debt, NEGATIVE $2.3 billion of equity, and losses exceeding $2 billion since 2008? They are the poster child for badly run businesses that over expanded, took on too much debt and should be liquidated. There are over 4,600 zombie Rite Aid stores littering the countryside waiting to be put out of their misery.
Rite Aid will never repay the $6 billion of debt. They know it. Their auditors know it. Their Wall Street lenders know it. The Federal Reserve Bank regulators know it. Anyone with a functioning brain knows it. Tune in to CNBC for those who are paid to keep clueless investors from knowing it. Interest rates that actually reflected risk and weren’t manipulated to an artificially low level by the Federal Reserve would make financing for a dog like Rite Aid a non-starter. Creative destruction would be allowed to work its magic, with winners separated from losers. Instead Rite Aid continues as a zombie entity, barely surviving for now. This exact scenario applies to J.C. Penney, RadioShack, Sears and a myriad of other dead retailers walking. Rather than suffering the consequences of appalling management judgment, dreadful strategic decisions, and reckless financial gambles, they have been allowed to remain on life support compliments of Bernanke, his Wall Street chiefs, and the American taxpayer.

Police and anti-austerity protesters clash in Greek capital ~ link 

JFK and Israel At Odds Over Nukes ~ link ~ Which was one of the reasons President Kennedy was assassinated 50 years ago, ushering in half a century of war against America and the American people!!!   Stirling     

Limo that JFK was riding in when he was assassinated went on to serve three other presidents ~ link ~ It really made no sense to rebuild this historic car.  They could have made another one for about the same money from scratch, but that would possibly left some evidence in place.  So they "rebuilt" it.  Stirling     

Sun's magnetic field will 'flip upside' within weeks ~ link Sun is set to “flip upside down” within weeks as its magnetic field reverses polarity in an event that will send ripple effects throughout the solar system. Although it may sound like a catastrophic occurrence, there’s no need to run for cover. The sun switches its polarity, flipping its magnetic north and south, once every eleven years through an internal mechanism about which little is understood. The swap could however cause intergalactic weather fronts such as geomagnetic storms, which can interfere with satellites and cause radio blackouts. NASA said in August that the change would happen in three to four months time, but it is impossible to give a more specific date. Scientist won’t know for around another three weeks whether the flip is complete. The solar flip incidentally coincides with the near approach of Comet Ison. It’s unknown what effect, if any, solar behavior will have on the comet. The impact of the solar shake-up will be widespread, as the sun’s magnetic field exerts influence well beyond Pluto, and past NASA’s Voyager probes positioned near the edge of interstellar space.

Comet ISON's sudden outburst stuns scientists ~ link ~ Comets are historically linked to great wars and major changes in human events.  This one is coming at a time of a solar magnetic field flip.  Research the Electric Universe Model and the comet coming at a time of a solar magnetic field flip will take on more importance to you!  Stirling   

Dairy industry pushing to hide aspartame in new US legal definition of 'milk' ~ link ~ What totally evil bastards!!!  Stirling     

Millions of children dumbed down and drugged up on Schedule II amphetamines ~ link ~ There is a silent tragedy taking place, mostly in the USA, as countless millions of children of all ages are being erroneously administered doses of amphetamine class drugs multiple times each day. These drugs are otherwise illegal, schedule II, in the same highly addictive group as cocaine, morphine and opium banned in most of the world. Why are innocent children being medically abused in this way?

In any classroom in America today, there is likely to be one, two or three children who do not behave like normal, happy boys and girls, instead walking with a blank zombie-like stare, unwilling to interact meaningfully with friends and others.

These children represent among the worst failures of parents, schools and society towards the young generation, the very future and hope of humanity.

Serious talk of repealing ObamaCare now surfacing ~ link 

UK forecasters predict "exceptionally severe" winter ~ link  

Scotland: Threat of first heavy snowfall forecast ~ link  

Snowfall blocks traffic in two Chinese provinces ~ link  


50 Dead as passenger jet crashes in central Russia - with videos and photos ~ link  


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Dear Lord Stirling,

Is the British MI6 planning to kidnap Snowden?

"....Capturing Snowden through a kidnapping, known as «rendition,» is more problematic for the British. However, Russian security services, including the FSB, are devoting much of their attention to the Winter Olympics, which begin on February 7, 2014 in Sochi. The tactic of MI-6 may be to wait for a lapse in the security provided by FSB to Snowden to arrange for an operation to capture him and spirit him out of Russia during a time when Moscow and the rest of Russia will be playing host to tens of thousands of foreign visitors to the Olympics...."

Well, wouldn't it be a good idea to stage a false flag attack to cause a lapse?