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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
Powerful prayer to St. Michael the Archangel - video ~ link
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AVE MARIA by Perry Como - video ~ link 



US tells Israel diplomacy better than war with Iran ~ link ~ And a whole lot more survivable!!!  Stirling  
Washington prefers diplomacy with Iran to the path proposed by Israel to subdue Tehran with sanctions as it may lead to war, the US says, after Israel warns against “bad deal” with the Islamic Republic.

"I think we're looking at multiple tracks here, including our continued pursuit of seeing whether a diplomatic path is possible. The alternative in our view is a path to war," US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki said on Saturday.

"We think the path to diplomacy is the right path," she added.

Psaki remarks came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to Twitter on Friday to warn against a “bad deal” with Iran over the country’s nuclear program.

The US official said she saw the tweet Friday but had no response to it.
Russia sees 'very good chance' of Iran nuclear deal - with video ~ linkRussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says there is a “very good chance” of reaching a deal during next week’s talks over Iran’s nuclear energy program.
Lavrov said Saturday that last week’s talks on Iran’s nuclear energy program at the Swiss city of Geneva had eliminated the fundamental areas of disagreement and there was a real chance of reaching a deal in the upcoming negotiations. 
Lavrov: No real dissent in nuclear talks between P5+1 and Iran ~ link ~ The Russian Foreign Minister has revealed that there are no real differences on practical issues between the six-party negotiators and Iran. What is needed now is to set down our understanding in a document, Sergey Lavrov told the Russian TVC channel.
“The negotiations with the Foreign Minister of Iran [Mohammad Javad Zarif] have confirmed that for the first time in many years the sextet of negotiators and Tehran are ready to truly seek common grounds instead of presenting mostly uncorrelated positions,” said the Russian FM in an interview to Postscriptum program. 

“Such areas of common interests have been defined and there remain no principle differences in solving practical questions,” Lavrov said. “What we’re talking about now is a correct diplomatic recording of the reached understanding so that it becomes a truly joint document, not imposed on anyone from outside.” 

China tests high-speed precision-guided torpedo ~ link ~ China’s navy recently conducted a test of a new high-speed maneuvering torpedo that poses a threat to U.S. ships and submarines.

Defense officials said the new torpedo is the latest example of what the Pentagon calls Beijing’s anti-access, area-denial, or AA/AD, high-tech weaponry.

Other new weapons include China’s recently deployed anti-ship ballistic missile, the DF-21D, which is designed to sink U.S. aircraft carriers far from China’s shores.

Israel to receive six V-22 Ospreys QUICKLY ~ link ~ Like they really need them and need them quickly!  Stirling   

Unique 'direct kill' air defense complex unveiled in Russia ~ link Tests of a new missile for the advanced version of the Russian air defense system Tor-M2 proved it is capable of shooting down challenging targets with amazing precision, hitting moving missiles head-on, Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey revealed.

In an attempt to push the limits of modern missile defense systems, Russian military design bureaus Almaz-Antey and Vympel NPO (now part of Tactical Missiles Corporation) have jointly developed the new 9M338 surface-to-air missile.

India's new flagship: Russia hands over modernized aircraft carrier to New Delhi - with video ~ link ~
The Indian Navy has received the 44,500-ton Vikramaditya aircraft carrier at the Russian shipbuilding complex in Severodvinsk. The much awaited carrier was fully refurbished for US$2.3 billion, and will now become India’s game-changing flagship.

Russian deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and Indian Defense Minister AK Antony attended the handing over ceremony at the Sevmash shipyard of the northern Arctic port city, along with other senior government and naval officials of the two countries.


India buys third aircraft carrier amid rivaly with China ~ link ~ A recent upgrade means the carrier, originally designed to carry Yak-38 vertical take-off aircraft, has been re-equipped to carry Mig-29K fighter jets. It can carry up to 30 aircraft and will have a crew of around 2,000.
China and India, the world's most populous countries, co-existed peacefully for centuries but relations became strained after the Communist party won the Chinese civil war in 1948. There were three conflicts between the neighbours in the second half of the 20th century, although since 1987, Sino-Indian trade has grown rapidly. India views China's relations with Pakistan with suspicion and China is concerned over Indian activity in the South China Sea. In March this year, tensions between troops were defused after a three-week standoff along their disputed border.

Six things to ponder this weekend ~ link  

TPP and One World Government - with video ~ link ~ Do take the time to view this one at the link!  Stirling   

Tepco to start fuel removal from Fukushima Reactor #4 Pool on Monday ~ link  ~ The unit 4 spent fuel pool contains 1,331 spent fuel assemblies and 202 unused ones. Workers will begin with the removal of unused fuel assemblies, which are easier to handle.

The work Monday will begin with the placement of a transportation container inside the spent fuel pool. Workers will then use a crane to take each fuel assembly out of the storage rack and put it into the container.

Once the container is filled with 22 fuel assemblies, it will be put on a trailer and taken to another pool in a different building about 100 meters away, which is expected to provide more stable conditions for keeping the fuel cool.

Pacific to be full of contaimnation ~ link 

Gunterson: Remove Tepco BEFORE Removing Fuel - video ~ link  

Health effects from Fukushima are being hidden ~ link ~ This disaster will, at the least, kill millions!  Stirling   

Mounting anger at Phillippine President's response to typhoon disaster ~ link   ~ Amid reports of hunger and destitution across the central islands of the Philippines, there is growing popular anger over President Benigno Aquino’s response to the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Yolanda (known internationally as Haiyan). The inadequacy and slowness of the official international response has also become obvious.

Millions of displaced people remain desperately short of food, water, housing and other basic necessities, with some turning to looting to survive. Hospitals lack supplies, leading to fears of disease outbreaks. Distraught families appear regularly on TV news programs, some holding signs reading “Help us” or “We need food.”

JFK and the Unspeakable: Why he died and Why it matters ~ link ~ These clear refusals to go to war and his decision to engage in private, back-channel communications with Cold War enemies marked Kennedy as an enemy of the national security state. They were on a collision course. As Douglass and others have pointed out, every move Kennedy made was anti-war. This, Douglass argues, was because JFK, a war hero, had been deeply affected by the horror of war and was severely shaken by how close the world had come to destruction during the Cuban missile crisis. Throughout his life he had been touched by death and had come to appreciate the fragility of life. Once in the Presidency, Kennedy underwent a deep metanoia, a spiritual transformation, from Cold Warrior to peace maker. He came to see the generals who advised him as devoid of the tragic sense of life and as hell-bent on war. And he was well aware that his growing resistance to war had put him on a dangerous collision course with those generals and the CIA. On numerous occasions he spoke of the possibility of a military coup d’etat against him. On the night before his trip to Dallas, he told his wife, “But, Jackie, if somebody wants to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it, so why worry about it.” And we know that nobody did try to stop it because they had planned it.

If Lee Harvey Oswald was connected to the intelligence community, the FBI and the CIA, then we can logically conclude that he was not “a lone-nut” assassin. Douglass marshals a wealth of evidence to show how from the very start Oswald was moved around the globe like a pawn in a game, and when the game was done, the pawn was eliminated in the Dallas police headquarters. As he begins to trace Oswald’s path, Douglass asks this question: “Why was Lee Harvey Oswald so tolerated and supported by the government he betrayed?” After serving as a U.S. Marine at the CIA‘s U-2 spy plane operating base in Japan with a Crypto clearance (higher than top secret but a fact suppressed by the Warren Commission), Oswald left the Marines and defected to the Soviet Union. After denouncing the U.S., working at a Soviet factory in Minsk , and taking a Russian wife – during which time Gary Powers’ U-2 spy plane is shot down over the Soviet Union – he returned to the U.S. with a loan from the American Embassy in Moscow, only to be met at the dock in Hoboken, New Jersey by a man, Spas T. Raikin, a prominent anti-communist with extensive intelligence connections, recommended by the State Department. He passed through immigration with no trouble, was not prosecuted, moved to Fort Worth, Texas where , at the suggestion of the Dallas CIA Domestic Contacts Service chief, he was met and befriended by George de Mohrenschildt, an anti-communist Russian, who was a CIA asset. De Mohrenschildt got him a job four days later at a graphic arts company that worked on maps for the U.S. Army Map Service related to U-2 spy missions over Cuba. Oswald was then shepherded around the Dallas area by de Mohrenschildt who, in 1977, on the day he revealed he had contacted Oswald for the CIA and was to meet with the House Select Committee on Assasinations’ Gaeton Fonzi, allegedly committed suicide. Oswald then moved to New Orleans in April 1963 where got a job at the Reilly Coffee Company owned by CIA-affiliated William Reilly. The Reilly Coffee Company was located in close vicinity to the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and Office of Naval Intelligence offices and a stone’s throw from the office of Guy Bannister, a former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI‘s Chicago Bureau, who worked as a covert action coordinator for the intelligence services, supplying and training anti-Castro paramilitaries meant to ensnare Kennedy. Oswald then went to work with Bannister and the CIA paramilitaries. 

Proving LBJ killed Kennedy - video ~ link ~ JFK was killed by the Global Banking Cartel, by Israel (Mossad and Meyer Lanksy's crime organizaion), by elements in the American government including LBJ and the CIA and part of the military.  Stirling    

Zionist media collaborates in JFK coverup ~ link  

JFK Murder: Fifty years later and the cover-up contines ~ link ~ Hell yes it does, some of the key actors, like George Bush I, still live!   Stirling   

Comet of the Century - Comet ISON ~ link ~ Comet ISON will skirt 150 times closer than us to the sun on November 28

Could symptoms of Autism be erased by magnetic stimulation of the brain? ~ link ~ Magnets could be used to improve the social skills of people with autism, new research suggests. A clinical trial revealed magnetic brain stimulation can help people with autism with social interaction. The treatment can boost the part of the brain that is underactive in people with autism, the researchers found.


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