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12 November 2013
Fierce clashes erupt south of Damascus ~ linkThere have been fierce clashes on the outskirts of Syria's capital, Damascus, as government forces continue their offensive on opposition-held areas. The fighting between rebels and troops on Tuesday centred on the southern suburb of Hajira, activists said.

White House: Opposing Iran deal could lead to war ~ link ~ WOW, I think they actually told the truth for once!!!   Stirling   

The White House has warned the Congress, which is currently mulling tougher sanctions on Iran over the country's nuclear energy program, that opposing a deal with Tehran could lead to war.

On Tuesday, the White House warned lawmakers that thwarting US diplomatic efforts in dealing with Iran’s nuclear energy program could leave President Barack Obama little option but to use military force against Tehran.

"The American people do not want a march to war," spokesman Jay Carney said.

He warned that if President Obama’s efforts to solve the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic channels failed, or were blocked, he would be left with few other options including a military action.

"The American people justifiably and understandably prefer a peaceful solution” to Iran’s nuclear issue “and this agreement, if it's achieved, has the potential to do that," Carney said.

The White House warning came as US lawmakers are seeking to ratchet up additional sanctions against Iran in a move that is directed at derailing negotiations over a diplomatic solution for Iran’s nuclear energy program.

Iran and the six major world powers -- the United States, Britain, Russia, China, France and Germany -- discussed the issue behind closed doors in Geneva, Switzerland. The intensive talks kicked off on November 7 and stretched into the early hours of November 10.

The two sides could not reach a deal in Geneva, but stressed that significant progress had been made and expressed optimism about the prospect of achieving a deal. The two sides agreed to continue negotiations on November 20 in the same venue.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Monday that negotiations between Iran and the group of six major world powers in Geneva came “extremely close” to yielding results.

Halt settlements or talks over Abbas tells Israel ~ link ~ Israeli WILL CONTINUE to build illegal settlements on Arab land because the West is too corrupt to force them to stop, and because they have 'dark hearts' that have no regard for others!!!   Stirling     
US-Iran nuclear deal will 'shut' Israel war plans ~ link ~ GOOD!!!   Stirling  
A former Israeli official has admitted that a possible nuclear agreement between Iran and the United States would be disappointing for Israel as Tel Aviv’s plans for unilateral strike against Iran would be diminished.

“Practically speaking, [a deal] shuts the [Israeli military] option down,” former National Security Advisor Maj. Gen. (ret.) Giora Eiland told Israeli media.

“It doesn’t matter what we think about the deal. Israel won’t be able to do a thing,” he added.

Eiland said acting against the agreement between Iran and six major powers would make Israel as the world’s menace.

Iran and the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany ended the latest nuclear talks in Geneva without a deal. But the two sides planned to meet again on November 20.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is angry about the talks and denounced a possible agreement with Iran as a “historic blunder.”

Netanyahu said the deal would not be a “good deal” for Israel and the United States. 
US 'deeply concerned' over Israeli settlement plans ~ link ~ As long as the Israelis continue to steal land from the Arabs and continue to treat the Palestinians as sub-humans, there will NOT be peace in the Mideast...which is what Netanyahu and his ilk want!!!   Stirling     
Israel eyes long term plans to build 24,000 more West Bank settler homes ~ link ~ Israel has long term plans to build some 24,000 extra settler homes on the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, according to the anti-settlement group Peace Now. Tenders cover highly sensitive land around Jerusalem stoking fears of peace talk disruption. One plan called for construction in a stretch of land located between Jerusalem and Ramalla, which is the seat of the Palestinian government. 
  The US State Department said that it had been taken by surprise over the plans and was "deeply concerned."
Iranian MP: France derailed nuclear talks for massive Saudi arms deal ~ link ~ That was the 'sweetner', actually the real reason was that the current president, like the one before him, is Jewish and a hard core Israel-first Zionist and a Rothschild puppet!   Stirling     
Egypt lifting 'State of Emergency' and curfew ~ link
Britons told to prepare for life-time austerity ~ link ~ Translation: British told to accept life-time austerity facism and do with much less so that the City of London banksters can have much more!!!  Stirling     
Philippines president lowers typhoon death toll estimate - with video ~ linkThe President of the Philippines, Benigno Aquino, says the death toll from Friday's typhoon may be lower than first thought. In an interview with CNN, he said the number of 10,000 killed was "too high" and the figure was more likely up to 2,500. The UN says more than 11 million people are believed to have been affected and some 673,000 displaced.

Western warships and Japanese troops dispatched to aid 'corpse-choked' Philippines ~ link ~ The nuclear-powered carrier USS George Washington, which carries 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft, will be accompanied by the cruisers USS Antietam and USS Cowpens, as well as the destroyer USS Mustin.  
The supply ship USNS Charles Drew which previously set sail, will rendezvous with the group en route to the Philippines. In addition, the guided missile destroyer USS Lassen departed for the region on Monday.  

The UK also announced it has also dispatched the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Daring, which was docked in Singapore, to help provide humanitarian assistance alongside a military transport aircraft. The warship, which is equipped to make potable water from seawater, is also expected to arrive in two to three days.  
Article with extensive new photos of the horror that is typhoon damaged Philippines ~ link ~ link   
Undercover in North Korea ~ link ~ This is one you should take the time to read in full at the link.  Stirling    
In an indication of the shameful imbalance in the distribution of wealth, homeless children are seen starving in the streets, while the elite in the capital Pyongyang drive the latest Mercedes.

Recent reports reveal more than a quarter of North Korean children under five are stunted by extreme malnutrition, while rural poverty remains endemic.

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