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9 November 2013

Iran nuclear talks: We must 'seize moment' says Foreign Secretary Hague ~ link ~ The world could be on the edge of a major peace/nuclear deal between the West and Iran.  This is hated by Netanyahu and his fellow nuts and they will continue to do all they can to derail this, but the closeness that we all got to World War III in September is the main driver behind this.   Stirling  

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague urged negotiators to "seize the moment", on a third, unscheduled day of talks on Iran's nuclear programme. Mr Hague hailed "good progress" in Geneva but said there was uncertainty about whether a deal could be reached.

An Iranian official said if a deal was not reached on Saturday, outstanding issues would carry over to a new round.

Breaking News: Zarif speaks of divisions among the Six Powers in Geneva talks - with video ~ link ~
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says there are divisions among the six world powers, which make up the side opposite Iran in the Geneva talks on Tehran's nuclear energy program.

Zarif made the remark after a meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton in Geneva, Switzerland, on Saturday.

He said that it is not clear yet whether an agreement would be reached on “a joint statement” on Saturday night but stressed that “progress so far has not been too bad.”

“It is improbable that the negotiations would continue tomorrow. Another meeting needs to be convened if necessary,” he said.
The top Iranian diplomat noted that if a deal is not reached in the talks in Geneva on Saturday, negotiations could continue in a week to ten days.

He also said that details needed to be worked out in drafting a statement, adding that an “agreement was reached on some issues but certain disagreements still remained.”

Intense negotiations are underway in Geneva between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - the United States, China, Russia, France and Britain - plus Germany over Tehran’s nuclear energy program.

Intense nuclear talks continue between Iran and the Six Powers in Geneva - with video ~ link ~
Intense negotiations are underway in Geneva between permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany and Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program.

The talks between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - Russia, China, France, Britain and the US- plus Germany stretched into an unscheduled third day as negotiators pressed for a deal on Tehran’s civilian nuclear work.

France and Britain have expressed optimism on the third day of the talks.

After meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherin Ashton, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said he hopes a specific agreement can be reached.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Iran and the six major world powers have made headway in the talks and urged both sides to take the chance to reach an agreement.

Western members of the UN Security Council seem to be holding talks under pressure from Israel which has opposed any deal with Iran.

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “utterly” denounced a possible agreement in the course of the nuclear talks as “very, very bad.”

Zarif to meet Lavrov after talks with Kerry and Ashton ~ link ~ Sources close to the Iranian negotiating team say Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will hold talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov after negotiations with US Secretary of State John Kerry and EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.

Zarif is now holding talks with Kerry and Ashton as negotiations are underway in Geneva for the third day with the aim of reaching a deal. 

Geneva talks on Iran's nuclear programs extended ~ link 

The Most Effective Weapon of the Globalists ~ link ~ Good take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling 

We often hear talk about the all-powerful global elite and how they are invincible. They are not invincible, they are blinded by their avarice, decadence and insatiable desire to dominate a humanity that they hold in such disdain.

I have studied their playbook and have learned their mindset. As a result, I have learned that they have vulnerabilities. Just like a quarterback that doesn’t like pressure as they attempt to pass from the “pocket”, they can be forced to scramble. I have seen time and time again that when their evil agendas are exposed in the light of day, they run for cover. The latest example of this global elite acquiescence to the will of the people was in Syria when their agenda was exposed by the truthful media. The alternative media was relentless in our exposing the fact that the CIA shipped in the chemical weapons so that al-Qaeda would use them on the Syrian civilians. As a result, the puppet Obama had to run for cover and we have not heard a word “Syria” come from his mouth or the mouth of warmonger, John McCain, since the globalist agenda was exposed. Enlightenment and education would seem to be the keys to turning back the globalist invasion of the United States.

A Snapshot of Stupidity

Are we really surprised at the following?
50% of high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married
55% of the U.S. population does not know that the Sun is a star
25% believe we won our independence from a country OTHER than Great Britain.
29% couldn’t name the Vice President
73% couldn’t correctly say why we fought the Cold War

Political Stupidity

The following are facts which should inspire a collective sense of national shame.
 3% can identify the first President of the United States
10% know how many justices sit on the Supreme Court
14% know who wrote the Declaration of Independence
23% can correctly identify the two houses of the U.S. Congress
22% of Americans could name all five Simpson family members, compared with just 1 in
1,000 people who could name all five First Amendment freedoms

So, what is it that Tony Blair has to hide? ~ link ~
Increasing numbers of people – especially the young – believe our political system is a closed circle: secretive, impenetrable and corrupt.

If you want to know why so many feel alienated, just take a look at a story that speaks volumes about the unaccountability of our political masters.

North Korea's wood-burning military trucks - photos ~ link ~ You've got to be kidding me!   Stirling   

Decent wages or a breadline economy: It's a no-brainer ~ link ~ Ed Miliband's speech at Battersea power station in London on Tuesday this week attracted a lot of attention. Not least because of the Labour leader's own choice of battleground for the 2015 election, the debate has focused on his ideas about wages: his proposal to raise minimum wages in sectors such as finance, and to provide tax breaks for firms that pay living wages.

The reactions have been predictable. Many people are up in arms against the very idea that the government may "artificially" raise wages through market intervention. Many, including a former adviser to Tony Blair, solemnly warn that this will create unemployment and hurt British companies – or, to be more precise, companies that operate in Britain, as so few are owned by British citizens nowadays.

No car, no FICO score, no problem: The NINJAs have taken over the Subprime Lunatic Asylum ~ link ~ One of the most trumpeted stories justifying the US economic "recovery" is the resurgence in car sales, which have now returned to an annual sales clip almost on par with that from before the great depression. What is conveniently left out of all such stories is what is the funding for these purchases (funnelling through to the top and bottom line of such administration darling companies as GM) comes from. The answer: the same NINJA loans, with non-existent zero credit rating requirements that allowed anything with a pulse to buy a McMansion during the peak day of the last credit bubble.

235 MPH Super Typhoon Haiyan: Biggest storm in recorded history - with pictures and videos~ link ~
According to the Red Cross, 1,200 have been left dead - 1,000 of those in the city of Tacloban, on the island of Leyte.

About four million people are believed to have been affected by the category five storm, according to the country's national disaster agency. This figure includes 800,000 people who had to be evacuated before the storm struck.

 Super Typhoon Haiyan: Large numbers feared dead in Philippines - with video ~ link ~ Typhoon Haiyan - one of the most powerful storms on record to make landfall - is now bearing down on Vietnam, where tens of thousands are being evacuated.

How to heat your house with just tealights and flowerpots ~ link 

The United States has more people in prison than it has high school teachers and engineers ~ link ~ Sadly, you cannot make this stuff up!  Stirling   

America has become a gigantic gulag over the past few decades and most of its citizens don’t know, or just don’t care. One of the primary causes of the over incarceration in the U.S. is the absurd, tragic failure that is the “war on drugs”, and indeed nearly half of the folks in prison are there for drug related offenses. Making matters worse is a rapidly growing private prison system, which adds a profit motive to the equation. Recently, I wrote an extensive rant against the private prison system and provided details on how it works in:  A Deep Look into the Shady World of the Private Prison Industry.

Now here are some of the sad facts. There are 1.57 million people in federal and state prison (does not even include county and local jail) according to the Department of Justice. That’s above the nation’s 1.53 million engineers and 1.05 million high school teachers.

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