Friday, October 4, 2013

Lord Stirlling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
4 October 2013 ~ 5 October 2013
Second Update
It's the weekend and every so often I like to post 'fun stuff' instead of the usual gory political/economic/war stuff.  So here goes:
Grizly Bear Cub & Wolf Cub Playing - video ~ link  
Qantas Airlines brings back Aboriginal-themed Dreamtime livery ~ link 

Red Auroras ~ link 
What are these giant concrete arrows across the American landscape? ~ link  

The Fast, Fuel-Efficient 'Adastra': Officially the World's Most Bad-Ass Superyacht ~ link
How does a Dyson Air Multiplier Work? ~ link  
What happens when you add Silly Putty to Sand?  You get 'Kinetic Sand' - with video ~ link  

Bottle Design Brain Melter - You have to see it, to believe it! ~ link
The Autumn Apron Collection ~ link   

Plane spotters have a field day when Heads of State/Government fly into New York City for the UN General Assembly - Some use chartered airliners but most, including some poor nations, use large custom VIP jet costing many tens of millions each - with photos of the Royal, Imperial and Presidential flying palaces:
Egypt: Airbus 340 ~ link  
Qatar Airbus 319 Corporate Jet ~ link 
Gabon Boeing 777 ~ link   

Chile Boeing 767-300 ~ link
Zimbabwe Boeing 767-200 ~ link 
Tunisia Boeing Business Jet ~ link    

Senegal Airbus 319 Corporate Jet ~ link
Uganda Gulfstream G550 ~ link 
Libya Airbus A340 ~ link    

Swaziland MacDonald-Douglas MD-82 ~ link 
Slovakia Tu-154M ~ link  

Ukraine Airbus A319 Corporate Jet ~ link 
Iran Airbus A340 ~ link 
Brunei Airbus A340 ~ link 
Japan Boeing 747-400 ~ link 
France Airbus A330 ~ link    
Argentina Boeing 757 ~ link 
Brazil Airbus 318 Corporate Jet ~ link 
USA Boeing 737 (most likely for Sec. of State) ~ link 
USA Boeing C-17 Globemaster III (for armored limo) ~ link  
Spain Airbus A310 ~ link 

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