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Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE


 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
18 October 2013
Second Update
Al Qaeda-aligned groups in Syria may have access to Biological Pathogens ~ link ~ I smell a False Flag set-up here!!!   Stirling    
Italians go on strike to protest austerity measures - with video ~ link ~ Austerity is nothing but the latest form of fascism where the Global Banking Cartel rob the masses!!!   Stirling  
As US averts default, Japan and China brace for next dollar drama ~ link ~ Deal or no deal, the U.S. Congress' dance with default impressed policymakers and investors in China and Japan with just how vulnerable their own economic revival plans are to the next political tantrum on Capitol Hill.  
The 11th-hour agreement on Wednesday between Congressional Republicans and Democrats to raise the limit on U.S. government borrowing and end a 16-day government shutdown also averted a default on U.S. Treasury bonds that had threatened the global economy and financial system.
But Congress gets another chance to hold U.S. creditworthiness hostage early next year ahead of a new February 7 deadline to approve a debt ceiling increase.

US debt jumps a record $328 BILLION - Tops $17 TRILLION for first time ~ link ~ U.S. debt jumped a record $328 billion on Thursday, the first day the federal government was able to borrow money under the deal President Obama and Congress sealed this week.

The debt now equals $17.075 trillion, according to figures the Treasury Department posted online on Friday.

Almost 30 million people worldwide live as slaves ~ link  
Thousands of Chilean students clash with police over eductation reforms - with video ~ linkThousands of protesters filed through the center of the Chilean capital of Santiago on Thursday during a mass student march, clashing with police. Dozens of demonstrators were arrested. Officials believe some 18,000 demonstrators took part in the march, which was organized by the Confederation of Chilean Students (CONFECH) and two secondary school student groups, Aces and Cones. The demonstration resulted in 34 arrests while 14 police officers were said to be hurt, according to La Tercera.
Students in Chile are demanding reforms be made to the country’s public education system. Among other things, they are fighting to be given a greater role in the decision making process in the run-up to the country's presidential election on November 17.  

Indian police arrest US ship for alleged transport of weapons ~ link 

World's most stunning libraries captured in new book that will leave you lost for words ~ link ~ The greatest library in the 21st Century is what you are now visiting...the Internet!   Stirling     

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