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6 October 2013
US forces target al-Shabaab leader in Somalia, seize Al-Queda leader in Libya ~ link ~US forces carried out two major operations in Africa on Saturday, targeting an al-Shabaab leader in Somalia in connection with the recent Nairobi mall siege and nabbing an Al-Qaeda leader in Libya wanted for the 1998 bombings of US embassies.
US commando raids 'target Islamist leaders in Africa' ~ link ~  One more war, we are beginning for the globalists and Netanyahu Zionists!   Stirling   
US forces seize Libyan militant in Tripoli ~ linkAlso see ~ link ~ And this ~ link ~ And this ~ link ~ Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, known by his alias Anas al-Libi, is on the FBI's most-wanted list with a $5 million bounty on his head

US fed with bogus intel by Israeli moles ~ link ~ Do take the time to go to the link and read ALL of this important article!!!  Stirling   
“Dear Israeli mole in the Pentagon who was the HUMIT second source confirmation behind the bogus satellite trajectories, which were based on Israeli psyops bogus wire intercepts, if they bring me in to hunt you down I will have you in 48 hours.” …Jim W. Dean

The dual press conference Thursday in Japan with John Kerry and Chuck Hagel was a minor earthquake event in the American Intel community.

Kerry called the thought of pursuing a military resolution on Iran's nuclear case “diplomatic malpractice,” a term I had never heard used before but fell in love with immediately. Chuck Hagel then dropped the other shoe, “engagement is not appeasement, it is not surrender.” They cut Netanyahu off at the knees.

This was of course carefully choreographed against Bibi for his attempt to threaten 'going rogue' with an Iran attack on its own. He blatantly delivered this not only at the UN last week but in his meeting with Obama on Monday. It seemed that common sense had finally returned to the White House, but we wondered why the dramatic shift...why delivered so forcefully with a double punch, and in Asia. We sniffed something in the air known as...retribution.

Gordon Duff's Press TV article America’s “Netanyahu Shut Down,” published on Wednesday, described how Obama began moving, away from the red lines, while Israel was deploying its American intelligence assets in media and AIPAC to car jack Obama's policy toward a diplomatic solution...
That left us in a quandary as to how Intel so skimpy could be used to trigger the deployment of nuclear bomber wings, major shifts of nuclear ordinance, and a major Navy and Air Force strike units. We sensed there had to have been something else, a kind of Intel that would be difficult to mention. HUMIT, or human intelligence was the prime category as you typically never want to even mention using it.

We have confirmed from the highest sources that that is what took place. There was a HUMIT source that was added to the confirmation mix. But there is more. We have also confirmed that this source was bogus, but had worked its way up the line to being included in top level briefings through the assistance of a highly placed Israeli mole. This was someone in the chain of command, someone high enough to assure that lower level people would not block it coming up the line.

The mole was part of or a Pentagon espionage network that filtered and altered incoming intelligence reports. In the Bush (43) this was done openly. The Obama White House has been being fed 'unvetted' intelligence...something that would take years of penetration work to get into a position to do. A similar operation was done to feed bogus material on Iran's nuclear program.

The Israelis risked a deep cover agent to do exactly what they are placed where they are to be activated for something considered absolutely critical to accomplish at a particular time. If not already identified, the mole is being hunted as I type. The lists of possibilities is short, and would go up to those actually briefing the presidential state and state department.

Washington is absolutely filled with dual citizen Israelis and Israeli firster non-Jewish Americans. It's a horrible security situation. There are so many they don't even stand out any more.

It is difficult and even dangerous for our counter intelligence people to do their jobs effectively because these deep cover agents, the ones that require Congressional confirmation, have powerful political patrons. That is how the Israelis protect all of their top people.

That said, the politicians do not always know they are 'agents.' These deep cover people will always have stellar resumes, all part of the grooming needed to get them into top slots. The State Department is covered up with them, and it is so open that they are thick as thieves with the AIPAC people, which makes them in a way, not very deep cover.

We will be following this situation closely since we see Israel has burned a major bridge here, one that would be totally consistent with the major shift we are seeing. Netanyahu and his Likudites are in a panic to keep the Mid East on a war footing and the US on their string. But they have suffered a full and open defeat here, plus AIPAC ran into a brick wall despite their usual efforts.

Will this signal to prosecutors that it is now safe to start bringing criminal cases against more Israeli agents here?
Russia and Iran talks underway on S-300 Air Defense System delivery ~ link ~ A contract inked in 2007 requires Russia to provide Iran with at least five S-300 missile defense systems.

However, Moscow refrained from meeting its obligations under the pretext that they were covered by the fourth round of the UN Security Council resolutions against Iran.

In September 2010, then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree banning the delivery of the S-300 systems to the Islamic Republic.

Russia’s refusal to deliver the systems under the contract prompted Iran to file a complaint with the International Court of Arbitration in Geneva against the Russian arms firm Rosoboronexport.

On May 30, Russian Technologies (Rostech) CEO Sergei Chemezov said that Moscow sought to reach a settlement with Tehran to have Iran withdraw its lawsuit against Rosoboronexport over the deal, as Russia’s chances to win the case “are very slim.” 
Lebanon oil exploration becomes major regional issue - with video ~ link ~ Once again Israel shows its true ugly colors as it tries to steal its neighbor's oil fields!!!  This could end up a very BIG ISSUE in the months ahead.   Stirling   
Former Governor Jessse Ventura calls for "American Revolution" against the "corrupt system" - video  ~ link ~ Actually a new party, the "Neck Tie Party" just might solve the problem...but it might take a lot of rope!!!  Stirling 
The irony of Jesse Ventura calling for a new "American Revolution" in a conversation with Brit Piers Morgan is not lost on us but the former Governor of Minnesota asks some awkwardly open questions in this 'colorful' interview. Ventura asked if the government's shut down, "That should mean we shouldn't have to pay any taxes, right?" He called for another American revolution to push back against the "corrupt system" created by Democrats and Republicans in Washington. He told Morgan the two-party system has legalized "bribery" for access, suggesting he's fed up enough to actually run for president in 2016. Ventura called both parties "gangs," and Morgan admitted he had to agree, adding that they're "overpaid, underworked children!" The discussion then veers from Obamacare, Ventura's run for President, and the JFK conspiracy.    
Thousands stage anti-austerity demonstration in Greek capital ~ link ~ Greece has been at the epicenter of the eurozone debt crisis and is experiencing its fifth year of recession, while harsh austerity measures have left about half a million people without jobs.

The country is under pressure from the International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank, and European Commission, known as the troika, to suspend workers or reduce their salaries.

Under pressure from the troika of international lenders, Athens has implemented tax and salary reforms that are blamed for the country’s deep recession.

One in every four Greek workers is currently unemployed, banks are in a shaky position, and pensions and salaries have been slashed by about 40 percent. 
Keynesian ship-wreck ahead - Sundown in America ~ link ~ The median U.S. household income in 2012 was $51,000, but that’s nothing to crow about. That same figure was first reached way back in 1989--- meaning that the living standard of Main Street America has gone nowhere for the last quarter century. Since there was no prior span in U.S. history when real household incomes remained dead-in-the-water for 25 years, it cannot be gainsaid that the great American prosperity machine has stalled out.
Even worse, the bottom of the socio-economic ladder has actually slipped lower and, by some measures, significantly so. The current poverty rate of 15 percent was only 12.8 percent back in 1989; there are now 48 million people on food stamps compared to 18 million then; and more than 16 million children lived poverty households last year or one-third more than a quarter century back.

Likewise, last year the bottom quintile of households struggled to make ends meet on $11,500 annually ----a level 20 percent lower than the $14,000 of constant dollar income the bottom 20 million households had available on average twenty-five years ago.

The average chicken nuggets is only HALF meat - The rest is fat, bone and nerve endings! ~ link ~ Stop eating at the large corporate fast food restaurants.  They are serving crap that is unfit for human consumption!!!   Stirling  
Post-Fukushima Horror - Damage to human reproduction ~ link ~ I keep saying, that this is simply one more globalist Population Reduction Program!!!   Stirling    
Fukushima Action Alert - Survival of Humanity in the Balance - video ~ link  
Prince Harry is a hit in Australia - with photos ~ link   ~ also see ~ link 
Heavy snow pummels central USA as East Coast basks in summer temperatures ~ link ~ I suspect that we are headed for a very bad winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  Stirling   
Winter comes early to the American Great Plains as South Dakota gets 33 inches of snow while tornadoes kill 3 in Nebraska - with photos ~ link  
Robots becoming incredibly lifelike - with videos and photos ~ link  

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