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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

Holy Shroud of Turin
24 -25 October 2013
Second Update for 24 October
Sorry I am late on this update.  Thursday's are busy for me, teaching and being on the Nutrimedical Report Show.  Stirling   
Iran Halts 20% Uranium Enrichment ~ linkIran began producing 20 percent uranium in 2010 when efforts to secure fuel for the US-built Tehran Research Reactor (TRR) fell through, and they began to attempt to produce fuel rods for themselves. The TRR provides materially all of Iran’s medical isotopes for nuclear medicine.
  Deputy head of the Iranian parliament National Security Committee Hossein Hosseini reported that Iran no longer needs to produce 20 percent uranium because it already has enough to make all the fuel rods the TRR will need for the foreseeable future.

To gain respect the USA must dump Israel ~ link ~ Good One...take the time to read it all at the link.  Stirling   

The US government has lost the world’s respect. When Obama calls on the world to wage war on Syria,  the world says “no thank you.” When the US orders its Syrian rebel mercenaries to go to Geneva,  the mercenaries refuse.

When the US orders its “good mercenaries” (the Free Syrian Army) to disavow the “bad mercenaries” (the al-Qaeda Takfiris) neither pays any attention. And when it orders the “good mercenaries” to join the so-called Syrian National Coalition, they laugh in America’s face. When mercenaries flout the orders of their paymasters, the paymasters are being disrespected.

America’s biggest mistake was letting Israel take over the US government on September 11th, 2001. (If you are not yet aware that 9/11 was a Zionist coup d’├ętat, read Christopher Bollyn’s Solving 9/11 and Stephen Sniegoski’s The Transparent Cabal.) The USA must prosecute the Israeli assets and traitors who orchestrated 9/11 and the 9/11 wars. Those wars were not designed to bring democracy to the Middle East, or oil to America. They were designed to destroy the Middle East on behalf of Greater Israel.

Weather Mods: Japan Typhoons Subjected to Tesla Device (HAARP) ~ link ~ Technology tested in the US over the last few years, a breakoff team from DARPA, will be testing its Tesla based technology on the typhoons currently threatening Japan.  At best, damage and landfall will be limited.

Hopes are that the storm can be broken up in under 48 hours.  We will see.

Fukushima moves radioactive water as it braces for Typhoon Francisco ~ link ~ To avert a new disaster triggered by the typhoon, TEPCO proposes to move the contaminated water into underground storage pools previously deemed unsafe because of leaks, Japan’s NHK reported Thursday. There seems to be no alternative, as the typhoon is fast approaching. The three underground pools proposed for storage have a total capacity of 9,000 tons. TEPCO stopped using similar models in April, after the discovery of leaks.

UK to abandon pledge in getting MPs' consent to launch wars ~ link ~ A Giant Step Backwards for Mankind!!!   Stirling    

Biggest GOP donor: US should NUKE Iran - with video ~ link ~ The man has a right to express his own opinion.  The trouble is the way the globalists and Zionists have changed the American political system from democracy to one based on money, it allows the globalists and Zionists to totally trash democracy and to rule over us in our own nation.  Last month, the entire world came close to facing a man-made extinction event, the Third World War, due to the control that the evil globalists and Zionists have over America. If the human race wants to survive the next few years, it has to return to God and to end the power that the Global Banking Cartel families and the Zionists have!!!   Stirling    

Top spying fallout: EU summit promises NSA thunder, data-protection storm ~ linkAhead of the EU summit in Brussels, Germany’s Angel Merkel and France’s Francois Hollande have discussed wiretapping of their communications by America’s NSA. The scandal could push a frustrated EU to change data privacy rules.
The EU summit starting Thursday is expected to be hijacked by recent revelations provided by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, which infuriated both Berlin and Paris. 
NSA monitored 35 world leaders ~ link ~ Yep, that's one way to really piss off 35 world leaders!   Stirling  
US and UK snooped on Italian Government ~ link ~ American and British special services spied on Italy’s leadership and Defense Ministry, Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke the story on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, told the L`Espresso weekly.

The US National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on several “European governments, including the Italian one,” Greenwald told the magazine. 

EU trade agreement with USA under threat over US bugging of Merkel's phone ~ link ~ Angela Merkel has demanded an explanation from Barack Obama as diplomatic tensions escalate following reports that US intelligence agents may have been monitoring the German Chancellor's phone calls. Ms Merkel spoke to the US President regarding the allegations last night and her Government has today summoned the US ambassador John B Emerson to Berlin for talks.

USA already Third World Economy: American economist ~ linkA prominent American economist says the United States has already become a Third World economy as the world superpower continues to offshore its gross domestic product (GDP). 

America In A Death Spiral - Jeff Rense & Texe Marrs - video ~ link 

Halloween prankster: Remote-controlled flying skeleton  with photos and video ~ link ~ You have got to see the video!   Stirling     

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Rather than go to exhaustive lengths identifying the "terrorists," we identify (based on every piece of data you have ever touched in your life) the 'patriots' and thus, by process of elimination find the real terrorists...u just cant make this shit up!!!

NSA Unveils "Internal Patriot Discovery" Protocol