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31 October 2013
Happy Halloween
In memorial: Michele Alexander of Greenan, Baroness of Greenan, born October 31, 1955, died July 10, 1999.
Israel attacks Syria: Syrian Army base rocked again by overnight explosions ~ link ~ Do NOT trust that crazy evil bastard Netanyahu, never ever trust him!!!   He did not get his General Middle East War (which would have started the Third World War) last month, but that will NOT stop him and the war hawks in his government.  The last time they bombed this base the Israelis used tactical nuclear weapons but were NOT called on it by the nations of the World!!!   Stirling   
 The last time major explosions were reported near Damascus, it was in May when Israel and its air force did everything in their power to provoke the Assad regime to escalate military operations both domestically and abroad. It almost succeeded when three months later Obama nearly led a falseflag-driven "liberation" force facilitating Saudi and Qatari energy interests in the region and their pipeline ambitions below Syria. Since then Israel had been largely dormant, seething in its (and Saudi) disappointment that it was unable to play Obama like a fiddle.

The unstable detente changed again overnight, when as Haaretz reports "a large explosion was heard at a Syrian army missile base in Latakia.  Eye witnesses told the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human rights that the explosion took place near Snobar Jableh, south of the city. It was not yet clear whether anyone was wounded in the strike." And not surprisingly, it is once again Israel' that was implicated in the latest regional provocation because as Haaretz adds, the "strike follows Lebanese media reports that Israeli aircraft circled above southern Lebanon."

Israel Attacks in Syria ~ link ~ The alleged target of the new attack was also the P-800 Oniks Yakhont launchers and missiles supplied by Russia to Syria. The Israeli Navy, which is being reorganized, has no answer to this sophisticated defense weapon. Latakia is in front of Cyprus, a close ally of Israel, and next to the large Eastern Mediterranean Gas Fields. Israel is attempting to secure them for itself, and thus is interested in destroying weapons blocking its freedom of movement.

Nearby the attacked base was a chemical weapons production site. This fact explains the timing of the bombing. Today, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague announced that the dismantling of chemical weapons and installations in Syria had ended one day before the scheduled. The attack was timed so that no international workers of that organization would be in the area. 

IAF strikes twice in Syria, 'Base Destroyed' ~ link 

All Syrian chemical weapons production lines destroyed - OPCW ~ link ~ Also see ~ link ~ And this ~ link ~  Just in time for the latest Act of War against Syria by Israel!!!   Stirling   
Israeli jets strike Syrian military base - US confirms ~ link  

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