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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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29 October 2013
US intelligence chief Clapper defends spying policy - with video ~ link ~ Sorry, I don't begin to buy into this BS.  The United States somehow managed to survive for well over 200 years without reading everyone's mail, telegrams, email, and listening to their private conversations on the phone/cell phone.  This spying has NOT STOPPED EVEN ONE CASE OF TERRORISM!  In fact, all this spying on US and foreign civilians is a form of high-tech police state terrorism against the human race.  This crap has got to go!!!   Stirling  
Top GOP congressman defends NSA spying ~ link ~ Sad!  I believe that my nation can do much, much better than this!  Stirling     

Greenwald: NSA stores data to target any citizen at any time ~ link ~ Sounds like it is US and friendly foreign citizens that are the target!!!   Stirling   
The current revelations on the NSA’s spying are just the tip of the iceberg and affect “almost every country in the world,” said Glenn Greenwald. He stressed the NSA stores data for “as long as it can,” so they can target a citizen whenever they want.
Glenn Greenwald, the man behind the reports on the NSA global spy program, spoke to El Mundo journalist German Aranda and stressed that the US espionage activities went much further than just Europe. 
Egypt students rally in support of ousted president - with video ~ link ~ The students gathered on Tuesday in large crowds in universities across the country to condemn the army and renew their demand for the reinstatement of the country’s first democratically-elected president.

On Monday, police clashed with pro-Morsi students who had gathered outside the al-Azhar University in the capital, Cairo.

The fresh wave of rallies comes ahead of Morsi’s trial next week. Morsi and a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders are being tried on charges of inciting violence in deadly clashes that erupted near the presidential palace in late 2012.

On Monday, the Muslim Brotherhood-led Anti-Coup Alliance issued a statement saying the ousted president did not recognize the trial and thus no lawyers would be defending him.

The alliance said a team of Egyptian lawyers would be attending the trial scheduled for November 4, but only "to observe proceedings, not to defend him."

The group also called on Brotherhood supporters to hold massive demonstrations on the day of trial.

Iran and IAEA describe nuclear negotiations as "very productive" - with video ~ link ~ But ...but Israel said that we had to attack them...that they were about to develop nuclear bombs...NOT.  The old song, 'Give Peace A Chance' is still relevant today!  Stirling     
Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have described their two-day negotiations in Austrian capital, Vienna, as “very productive,” saying they will meet again on November 11. 
Tiny wars still don't work ~ link Good One.  Take the time to read this one in full at the link if you can.  Stirling  

In terms of pure projectable power, there's never been anything like it. Its military has divided the world - the whole planet - into six "commands." Its fleet, with 11 aircraft carrier battle groups, rules the seas and has done so largely unchallenged for almost seven decades.

Its Air Force has ruled the global skies, and despite being almost continuously in action for years, hasn't faced an enemy plane since 1991 or been seriously challenged anywhere since the early 1970s. 

US Secretary of State Kerry: US will not succumb to 'fear tactics' over diplomacy with Iran - with video ~ link ~ Sounds to me like John Kerry told Bibi 666 Netanyahu to 'go to hell'!   Stirling    

'Rebels' conduct NEW CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACK in Syria near Turkish border ~ link ~ So, I guess we will be attacking Saudi Arabia and Turkey for allowing this to happen...any minute now...NOT!   Stirling   

UK child poverty survey reveals cold facts about freezing homes ~ link ~ But Britain has the money to engage in just about every globalist\Zionist contrived unnecessary war!  Stirling   

Global Depression: Bicycle sales overtake auto sales for first time ever in Europe ~ link ~ Not a good sign, to say the least!   Stirling   

The 10 US cities with less than 10 days of cash on hand ~ link ~ As the Detroit bankruptcy hearing heats up following news that the city's unsecured creditors, among them pensioners, are set to recover pennies on the dollar, 16 to be precise, the question of which are the next cities to follow in the footsteps of bankrupt Motown, becomes relevant once again. Courtesy of the WSJ, and the second part of its series on "U.S. Cities Grapple With Finances", here is a list of the US cities that when push comes to shove metaphorically, and when the money runs out literally, will have no choice but to knock on the door of the local regional bankruptcy court and submit that long-prepared bankruptcy petition. Specifically, here are the cities that have 10 days or less in cash on hand available. Because, unless one is the Fed, cash and lack thereof is all that matters.
The list below ranks the top 10 cities in terms of days cash on hand. Needless to say, a city with a low number in this category (such as 0.0) may have trouble paying bills, bribes, lap dances and other core municipal outlays.

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