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 Lord Stirling's News Blog EUROPE

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18 October 2013 
Syrian Army setting up new fortified posts around Damascus ~ link ~ The Syrian government says it is expanding a ring of fortified army posts to cut off the foreign-backed militants' supply lines into the Damascus countryside, Press TV reports.
The stationing of troops will also enable the army to surround the militants holed up near the capital city and embark on another assault on the militants.

This comes shortly after the Syrian government’s latest achievement in recapturing the strategic town of al-Bweida, south of Damascus.

On Wednesday, Syrian forces took control of the town, overran by militant snipers, after pushing out the insurgents and destroying their equipment. 
Iran nuclear issue: There's a clink of hope ~ link ~ After years of frustration and an impasse in negotiations between Iran and six world powers (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany, known as the P5+1), it is too soon to talk of a breakthrough. But the detail in Mr Zarif’s presentation, entitled “Closing an Unnecessary Crisis: Opening New Horizons”, and the seriousness with which the Iranians sought to address the West’s concerns about the military potential of their nuclear plans, were unprecedented. Hopes that the election of the relatively moderate Hassan Rohani as president in June might lead to a change in approach have been borne out. In a joint statement at the end of the two days of discussions, Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief who chairs the six-nation group, and Mr Zarif described them as “substantive and forward-looking”.
The talks will resume in three weeks’ time and will try to make progress on what the Iranian delegation sees as the first stage of a process that it hopes can be concluded within six to 12 months. That initial stage is intended to establish an agreed framework between the six powers and Iran that would define the “end state” of Iran’s nuclear programme and the “common goals” of both sides. It would be followed by a second stage for Iran to begin accepting a series of curbs on its nuclear activities that would be matched by a step-by-step easing of Western sanctions, in particular the embargo on Iran’s oil and gas exports and financial measures that have hit its trade with the rest of the world.
Russia slams Saudi Arabia refusal of rotating UN Security Council seat ~ link ~ "We are surprised by Saudi Arabia's unprecedented decision," the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday. "The kingdom's arguments arouse bewilderment, and the criticism of the UN Security Council in the context of the Syria conflict is particularly strange," it added.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia rejected its seat on the Security Council one day after winning it, arguing that the international body is incapable of ending wars and resolving conflicts.
Pentagon to sell bunker buster, cruise missiles to Gulf monarchies in $11 Billion deal ~ link  
Radioactivity level spikes 6,500 times at Fukushima well aftermath of typhoon hit ~ link ~ Officials of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) said on Friday they detected 400,000 becquerels per liter of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances - including strontium - at the site, a level 6,500 times higher than readings taken on Wednesday, NHK World reported. 
The news comes after it has been reported a powerful typhoon which swept through Japan led to highly radioactive water near the crippled nuclear power plant being released into a nearby drainage ditch, increasing the risk of it flowing into the sea. 

Fears over Chinese UK nuclear plan ~ link ~ A leading government adviser on nuclear energy has expressed fears over Chinese involvement in building British power plants.
Susprise!  Debt-ceiling deal gives Obama a blank check: Loophole will allow government to spend WITHOUT LIMIT until February ~ link ~ You simply cannot make this crap up!  Stirling    
British National Health Service faces 'bankruptcy' over aging population ~ link ~ Kick the globalist bankers out and there will be plenty of money to go around!!!  Stirling   
A string of senior members of the House of Lords warned that ministers are in "denial” about Britain’s elderly population.
The US Shutdown Crisis has shown us democracy in tooth and claw ~ link ~ Yet to visitors such as myself this week, America's budgetary hysteria and exhausted resolution have seemed a synthetic ritual, a bit like Labour day and Thanksgiving. The constitution delivers these Hitchcockian spectaculars when president and Congress are at odds, as last happened in 1995-6. They wrestle each other to the brink of the cliff, lose their footing, slip and hang on by their fingertips. But they clamber back up. They always do.

Washington's driving compulsion to keep the show on the road reflects a deep-seated survival instinct. It may be decried by the right as the desperation of those with their hands on other people's money, and by the left as democracy defaulting to sanity. Either way, when taxpayers can't pay the bills, lenders must do so. America's US debt is now about $16.7 trillion and is going to rise, not fall. The Tea Party lost the battle, but it did not lose the argument.

Low interest rates and rising house prices in UK ~ link 

How the upward mobility went down the drain ~ linkIt’s a depressing picture: Britain is now a country where it is extremely hard to break out of poverty

More takers for a one-way trip to Mars than for ObamaCare ~ link ~ A startup venture recruiting people for a one-way, 43 million mile trip to live on Mars has generated more signatures than all the Obamacare health insurance plans combined.

Just 712 people in Vermont have enrolled in the state's new health insurance exchange, despite $9 million in outreach, advertising and other PR expenses paid for by the federal government. The entire state of Alaska has yet to register a single person, according to Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Canadian First Nation anti-fracking protest ~ link ~ Fracking should be outlawed globally!!!  Stirling    
Activists and local aboriginals have held demonstrations for a week to protest shale gas exploration in the region. The method of gas extraction involves drilling shallow, low-pressure fractures into the earth, which adds thousands of liters of chemicals to groundwater and emits foul odors from the ground.  
Deputy First Minister Sturgeon waring over 'No' vote impact ~ link ~ DEPUTY First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will today warn that the UK Government will "turn the screw" on Scotland if voters reject independence. She will tell delegates at the SNP conference that public services and popular universal benefits would be under threat as a result of budget cuts.
Ms Sturgeon, who is responsible for drawing up the Scottish Government's white paper on independence, due to be published next month, will say: "Be under no illusion. If we don't vote Yes, Westminster will turn the screw.
Deputy First Minister of Scotland: Westminister would turn screw if 'no' vote ~ link ~ Nicola Sturgeon will issue a dire warning to Scots today that “Westminster will turn the screw” if they vote to remain within the UK in next year’s referendum.
Despite constant complaints from the Nationalists that the anti-independence side is scaremongering, the Deputy First Minister will use her keynote speech to the SNP conference to sound a series of alarms of her own.

Lord Bassam: Playing at Lords ~ link 
'Homo Georgicus': Georgia shull may prove early humans were single species ~ link ~ A 1.8 million-year-old skull found in Georgia could turn current understanding of evolution on its head. A new study claims that early man did not come from Africa as seven species, but was actually a single ‘homo erectus’ with variations in looks.
The case revolves around an early human skull found in a stunningly well-preserved state at an archaeological dig at the site of the medieval hill city of Dmanisi in Georgia, a study in the journal Science revealed on Thursday.  

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