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Holy Shroud of Turin
11 October 2013
Second Update

Showdown: Obama would sign a short-term debt rise ~ link  ~ US President Barack Obama is willing to sign a "clean" short-term increase to the US borrowing limit that is free from Republican budget and policy demands, his spokesman has said.

Jay Carney's remarks came amid a flurry of talks aimed at ending the twin fiscal crises that threaten to upend the US and world economies.

The following is THE STORY of the Day...yet the MSM is NOT telling us the true story!

US fires a senior nuclear missile USAF general ~ link ~ If you believe that this, the second major firing of a top nuclear weapons officer is just coincidental, you are DUMB!   There is much more to this story than we are being told and it is related to the almost beginning of the Third World War last month!!!  Stirling    

The general in charge of the US Air Force's long-range nuclear missiles has been sacked due to "loss of trust and confidence", officials have said.

On Wednesday the US Navy announced an admiral overseeing nuclear weapons forces had been sacked from the role.

The vice commander of Air Force Global Strike Command, Maj Gen Jack Weinstein, is temporarily replacing Gen Carey. 

USAF fires top US missile commander ~ link  

General in charge of ICBMs fired ~ link

US General in charge of nuclear missiles fired ~ link 

General in charge of America's nuclear weapons sacked for misbehavior ~ link   

Second firing this week of a senior commander of US nuclear forces ~ link  

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